Still at the apartment, although Daniel begs for Lily’s forgiveness, in tears, she yells, “I don’t even know you anymore!” Suddenly, Kevin arrives with the ransom note in hand and says, “Amber’s gone… She was kidnapped.” Although Lily wants to call the cops, Kevin convinces them all to find Cane. However, Daniel demands that Lily wait for them at Newman – with Neil!

Over coffee at The Club, although Kay asks Nikki to stay with her at the mansion, she’s shocked to hear that Nikki was the one who left Victor! Just then, David delivers Nikki a fax and Kay gets another surprise from Nikki who says, “I asked David to stay and work for me.”

Across the room at The Club, Lauren tells Michael how much she missed him. After Michael suggests they go home for some private time, he hollers, “Check please!” However, Lauren reminds Michael of her Clear Springs meeting and the two head to Newman.

When Nick arrives at Crimson Lights and tells Phyllis he’s decided to go to her trial to support her, Phyllis is overjoyed. Although Nick suggests Phyllis change her mind about allowing Daniel to be there too, Phyllis replies, “He’s already under so much stress.” After Nick leaves, Phyllis meets Lauren and Michael at Newman and tells them her news about Nick. Although Michael is happy for Phyllis, she appears less optimistic about her relationship with Nick.

In the Newman break room, after briefly talking about business, Victor fills Neil in on his separation with Nikki. Overhearing, Jack patronizes Victor by putting in his two cents. After Victor and Jack head to their meeting, Neil runs into David and says, “I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were you. Watch your back.” However, David stands strong!

In the hallway at Newman, when Sharon stops Nick to go over details for their trip, Nick breaks the news and says, “I’m not going.” After Nick briefly fills her in, Sharon sees Jack and wishes him luck with his meeting.

Gathered in the conference room, Cane goes over some methane problems with a building for the construction project for Clear Springs then professionally tackles questions from Victor, Jack, Nick, Michael, Lauren, Kay and Nikki. After everyone bickers off their opposing opinions, Kay and Nikki suggest their new senator step up to the plate and help with their problem! Jack finally agrees and says, “Fax me the budget and I’ll take a look at it.”

After the meeting, in the hallway, at Nick’s persuasion, Sharon agrees to reschedule the shoot so he can attend with her! Little do they know Phyllis is watching on! Following Sharon into the break room, Phyllis says, “You’re not going away with my husband!” Although Sharon reminds Phyllis she’s a happily married woman, and even warns her about her testifying against her, Phyllis asks, “Does Jack know you’re going away with my husband?” Sharon picks up the phone and dares Phyllis to call Jack!

Later at Crimson Lights, while Phyllis is waiting to have coffee with Nick, she watches as Sharon and Nick reminisce about old times and becomes irked by their flirtations as Nick places a strand of Sharon’s hair behind her ear!

Back in his office, Victor questions Michael as to why he didn’t push Kay more to not buy back Jabot then says, “I’m holding you responsible!”

Once Daniel and Kevin leave Lily with Neil at Newman, they locate Cane. Although Cane thinks Amber’s disappearance is just one of her latest schemes, Kevin shows Cane the note as Daniel says, “This isn’t a joke. We need your help.” However, Cane still isn’t convinced – not until Daniel tells him everything about Plum and his money!

At the coffeehouse, after Lily tells Neil about the break-in – and Devon – she breaks down and says, “I don’t understand why everything is so messed up. My life is a mess.” Although Lily tells Neil that Daniel wants to change, Neil responds with, “I bet your husband hasn’t told you everything… I bet whoever broke into your house has something to do with Daniel.”

After Neil brings Lily back to the apartment to get some clothes, he calls Devon, tells him Lily will be staying with him tonight, then says, “I want you to stay there too. And stay away from Daniel.” Before Lily leaves with Neil, she tapes a note to the door, picks up her doll that Dru gave her, takes one last look around then leaves…

On the Chancellor Estate, after Daniel digs up the area where the money was buried, he looks at Cane and Kevin and says, “The money… It’s all gone.” Later, after Daniel, Cane and Kevin head back to Kevin's apartment, Cane agrees to help them look for Amber. "Okay," Kevin says as he takes out a gun. "I’m ready.”

Back at The Club, just as Jack tells Nikki his associates are looking over the Clear Springs proposal, David arrives to join Nikki. Although Jack takes jabs at Nikki and David – and their kiss – Nikki brings up the sale of Jabot and scares Jack off! After Jack leaves, David says if the truth had come out about Jack, Nikki would've won the election by a landslide.

When Jack arrives back at Newman, he shares an elevator with Phyllis and Nick. Although Phyllis imagines ‘hitting on Jack’ – and making Nick jealous enough to claim her as his wife – Phyllis is snapped back to reality when the doors open and Nick rushes out without waiting for her!

In Victor’s office, Nick listens on as Victor claims Nikki will fall flat on her face with NVP! Although Nick refuses to choose between Victor and Nikki, Victor replies, “Mark my word. Sooner or later you’ll have to!”

Later, still at Newman, after Phyllis confronts Nick about Michael guilting him into going to the trial, she falls apart and expresses what a great relationship they used to have. Through tears, Phyllis asks, “You don’t remember ever loving me, do you?” However, Nick replies, “I told you I’d be there for you and I will be.” As hard as it is, Phyllis declines Nick’s obligation and says, “Do me a favor and stay away from the trial.”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Lauren & Michael that Nick will not be attending the trial.

Neil confronts Daniel.

Adrian gives Colleen some advice - rather a warning!

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