Cane shows up at Billy’s door with news about Jill. She’s sent a painter to redo the place in a way that Katherine would approve of. Billy doesn’t approve.

Jack brings Phyllis a scone and latte at her office. He marvels at how lucky he is to have her. As he tells her that he loves her, she thinks of Billy saying he loves her. He’s cleared his schedule for her so they can have dinner. After he leaves, Billy shows up and asks her to come back to his place. She reminds him he offered her time. He wants her now and waiting is killing him. She’s already a bad person; delaying won’t help. Phyllis is full of guilt so he encourages her to be honest. He gets frustrated and storms out.

On the roof of the club, Summer catches Luca on the line with a reporter about potential problems at Newman. He claims that the reporter is just a contact and he was trying to get the goods on the situation in Newfoundland. Luca assures her that she can trust him, but he thinks they should go to Victoria with what he’s just learned. Meanwhile, Ashley sits down with Neville, who rambles in baseball metaphors. He assures her that the drug is working and he’s ready to take it to the FDA. Downstairs, Devon corners Hilary by the door of the club to apologize and repeat that he’s ready to be by her side. She’s determined to stay on her own and warns him not to screw her over on the divorce. He complains about how mean she is, but says that when he looks in her eyes, he sees a little girl who wanted to be a dancer. She thinks he’s just trying to save money and suggests he talk to her lawyer. After she storms off, Neil pops up and they discuss how frustrating Hilary is. Devon can still feel his connection to her. Neil suggests he reconcile with her for real. His son thinks Hilary’s behavior might be out of control due to her meds. Neil encourages him again to save the relationship. Back upstairs, Hilary meets with Jack on the roof. She’s not feeling well and leaves so he joins Neville and Ashley. They tell him how great Hilary is doing. Jack grabs the test results and chases Hilary down in her room. Rolling in bed, she tells him how awful she feels. The drugs are making it worse. He says the lab results say the opposite. He reminds her of their kiss and insists that they will only ever be colleagues. Jack exits. She heads downstairs and collapses into Devon’s arms.

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In her office, Victoria argues on the phone with someone. Travis shows up. She tells him she’s working with the family to free Victor. Travis worries that her father will just be free to destroy her. She may not know the truth about what’s in her father’s heart but she thinks he’s ready to be forgiven. He thinks she’s being blind about her dad and his lust for power. She sends him away and gets on the phone with her brother in Newfoundland. After she gets off the line, Luca and Summer enter. They bicker about business and he accuses her of adopting her father’s style. She orders them to get back to work and storms off. Summer wonders why her aunt is so off-kilter. Luca suggests that Victoria should be going to the press rather than offering bogus offers to the workers. The blonde admits that she’s had doubts about his motives but thinks he’s amazing. He assures her that getting the best for her is his only motive. They check the news. It’s not good. The workers are turning on the company.

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Victoria finds Travis in his bar. She admits that she’s been sounding like her father. He lifts her up and they make out on the pool table. Once they get their clothes back on, he suggests that she start a new life. They should go away together.

When Billy gets home, he’s furious to see that Cane and the painter are still there. Billy wants his mom to back off. Cane gives the painter the day off and asks Billy what’s really going on. Billy claims he’s just annoyed by his mom.

Jack returns to Phyllis’ office, where she is staring at her ring and thinking of Billy. Jack asks her to have lunch. She can’t. “There’s something I need to tell you,” she says.

Devon and Neil question Neville and Ashley at the hospital about Hilary. The doctor comes out to say that Hilary is suffering a dramatic decline.

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