Ian has Nikki and Phyllis captive at the cabin. He giggles as the women bicker. He plans to use one of them for ransom. The redhead finds this plot implausible. As they argue, Nikki attempts to grab a phone with her foot. Ian snaps it away and decides to call Victor.

At the hospital, Victor tells Victoria and Nick how embarrassed he has been by his family. They mean everything to him and they have abandoned him. Meredith listens at the door. Victoria and her father bicker. When he starts yelling, his machines beep and Meredith interrupts to send them out. Once Victor calms down, he thanks her for her kindness. After seeing him with his children, and how much they mean to him, she thinks she’s seen who he really is. Nikki calls to say that she’s with Ian and he wants 5 million dollars for her release. As she reads the routing number to him, Phyllis screams. Ian barks at her and then swipes the phone to order the mustache to send the money. When he gets off the line, Meredith urges him to call the cops. He refuses. She wheels him out for an MRI with the guard trailing behind them. Down the hall, Dylan is in Sharon’s room. She was worried about him being involved in the shooting. Paul shows up to check on her. He informs them of the latest and Dylan leaves with his dad to question a witness. Out in the corridor, Mariah fills Kevin in about Sharon’s hallucinations. She orders him not to tell Dylan because of her mom’s fragile mental state. They go in to see Sharon. She tries to get rid of Kevin but he knows about Sage.

Casting! Terrell Tilford returns

At the Club, Billy and Jack discuss their relationships. Billy suggests that his brothers relationship with Phyllis is on the way to falling apart. Jack refuses to believe that. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost Phyllis. When Victoria arrives with her brother, Jack tells his brother that it looks like she could use a friend. She sobs to Billy, who holds her. They sit at the bar. He apologizes for being a jerk last night and she apologizes for the accusations she made against him. He offers to be there whenever she needs a friend. Meanwhile, Jack and Nick sit down and worry about Nikki. Jack tries to be reassuring. Nick feels like he’s already lost his father. Abbott tells him not to stop reaching out to him. After the Newmans leave, Jack decides to head to the cabin. Billy talks him out of that. Jack notices he seems to have developed quite the bond with Phyllis.

Memorable moment… When Adam used to be bad

Dylan and Paul talk to a homeless witness at Crimson Lights. They try questioning him but it doesn’t go well. They start making calls but come up empty. Paul tries to keep his panicky son calm. They get a hit on the surveillance footage and run off.

Nick and Victoria return to the hospital to see their father. Meredith blocks them. The guard notices that Victor has gone missing.

Mariah and Kevin take Sharon home. She admits that she sees Sage occasionally. Kevin urges her to be honest with Dylan about this. He wants to know why she is so anxious to keep this a secret. Sharon assumes he wants something. He just wants her back on her meds so Mariah will be safe. Mariah tells him to back off. Picking up a stuffed animal, the blond agrees to stay on her meds and heads to bed.

Back at the cabin, Ian laughs his way into the kitchen to make coffee. Nikki tells Phyllis that Victor won’t leave them there to die. The redhead worries that he will take matters into his own hands and get them killed. She tries to free herself. Ian returns and laughs it up. As he waits for the money to show up in his account, he spots Victor sneaking in. Ian says this feels like the last time they faced off. “Only this time, you will die,” Victor threatens.

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“Ian is holding Nikki at the cabin,” Dylan and Paul tell the Newmans.”No! That’s where my mom is!” Summer blurts out.

Nikki gasps as she and Phyllis are dragged out of the cabin by Ian, leaving Victor behind.

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