Billy and Phyllis cuddle after sex on the Abbott cabin sofa. Phyllis feels guilty. She was thinking of Billy when Jack touched her. Billy wants them to be together. Phyllis tells him, “I love you.” They kiss and talk about finding joy. Billy wants to come clean – he loves her and wants a life with her. Phyllis asks him to go so she can think. He agrees, only because it’s the last time he’ll have to say goodbye to her.

At the courthouse, Victor, who has been shot, manages to say that Ian did it and that he kidnapped Nikki. Chelsea and Adam realize what’s going on inside the courtroom. Adam emerges and hollers at Victor not to die; they’re not done. As Victor’s taken by the paramedics, Paul learns Ian escaped the building with Nikki. Before leaving, Michael and Christine bicker about the case. Paul enters and Michael states his client is innocent. Paul and Chris decide to go to the hospital.

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Jack sees Billy at the Club bar and suggests he go support Victoria in light of what happened to Victor. Billy says it’s not his place. Jack borrows Billy’s phone to call Phyllis. She doesn’t answer. Billy asks about Jack’s marriage. Jack admits it’s been strained. Billy muses that maybe her getting drunk last night is a sign of a deeper issue. Jack wonders how he knew, but Billy covers. Jack assures him nothing will come between him and Phyllis.

Phyllis is about to answer her phone at the cabin when Ian and Nikki burst in. Ian chuckles about a red-hot love triangle. Nikki quickly fills Phyllis in on the courthouse shooting. They huddle together as Ian points his gun. He muses about getting rid of Nikki to enjoy quality time with Phyllis. Once the women are tied up, Ian congratulates himself on his great taste in hostages. When Ian steps away, they try to get Phyllis’ cellphone. When he returns, they try to use reverse psychology to manipulate him. Phyllis offers to shoot Nikki if he gives her the gun. Ian chortles about what fun this will be.

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Kevin tends to Mariah on Sharon’s floor as Sharon blathers, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Mariah, I had to get rid of her.” Kevin demands to know, “Who is her?” He hollers about Sharon hitting Mariah and is about to call 911 when Mariah comes to. Sharon runs to get ice and Mariah fills Kevin in. They decide Sharon must go to the hospital. Sharon returns, and they convince her to come along while Mariah gets checked for a concussion.

At the penthouse, Adam is spinning over the shooting and Victor’s testimony. “He really knows how to mess with my head!” Dylan arrives – he thinks Adam helped Ian escape. Adam and Chelsea swear they did nothing to help him. Dylan argues they gave him the opportunity. Later, Michael arrives. Adam and Chelsea admit they told Ian they’d help him escape, but didn’t. Michael worries it will cost Adam his last shot at freedom.

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Victoria and Nick worry about Victor at the hospital. Nick thinks Nikki’s the real victim. Meredith hovers nearby and goes in to confront Vic. He insists he cares about her and called her a liar to save his son. Nick and Victoria enter. Meredith says he’ll be fine and leaves. Victor tells Nick and Victoria to blame Adam for Ian’s actions. Paul and Chris arrive and Victor rants about their incompetence. When questioned, Victor explains how he stopped the guard from shooting at Nikki, who was a human shield. After, Victor cries to Victoria and Nick that everything he does is for family. Meredith listens. Elsewhere, Kevin and Mariah take Sharon to see a doctor they phoned ahead of time. Sharon is upset – they tricked her! The doctor advises her to take her meds, or they’ll sedate her. Once Sharon’s been admitted, Dylan spots Mariah and Kevin in the hall. He goes in to see if Sharon’s okay. Mariah lies that Sharon had a panic attack over the courthouse shooting. Kevin and Mariah step aside and argue about her covering. Mariah tells him Sharon thought she was hitting Sage.

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Dylan says to Paul, “We’re chasing down worthless leads while my mother’s life is at stake.”

Jack tells Billy, “I haven’t heard from Phyllis. I’m going to go up to the cabin.”

Nikki, on the phone to Victor in the hospital, says, “Victor, it’s Nikki, I’m with Ian. You need to do exactly as I say.”

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