At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis, hungover, hollers at Jack to stop running the blender. She lies on the sofa and he brings her a smoothie. Jack says they need to go back for Adam’s trial. Phyllis doesn’t want to be anywhere near it since Victor will be there. Jack is still puzzled that she wants to stay at the cabin without him. Phyllis says it’s peaceful and she’s hungover. Jack leaves in a low mood.

Ashley encounters Billy at Crimson Lights. He’s wearing sunglasses and had a rough night. Ash clucks that she is worried about him. Billy just wants her to go away, but she goes on about his self-destructive behavior. He changes the subject to Jabot. Ashley mentions Phyllis being at the Abbott cabin. Billy decides to go to the gym. Neville arrives. He tells Ash he’s discovered why Hilary and the others relapsed and found a cure, but warns her not to thank him yet – he can’t test the new protocol on anyone but Hilary because of the investigation. Ash will go to Hilary.

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Neil joins Hilary at the pool bar to address foundation issues. She mentions her impending divorce and Neil is stunned that Devon doesn’t know her plans. They debate about whether Neil wanted to demolish the marriage. He realized she and Devon were meant to be, but she changed. Hilary thinks the relationship was doomed. They finish work. Downstairs in the dining room, Lily and Cane tell Devon that Hilary is planning to file for divorce and sue him to get the Club – she must be stopped. They all agree she doesn’t deserve a penny. Devon vows to fight her in court. Lily thinks there’s another way – change her mind about the divorce, just until they figure out how to declaw her. A plan is hatched for Devon to fool her into thinking they’ll be a power couple. Meanwhile, Ashley arrives at the pool bar as Hilary drops her tablet due to shaking hands. Ash tells her about Neville’s breakthrough. Hilary snipes about Neville using her as a guinea pig again. Ash says the treatment is her only chance. Hilary will go to the hospital soon. Once alone, Hil tries to reach Jack. Devon appears, but she blows him off. Downstairs, Billy runs into Jack, who mentions Phyllis stayed at the cabin. Billy leaves. Neil and Lily watch as Hilary zeroes in on Jack, who agrees to go to the hospital with her. Lily tells Devon, who follows them. Lily, Cane, and Neil convene to discuss the Hilary problem. Lily and Cane worry she’ll go for Chancellor Industries. They hope Devon is with her and making progress.

In the cabin, Phyllis sees Hilary is trying to reach Jack on his cellphone, which he left there.

Devon enters Hilary’s hospital room and asks, “Why are you here?” Jack and Neville leave them to talk. Hil informs Devon their marriage is over. He forces her to confess about her relapse. “I could die.” She didn’t tell Devon because she didn’t want the relapse to be the reason they stayed together. Devon holds her hand. He’ll be there for her. “I am not going to lose you to divorce, or to this.” In the waiting area, Jack grouses about Devon finding out this way. Neville observes she doesn’t have much regard for his feelings. Ash arrives, and tells Jack he shouldn’t be there. They bicker him supporting Hilary. Ash says she should be leaning on her husband. Jack says Devon is with her. Neville returns to the room as Hilary shouts at Devon to go. Neville asks him to leave. Hilary cries. “This has to work…my life.” In the waiting area, Devon complains to Jack – he should have told him she was sick.

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Billy arrives at the cabin. He’s desperate to hear that things didn’t go as planned last night. Phyllis tells him she got drunk and passed out. Billy calls her on it. “You didn’t want to have sex with Jack.” She tries to get him to leave, but then admits she couldn’t be with Jack because it felt like cheating on Billy. Billy says he drank and almost got into a fight last night. He can’t get her out of his head. They kiss passionately and undress to make love.

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