At the apartment, Devon explains to Daniel and Lily how someone knocked him over the head after he walked in the door! While Lily wonders who would do such a thing, Daniel knows otherwise! After Devon refuses to go to the hospital, Daniel quickly makes a few calls … Shortly after, Maggie arrives to investigate. After Maggie questions the kids, she warns for them not to touch anything until her techs arrive. Maggie leaves. Not wanting to miss an important meeting, Devon leaves shortly after…

Frustrated, Daniel calls the police and demands for them to send someone over then begs for Lily to please leave the apartment with him! Lily becomes suspicious and says, “What’s going on? You can tell me. Do you know who broke in here?” However, Daniel replies, “It’s too late,” then starts blaming himself for all the bad things that have happened in his life. Through tears, Daniel begins confessing all of his secrets… About their bank account getting cleared out due to the porn site, about Plum, about the guy who he thinks broke in… Although Daniel knows Lily will probably leave him over this, all Daniel wants to do is protect her!

When Carson arrives at the coffeehouse, he comments to Kevin that his hotel room was broken into last night. Playing it cool, Kevin offers Carson a coffee on the house then blows it off. However, just as Carson warns Kevin that it could have something to do with Plum, Kevin gets a call from Daniel saying their place was broken into also! After Kevin hangs up, he relays the news to Carson…

At Jabot, although Amber begs for Cane’s forgiveness, and even offers to sign a prenuptial agreement, Cane refuses to forgive her! Just then, Amber’s cell phone rings… When Amber won’t answer it, Cane grabs the phone, sees it’s Daniel then accuses Amber of sleeping with him! “As much as I love you,” Cane says. “I despise you even more.”

When Kevin arrives home, he finds Amber an emotional wreck at his door. After Amber tells Kevin about what happened with Cane, Kevin informs her of the break-in at Daniel's then invites Amber inside. Over coffee, Amber says she’d give up all the money in the world just to be with Cane. “I just realized…” Amber sighs. “Cane doesn’t even have to divorce me because we weren’t even legally married.”

After Kevin briefly runs to the coffeehouse, he returns to find his apartment ransacked and Amber gone – with a note saying Amber's been kidnapped with orders for Kevin to get the money!

At The Club, Cane beats the living daylights out of a heavy bag. After his workout, Cane heads to the bar...

In the Newman conference room, with Nick present, Michael warns Phyllis to be on her best behavior in court during jury selection. As Phyllis weeps, Nick assures her he’ll take care of Summer, and Michael promises to do his part as her attorney.

Later in the break room, Brad runs into Nick and expresses how happy he is to have the Newman moneys off his back! Over talk of Phyllis’s trial, while Nick still isn’t sure of all the details, Brad can’t wait to get on the witness stand! After Brad leaves, Sharon arrives and asks Nick why he’s not at Phyllis's jury selection. Although Nick doesn’t want to hurt Phyllis, he says, “I can’t sit there and act like the loving husband.” Over talk of the trial, Sharon can’t wait for it to be over so the press will drop her affair with Brad. After Nick suggests she get away for a while, to do the Clear Springs photo shoot that never happened, he offers to arrange everything – and go with her! Sharon agrees, only if they drive, turn off all cell phone, radios and TVs - and Nick agrees! Once Nick leaves, Brad returns. After Sharon tells him she’s going away for a bit, Brad fills her in on his divorce then asks if he can buy Sharon lunch.

At The Club, although Phyllis tells Michael she doesn’t want Daniel at the trial – and doesn’t know if Nick will be there – Michael warns that both Nick and Daniel need to be there, by her side, then says, “If your family doesn’t show love for you, no one will.” Once Michael leaves, Phyllis calls Nick and asks him to meet her at The Club. However, Nick informs Phyllis that he can’t then says, “Sharon’s going out of town to finish up that photo shoot and I’m going with her.” Although Phyllis acts as though she’s okay with it, she tells Nick to have fun then quickly hangs up.

Just then, Brad and Sharon approach Phyllis. After the three exchange taunting remarks, Brad hands Phyllis some money then says, “Have a drink on me.” As Sharon and Brad leave Phyllis’s table, Michael rejoins returns. Although Michael tells Phyllis to leave Sharon and Brad to him – and for her to work on Nick – Phyllis replies, “Nick is who I’m worried about... He’s going out of town with Sharon.” Once alone, Phyllis sees Cane at the bar, joins him and the two share introductions while they drink…

At their table, Brad and Sharon talk about the trial, Noah hearing about it and the possibility of Phyllis getting off.

Back at Newman, Michael confronts Nick for planning a trip with Sharon while Phyllis is fighting for her freedom! Although Nick says, “We all know she blackmailed Brad,” Michael demands that Nick be there to support Phyllis! However, Nick reminds Michael that Phyllis never thought twice about how this would affect his son - but Michael quickly reminds Nick that he has a daughter too!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick & Sharon's flirting infuriates Phyllis.

Cane finds out Amber was kidnapped.

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