At Adam’s penthouse, Michael bickers with Dylan, who badgers Adam. Adam says obviously Victor has planted enough evidence to put him in a prison cell. Chelsea points out Dylan doesn’t know what’s in the vial yet. Adam sighs…they all know what’s in it. Debate ensues about plea deals and how Victor accomplished this from a cell. Dylan says Adam’s a flight risk. Chelsea pleads with Dylan not to take him in tonight. Connor arrives and Dylan softens – he’ll just put a guard on the door. After, Michael assures Adam and Chelsea he won’t give up. Adam thanks him – he’s a good lawyer and a good friend. Once alone, Adam and Chelsea embrace. He spends time with Connor – he’ll always be there for him. Chelsea wonders if Adam’s given up. He hasn’t, but there’s not much he can do besides hope Victor has a heart.

Nick, with Victor at the prison, angrily asks his father why he’s working so hard to rip the family apart. Victor wonders where any of them would have been without their father. He forgave Nick many times. Victor invites Nick to try being half the father he’s been before criticizing him. Nick counters that Victor has crossed the lines in a million ways and now he sits in there blowing up their lives. Victor taunts that they’re blowing up their own lives. “Life without Daddy!” Victor will survive alone and take back everything that belongs to him. “Get out of my sight.”

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Mariah arrives at home where Sharon tells her Chelsea will hire her. Sharon sees Sage lurking behind Mariah. She hears Sage reference the job. “You won’t stop until you take everything that’s mine.” Sharon snaps out of it. Mariah revisits the idea of therapy and lively debate ensues about the impossible situation. Sage reappears as Sharon talks about Sully. “His name is Christian.” Mariah is going to the shrink to seek solutions for Sharon. Sage taunts Sharon for being pathetic and stealing Nick’s child. She knows Sharon stopped taking her meds so she will go away, but she will haunt her every day. Sharon hollers, “Go away!” as Faith enters the room. Sharon covers and sends her to get ready for Nick. When he arrives, he complains to Sharon about Victor. Sage appears and urges Sharon to tell him the truth. “Tell him now.” Sharon heads upstairs when Faith reappears. Faith tells Nick that mommy is fighting with Mariah; she was yelling and she heard her say ‘meds’. Nick cancels their outing and is still there when Dylan arrives. He updates Nick and Sharon on Adam’s case. He feels bad for Connor.

In Crimson Lights, Natalie insists to Kevin that she’s legit…and she hates Victor Newman. Kevin wonders why all the cyber-evidence leads directly to her. Natalie says that’s proof she didn’t do it – she would have hidden expertly if she was actually involved in something. She wonders if he’s trying to get out of dating her by labeling her a criminal and insists someone is setting her up. She spots Mariah. “Maybe it was a jealous redhead.” Kevin defends Mariah’s credibility and leaves to speak to the mastermind. Nearby, Mariah tells the therapist she’s riddled with guilt and nightmares. After, Natalie questions Mariah and accuses her of trying to get between her and Kevin so they can have mediocre sex again. When Natalie mentions Newman oil spills, Mariah is truly bewildered.

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Kevin surprises Victor with a visit in prison and tries to find out if Natalie’s working for him. Victor gives him the death stare and invites him to come back anytime to make another baseless accusation. Kevin notices the security camera on his way out. Later, Michael arrives. He wants to know what it will take for Victor to save his son. Victor complains about Michael wanting a favor after trying to send him down the drain. Michael’s there on behalf of his client who is wrongfully accused. Victor says he’s going to court to say his piece, and then his son will know what he thinks about him.

Mariah arrives at home as Dylan and Faith leave for the market. She tells Sharon and Nick that Victor’s partner in sabotaging Newman is Natalie.

Back at Crimson Lights, Kevin and Natalie work together to hack into the prison visiting room footage. They see Victor met with a woman that looks like Natalie. She protests. “It’s not me!”

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