At Newman Enterprises, Travis tells Victoria he’s not responsible for the oil spills. Victoria doesn’t know what to believe. Travis and Nick debate about Luca. Travis insists he’s happy with his bar, his life, and his integrity. Luca’s the one out for something he doesn’t have. Travis tells Victoria that Luca told him she never wanted to see him again. Vikki admits that’s a lie. Travis invites them to investigate; the trail won’t come back to him. He warns Victoria that holding herself to a higher standard won’t happen doing business with Luca Santori. Once alone, Nick assures Victoria they’ll get to the bottom of this.

In the prison infirmary, Victor tells Meredith he has her and the truth, what else does he need? The warden finds them together. He sends Victor to the visiting area, and warns Meredith to maintain professional distance or she’ll be transferred. In the visiting area, Victor tells his female accomplice it’s time to put the final nail in his son’s coffin. He gives her the information to execute the plan and warns, “It’s extremely lethal.” Victor tries to get back in to see Meredith, but she blows him off. The warden confronts Victor about going to testify in court along with Ian. He warns he’s told his guards to shoot to kill. They spar verbally. Victor says he may have been found guilty, but things change.

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Summer is confused when Luca asks her if she trusts him at home. If she doesn’t, he’ll pack his bags. Summer decides all he’s done is try to find the truth for Newman. She kisses him and they fall back onto the bed. After sex, they decide to go eat. Luca thanks Summer for trusting him.

Dylan arrives at the penthouse and tells Adam and Chelsea that they exhumed Constance’s body and tested it – it was riddled with poison. Adam realizes Dylan thinks he murdered that poor old woman, and so will the judge and jury. An officer arrives to search the premises. Adam makes a scene and rants as he tears apart a teddy bear. “This whole thing is stupid!” Adam insists they’ll find nothing. “I didn’t do anything.”

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Michael finds Kevin at Crimson Lights and gets up to speed on the Natalie and Mariah situation. Talk turns to Michael handling Adam’s case. Michael leaves after a call from Chelsea. Kevin’s phone rings.

At the pool bar, Nick spots Summer and Luca kissing. Nick tells Summer, alone, that Travis denied everything Luca said. Summer presumes they think Luca’s lying and rants. Nick advises her to trust her instincts with Luca and report to him. After, Luca rejoins Summer. He recounts the story of Travis hitting him while they eat. Summer points out Travis never really admitted anything. Luca gets upset when he figures out he’s a suspect in Nick and Victoria’s investigation. He’s saved the company repeatedly from a PR nightmare and this is how they thank him? Summer tries to placate him, but he feels it’s a personal attack. “I’m not good enough.” Summer says she believes him, but looks confused.

Kevin enters Victoria’s office – she thanks him for coming and wants his hacking skills to find out who is sabotaging them. They talk about Natalie not answering their calls. Kevin gets up to speed on the oil leaks and they theorize about Victor using minions. Vikki gives Kevin the Newman computer codes. Once alone, Kevin finds something in the computer system that clearly disturbs him. He mutters, “No. No, no, no,” and quickly leaves.

Michael arrives at the penthouse, where he, Adam, and Chelsea learn the police will also be searching Adam’s storage unit. Adam recalls paying for a unit at Sage’s request after Constance died, but he never stepped foot in it. Dylan holds up evidence. “Then why do you have the key?” Adam maintains he’s never been to the unit and invites them to search away. Michael pulls him aside and Adam assures him he’s never been there.

At the storage unit, Victor’s accomplice plants a small bottle in a vase, which she then returns to a cardboard box.

Dylan, still at the penthouse, receives the small bottle found in the storage unit from an officer. He supposes Adam doesn’t know how it got there.

Victoria visits Hank’s Bar to see Travis, who wonders if she trusts him. She lets him know she has to look out for the company and wonders why he’d hit Luca if he’s innocent. Travis barks, “He disrespected you!” Travis reminds her she came into his bar – he couldn’t have planned that. Victoria says, “I can’t be wrong again.” He says she’s not, and kisses her.

Nick visits Victor in prison to ask one question, “Will you help me?” He is worried Victor is working with Luca or Travis…either way someone gets their heart broken. Victor denies having anything to do with either man.

Kevin finds Natalie at Crimson Lights and stuns her by asking, “How long have you been working with Victor?”

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Chelsea asks Dylan, “Now you think he’s guilty too, and you want to take him away tonight? No.”

Natalie says to Mariah, “Like you’re not trying to shove me out of the picture so the two of you can have mediocre sex again.” Mariah asks, “What did you say to me?”

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