Luca goads Travis at his bar and accuses him of sabotaging Newman Enterprises. He thinks he accessed Victoria’s computer after getting her in bed and lies that she never wants to see him again.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria discuss a possible link between Travis and the oil leaks. Victoria worries Luca was right. In the corridor, Nikki gets a call and thanks the person for the update. She joins Victoria and Nick. They share their sabotage theory. Nikki feels Victor is behind the oil crises. Summer appears and scoffs at everything being Grandpa’s fault. Nikki reminds her he wants to punish the family and brings up what he did to her mother. Summer says that’s on Marco. She snaps at Nikki for divorcing Victor. Talk turns back to the oil leaks. Nick feels eco-terrorism isn’t his style. Nikki disagrees and goes to find out. Luca appears, bloodied, and announces it was Travis who sabotaged the company. Victoria is doubtful about Travis getting violent, but Luca insists Travis warned him that was only a taste. Once alone, Victoria marvels to Nick about what a fool she’s been. Travis appears. “It’s not true. That’s not how it happened.” Travis explains that Luca accused him of accessing Victoria’s computer and taunted him about her being a wildcat in bed – that’s when he hit him. Victoria doesn’t believe him and he reacts badly. He points out what she’s accusing him of is criminal and tells her to think about what she knows is real. “It wasn’t me.”

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In the Club dining room, Meredith stuns Paul when she says she can no longer testify. “It’s not my story to tell.” By the door, Jack tells Neil he won’t turn him in. Neil is confused. Jack thinks he deserves a chance to start over and has already paid a price. He credits Neville for saving Ashley and wants to focus on the protocol. In their suite, Devon finds Hilary packing. He presumes she’s bailing on their marriage and wants answers. She blames him for buying into his family’s view of her. Devon reminds her they took vows. Hil cracks that promises are made to be broken. Devon says she’s pushing him away and he wants to know why. They debate about her hurting people. Hilary says they could never last due to the guilt over their affair. She wants him to let her go. Stunned, Devon exits. In the dining room, Devon tells Neil and Jack that Hilary is leaving town. Jack is irked he’s not trying harder with her – she feels alone. Jack is about to tell Neil and Devon about Hilary’s relapse when she appears. “Jack, don’t!” She leaves and Jack follows. Devon confides to Neil that he feels like an idiot for defending her. “Our marriage and our life together is over.”

Ian and Victor spar verbally in the prison lunchroom about which of them will end up back in solitary. Victor warns Ian about interfering in his life. Ian taunts him about his plans to take the stand. Victor says he’ll take the stand also. Later, Nikki meets with Victor to warn he could walk out of there with nothing and calls him on his revenge plot. Victor denies having anything to do with the oil leaks. Nikki sniffs that he always sticks to his story. He rehashes her putting him in that hellhole and they argue heatedly. Nikki informs him their divorce will be final in two weeks. Victor blames it on her and barks that she’s free. Nikki hollers that her conscience is clear; he’ll never be able to say that. She exits. In the infirmary, Ian taunts Meredith that Victor is with Nikki, who he’ll never get out of his system. Victor comes to see her later, and she warns him about raising suspicions and asks, “How was your visit with your wife?” Victor says he’ll be free of his marriage in two weeks.

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Paul spots Nikki at the Club bar and she fills him in on her divorce news. Paul learns she visited Victor and Nikki says it reminded her of why she filed in the first place. Paul is sorry, but is happy she’ll be free. Nikki is happy too, but it still hurts. Paul hugs her.

At home, Summer tells Luca she finds it strange that Travis confessed to him. Luca wonders if she’s calling him a liar. He complains that he’s protected the family and got a fist in the face for his efforts. Summer apologizes. She is just surprised and feels bad for Victoria – not knowing who you can trust sucks. Luca says, “You can trust me.”

At Crimson Lights, Jack tells Hilary he cares. “If you stay in Genoa City I’ll stand beside you.”

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The warden tells Victor, “If you’re planning anything I’d advise against it. I’ve told my guards to shoot to kill.”

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