Sharon and Dylan enter their house as Mariah tells Kevin she’ll tell him everything. Sharon says, “Stop!” Dylan goes to tend to the baby and Sharon makes an excuse to prevent Mariah from leaving with Kevin. Once alone, Sharon informs Mariah if she cares about her family she won’t jeopardize it. Mariah says Sharon’s spiraling out of control. Sharon makes a crack about going off her meds since they’re not helping anyway, and insists, “This needs to stay between you and me!” Dylan reappears. They cover and Mariah leaves. Dylan wants to know what is going on. Sharon claims she’s worried about Mariah making a fool of herself over Kevin. Dylan buys it. They kiss and he starts talking about planning for Sully’s future – nothing but the best if his dad has anything to say about it. Later, Sharon has a nightmare that Sage has the baby and says she’s taking him back to Nick. She looks at her meds, but doesn’t take them.

At the pool bar, Jack tells Ashley it’s not like her to pay someone off for lab results. Ashley confesses she didn’t cut corners, and neither did Neville. “It was Hilary.” She explains the situation with Hilary blackmailing Neville and wonders why Jack is so hot to think the best of Hilary when she blackmailed her too. She will use anyone, including him.

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At Billy’s place, he and Phyllis get passionate on the sofa and a their cellphones start ringing. They stop to check them and Phyllis thinks it was a sign. Billy duct tapes the phones into a box. They resume their session and the landline rings. Billy disconnects it. They go back to kissing and talking while stretched out on the sofa. Someone tries the doorknob – it’s Ashley. “Billy let me in. I know you’re home.” Phyllis hides and Ash says she’s there about Jack. She drinks his wine and complains Jack is hesitant about letting her back into Jabot. Billy thinks he’ll come around and they can talk about it tomorrow. Ash rants about Jack only listening to Hilary, and wonders if Phyllis could help her. Billy says she and Phyllis should work together and repeatedly tries to get rid of Ash, who lingers. When she’s finally gone, Phyllis emerges, and complains about him wanting her to work with his sister. Billy thinks they’d make a great team. Phyllis feels it’s too dangerous and Billy reminds her she’s a risk-taker. Phyllis is scared of being found out. Billy reassures her. They’ve come too far to lose each other. Billy says that’s not how their love story ends.

In their Club suite, Hilary’s seduction has convinced Devon there is nothing up with her and Jack as Lily claimed. Hilary’s hand trembles. She claims she’s cold and Devon complains she’s working too hard. She snaps at his over-protectiveness and complains about dealing with the PR nightmare from Ashley bribing a lab tech. Devon will talk to Jack about cutting her back at the foundation. She barks, “You’re not talking to anyone!” They bicker. Hilary says it’s not up to him – this is her life’s work. Devon complains about their lack of time together and exits. Jack arrives and confronts Hilary about letting Ash take the fall for bribing the lab tech and blackmailing Neville. Hilary claims it was all to protect a member of her family. Jack realizes she knows who kidnapped her. “Tell me, who is it?” Downstairs, Neville tells Neil that he told Ashley about the blackmail, and explains about the lab tech. Neil panics. Neville insists she’s trustworthy. Neil worries Hilary will agitate Ash and he and Neville will end up in orange jumpsuits. Devon stops at the table and snarks at Neville about not being at the lab working. He shares his concerns about Hilary being over-worked. Talk turns to press. Neville doesn’t want any that says their patients are dying; the less that’s said the better. He goes. Devon confides to Neil that he feels he’s losing Hilary. Talk turns to Neil’s recovery. Jack appears. “You sonofabitch! You kidnapped Hilary!”

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin puts Natalie off to talk to Mariah. He presses her to come clean. “This has to do with your mom, doesn’t it?” Mariah lies that Sharon feels something is missing in her relationship with Dylan. Kevin agrees to keep it secret and they joke about being inept at love. She urges him to join Natalie. He goes. Mariah calls and leaves a message for ‘Dr. Miller’.

At the pool bar, Neville tells Ashley that Hilary’s condition is worsening; she’ll soon be forced to tell the truth. Hil appears. “I already have.” She blames Ashley for making her tell Jack and wonders if it was worth it to expose her since Neville will end up behind bars.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

At Hank’s, Victoria says, “Here I am!” Travis replies, “Here you are. Now we just have to figure out why.”

Lily asks Devon, “What’s going on?” Devon says, “We may all be going to jail.” Lily asks, “What?”

Jack tells Ashley, “This was a calculated plan that ended up in a string of felonies, you really expect me to look the other way?”

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