At the penthouse, Michael tells Chelsea and Adam the lab tech who took the payoff wasn’t linked to Victor, but to Neville’s drug trial. They also cannot prove the journal is forged – Ian’s testimony is all they have left. Adam wants Michael to put him on the stand, but Michael nixes the idea. Chelsea thinks Ian is conning them and wonders about his end game. Michael advises Adam to listen to Chelsea, but muses that Ian’s goals don’t have to clash with theirs. Adam decides he’ll try and get Ian to reveal his hidden agenda – maybe they can use it. Once alone, Chelsea tells Michael she’s skeptical that Ian got a confession from Victor. Michael says he only has to cause doubt.

At the state pen, Victor shadowboxes in solitary. In the infirmary, Meredith calls the warden to get permission to deliver pills to Victor and is denied. As Ian listens through the door, she tells the guard she will write out detailed instruction for him to take to Newman. Meredith writes Victor that she needs to talk to him. “Say you’re sick.” In solitary, Victor opens a note, but it’s from Ian and says he’s missing him and is bored. “How’s the family?” Victor sighs and thinks. Later, Ian receives Adam in the visitors’ area. Adam grills him about his intentions. He realizes that Ian is planning to escape. Ian muses, “That sounds lovely.” Adam envisions Ian leaving him holding the bag, and wonders why Ian doesn’t ask him for help. In the infirmary, Meredith looks at Victor’s photo and waits.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria takes a call from Hannah, and heads out.

At Billy’s house, he and Bethany debate about his situation with Phyllis. Billy says she’s trying to do the right thing by telling Jack. Bethany thinks Billy’s scared, and that’s why he lets others make decisions for him. Billy orders her out. As she exits, Victoria arrives. Bethany makes a crack about Billy being in love with someone else before leaving. Victoria is there for Johnny’s bear, but offers to help him with Bethany. He’s not interested. Victoria wonders, “Why don’t people just tell the truth?” Billy talks cryptically about a cowboy who wants what he can’t have. He’s sorry he can’t give Victoria the answer she was looking for. She has someone else she can ask.

At the pool bar, Jack asks Phyllis what’s bothering her. She says it’s about Billy, and starts talking about his relationship with Bethany. Jack is grateful she’s concerned about his brother. Phyllis tells him she needs to go talk to someone about a foundation donation. Later, Bethany runs into Jack. “I guess you know.” Jack replies, “I should have seen it coming.” He talks about Bethany’s broken heart. She’s stunned that he’s concerned about her right now, and tells him he’s a good guy. Jack feels he’s a lucky man.

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At Billy’s place, Phyllis breaks the news that she didn’t tell Jack. “I couldn’t.” Billy says he’ll tell him – he has to otherwise he can’t stay away from her. Phyllis couldn’t stay away. They kiss and end up having sex on the sofa. They are dressing when Jack’s voice calls out from the front door.

At Hank’s Bar, Travis takes a call from his debtor and is surprised to learn his payments are up-to-date. He flashes to Victoria offering to help with his financial situation. Later, she arrives and he complains about her paying his debt. Victoria denies it was her, and confronts him about keeping his background from her. She wonders if he’s been honest about anything. Travis talks about his time as a commodities broker. He became someone he didn’t like much, so he left, and was stunned to learn she was part of that world. He admits to struggling with some issues and asks for forgiveness. Victoria relents, and they agree to ‘go steady’. Travis kisses her deeply.

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Chelsea says, “I know you Adam. Something happened with Ian and you’re not telling me. What was it?”

Victor asks an unidentified woman, “You should know what I’m asking of you. I want those who testified against me punished.”

Christine asks Meredith, “Will you be willing to say all of this under oath?”

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