When Logan runs into Brad at the gym, she thanks him again for calming her nerves in the elevator yesterday then expresses being nervous, once again, for a job interview she has at Memorial. Brad is glad to hear Logan is staying in Genoa City and replies, “It’s time for a fresh start.” Brad agrees and says that he’s getting a fresh start too.

At The Club, when Vikki tells JT that she and Brad are signing their divorce papers today, JT offers to be there with her. However, Vikki assures him she’ll be fine but allows JT to accompany her to Newman…

Coming off the elevator at Newman, Vikki and JT run into Brad who appears irked by JT’s presence. After JT tells Vikki he’ll be there if she needs him, Vikki follows Brad into an office…

Inside, Vikki and Brad civilly talk about their marriage – and all of the surprises in it – then joke like old friends. With the divorce papers in front of them, Vikki signs first, followed by Brad, which finalizes the end to their marriage.

Back in the hallway with JT, Vikki tells him how civil Brad was to her and admits, “It was the most normal conversation I’ve had with him in a long time.” Although Vikki puts a lot of the blame on herself, JT holds her close and tells her, “This was not your fault.” Later in her office, to celebrate Vikki’s new start in life, JT surprises her with some child-like fun then blows some bubbles!

Before leaving Newman, Brad calls Logan and asks her to meet him for a drink. After Logan agrees, Brad meets her at The Club. Over talk of Brad’s divorce, Brad comments, “I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.”

At the bar at The Club, while Amber expresses her nervousness to Daniel about Carson, Carson approaches and acts as though he’s best friends with her husband! Once Carson heads to the gym, Amber fears her secrets will reach Cane! After Daniel brings up the files they found in Carson’s room, Amber suggests they just forget about them and act as though nothing is wrong! Daniel wants to touch base with Kevin…

After Daniel and Amber leave The Club, Carson looks up information on Daniel online, finds his address then says, “Daniel Romalotti… It looks like you have a lot of secrets.”

At Michael’s, when Kevin shows Paul and Michael a detailed list of every crazy thing Jana’s ever done, Michael thinks Kevin is obsessed! However, Kevin asks Paul to help him prove that Jana is still putting on an act. Although skeptical, Paul and Michael agree there’s a chance Jana could be faking the brain tumor and head to the hospital –ordering Kevin to stay behind!

When Amber and Daniel arrive at Michael’s, they convince Kevin to do some digging on Carson. Looking at the laptop, Kevin says, “This guy has quite a rap sheet.” Although Amber and Daniel are comforted by that, thinking maybe Carson will run from authorities, Kevin reminds them, “There’s a lot of money at stake here. He’s not going to run. I know I wouldn’t.”

Looking in a mirror at the hospital, Jana repeats, “It’s the tumor… you have to believe me… you have to.” Just then, Michael and Paul arrive and try to get Jana to open up. However, she refuses and says, “I’ll only talk to Kevin,” then is taken away for an MRI. Although Paul suggests that Kevin try to talk to her, Michael says, “My brother has been through enough!” But in order to put Jana away for good, like Paul, Michael realizes Kevin has to be involved. Once Kevin is called to the hospital, Jana once again acts as though she and Kevin have been a happy couple all along! No matter how much Kevin tries to get Jana to talk, she appears lost in her own little world and asks, “I don’t like it here. Kevin, can you take me home, please?” Suddenly, Kevin tries to trick her and agrees then says, "Only if you tell me everything about the time when you were on the run."

Back at Michael’s, after Paul and Kevin compare some of their findings – from the contacts Jana divulged to them – Paul thinks her past strange behavior could be the result of the brain tumor. However, Kevin is convinced that Jana has planned this brain tumor theory all along!

While at Jabot, Cane calls a place in Vegas and asks to view their surveillance videos from the time of his trip with Amber! Once a still photo from a surveillance camera is emailed to Cane, he prints it out, looks at a picture of Amber and her groom then says out loud, “I can’t believe that you lied to me!” Although Jill comes in and asks what’s wrong, Cane hides the picture and insists he’s fine. Just then, Amber arrives, but Cane gives her the cold shoulder. After Jill briefly fills Amber in on her elopement to Ji Min and asks her to keep it a secret, to which Cane asks, “You’re good at keeping secrets, aren’t you babe?” Jill leaves.

Once Jill is gone, Cane says, “I hate not remembering our wedding,” then suggests they have a big party at the mansion! As Amber begins rambling about what a good idea it is, Cane takes her face between both hands then says, “I know everything!” After he shows Amber the wedding picture of her and Ali, although Amber cries for forgiveness, Cane says, “I thought that you loved me… The only thing you love is being a Chancellor. How did you figure out I was Jill’s son?” Although Amber admits that it was about the money in the beginning, she cries, “But when I saw you… I love you… please…” Cane storms out of the conference room!

Devon arrives home and finds Lily on the couch reading up on sex addiction. Although Lily defends Daniel, and says, “Daniel really wants to get things under control,” Devon replies, “You’re everything a guy would want… you're too good of a person to be hooked to a guy like Daniel.” No matter how many times Lily says Daniel deserves a second chance, Devon warns that Daniel will deliver one broken promise after another.

Later, Lily meets Daniel in the Newman break room and agrees to give him a second chance. Although Lily doesn’t know where to ‘go’ from here, Daniel suggests getting out of town and going to a couple’s seminar, to which Lily agrees. Once Daniel makes the reservations, in order to leave tonight, they head home to pack… When they enter the apartment, Daniel and Lily find the place ransacked – with Devon lying facedown on the floor!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick & Sharon make plans to take a 'business' trip together.

Maggie heads to Lily & Daniel's apartment.

Daniel finally tells Lily all his secrets.

Amber begs Cane for forgiveness.

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