At the hospital, Billy complains to Ashley about his family chastising him. Ash loves him, and wonders, “So what the hell do you want, Billy?” Billy wants to go home, so Ash is set to drive him, but Bethany enters and says she’s got it covered. She kisses Billy. Introductions are awkwardly made and Ash goes. Billy asks Bethany what she’s doing there. She says apparently she walked away from a serious motorcycle accident – his girlfriend explained everything. She notes it’s a dangerous game he’s playing with his brother’s wife. Billy insists they’re just friends. Bethany counters that Phyllis promised he’d pay her $10,000 to go along with their cover story. Elsewhere, Neville reads something and panics. Later, Ashley joins him and he shows her Hilary’s press release. Ash can’t believe Hilary is saying their drug will be available by fall. Neville talks about severe side effects and says public perception is the least of their worries.

At the Club, Jack and Phyllis discuss Billy’s accident. She feels it might be a wake-up call, but Jack grouses about him not caring who he hurts. He goes on about actions having consequences. Phyllis thinks maybe Billy will return to Victoria, but Jack senses he’s ready to give that up, but for what? A waitress? Jack can’t understand it – he wants Billy to have what they have, is that so wrong? Nearby, Neil notes Hilary has a new drug due to be approved for Neville’s project and hints she should back away from the foundation. Hil is offended and warns him not to underestimate her. Devon appears. Neil brings up Hil’s press release about the drug being available by fall. Devon says they’re not ready yet. Neil feigns surprise that Devon wasn’t included in the decision. Debate ensues about whether Hilary is pushing the drug through before it’s ready. Devon switches gears and says he believes Hil wouldn’t cut corners with something this important.

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At the park, Abby and Stitch discuss Max’s tumor. Stitch worries about the dangerous surgery. He doesn’t know what to do. Abby suggests he take himself out of the equation and ask what Max would choose. Stitch feels Max would want to be free of this, and thanks Abby, who offers to go with him to tell Max, but Stitch wants to go alone.

At the lab, Neville tells Ashley that two people suffering from side effects of the drug is concerning. Ash thinks he’s saying that initially the drug works and then, over time, it dissipates. “Are you saying to me that I could be relapsing right now?” Neville says she’s fine. Abby arrives and Neville takes off. Abby complains to Ashley that Stitch opened up to her, but then shut her down. Ash feels Ben didn’t want to pressure her, and encourages her to go.

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At the hospital, Stitch explains Max’s brain tumor to him. Max wonders why he looks scared about them taking it out. Stitch admits there’s a tiny bit of risk. Max wants the surgery so he won’t do bad stuff anymore. They embrace. Abby arrives and says they’re a family; she’d like to help get Max settled in. Max hugs her.

At the Club, Neville pulls Hilary away from Neil and Devon. Neil warns Devon that he’d better be 100% sure Hilary won’t put people’s lives at risk. Devon is offended. Neil knows deep down Devon realizes Hilary’s not the woman he fell in love with and warns denial is a powerful thing. In a suite, Neville asks Hilary a series of questions about how she’s feeling and tells her he’s learned the protocol is more of a temporary patch than a permanent solution. Hilary says nice try, but it won’t work; she won’t postpone the release. Hilary orders him to keep quiet and fix the drug fast; it will be rolling out in the fall. Her hand shakes as she pours tea. Downstairs, Jack harps about Billy throwing away his chance to be with Victoria. Phyllis steps away to take a call from Billy, who confronts her about Bethany. She tells him to play along – it’s best for everyone. Back at the table, Jack is getting romantic when Billy appears with Bethany, who tells Phyllis that Billy talks about her so much it’s like she already knows her. Phyllis watches them sit down together. Jack notes Phyllis’ agitation and says it’s depressing seeing Billy fawn all over that woman when he’s in love with someone else. Upstairs, Hilary lies to Devon that Neville assured her everything is fine with the drug.

At the lab, Ashley guesses Neville went to see Hilary. He complains that she accused him of manipulating her. Neville noticed a tremor in her hand – she is showing signs of a relapse. If he doesn’t find a fix soon, Hil will wind up back in a coma.

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