In his office, when Nikki gives Victor the final copies for the loan Newman was to give NVP, Victor says, “I won’t sign them. Newman is no longer funding your developing project.” After Nikki storms off, Victor wonders out loud to Zapato why Nikki wants the money to come from him – or is pretending to. Victor makes a call…

In the NVP office, Nikki rants to David about Victor’s loan withdrawal. When David asks if she really needs his money, Nikki says yes then makes a call to her loan officer. While waiting, David presents Nikki with a gift: a new personal planner. When Nikki sees a dinner invitation penciled into today’s date, she declines and says, “I don’t have the time or energy to get involved with another man. If I did, you’d be at the top of my list.”

Later, changing her mind about David’s offer, in Nikki’s hotel room, Nikki and David toast about a new loan she’s acquired. After Nikki expresses loving the new her, David says, “Tell me you don’t love going to battle with Victor.”

Just as Brad is catching the elevator at Newman, Logan slips in and they share introductions. Just then, the elevator gets stuck and Logan becomes anxious and warns, “You need to know I’m claustrophobic.” Once seated on the floor, they remove their over-shirts to fight the heat then Brad suggests giving Logan a foot-rub! Although Logan questions whether Brad is hitting on her, she allows him to massage her feet! Trying to preoccupy her anxiety, Logan questions what happened to Brad’s marriage. Just as Brad admits he was unfaithful, the elevator doors open – leaving Logan and Brad faced with Victor’s questioning gaze! Brad and Logan quickly grab their things, say goodnight to Victor, then walk past him!

Soon after, when Victor arrives at The Club gym, he’s impressed to find Karen kickboxing! After briefly discussing his withdrawal of Newman finances from NVP, Victor asks, “Do you want to spar?” And Karen accepts! After their sparing, Victor takes a brief call then listens on as Karen suggests he likes having Nikki as an adversary!

Before he heads home, Victor goes up to Nikki’s suite, warns her she can’t take out another loan, then leaves the signed papers on her table finalizing Newman’s loan to NVP!

Brad and Logan continue their conversation about Brad’s affair at The Club where they share drinks. Logan expresses confusion in how everyone in Genoa City seems to be involved with someone else…

At The Club, when Amber denies Carson’s claim to have known her from the Strangers by Night page, he pulls out a still photo to prove it! Just as Amber claims the site was a project for college, Cane shows up, making Amber nervous. While Carson is ordering them all drinks, Amber distracts Cane, reaches into Carson's suit coat pocket, which is hanging on the back of his chair, and steals his hotel room key!

After Amber leaves, Cane and Carson workout together over talk of life in general – and Amber! When Cane explains wanting to learn more about his wife’s past, Carson grieves for Plum, wishing he knew who could’ve been so cruel as to break his neck.

Amber goes to Daniel’s and admits to Daniel and Kevin that Carson knows about her Strangers by Night webpage. Fearing Cane will find out, Amber pulls out Carson’s stolen room key and suggests they all go find out who he really is! Although Kevin and Daniel don’t want to go, Amber says she’ll do it alone! After Daniel gives in and offers to help Amber, Kevin finally agrees to distract Cane and Carson while she and Daniel break into his room!

At The Club, just as Daniel and Amber slip into Carson’s room, Kevin sees Cane and Carson downstairs and, as a distraction, offers to buy them a drink. Although Cane accepts, Carson insists on heading up to his room! However, after Kevin suggests a toast in Plum’s memory, Carson accepts! After Carson snags a phone number from a waitress, they all briefly talk about Plum until Cane says he needs to get home to his wife. Suddenly, Carson says there must be something really special about Amber for Plum to travel all the way across the country to see her, which infuriates Cane! Cane orders up another drink!

Inside Carson’s room, Amber and Daniel are shocked to find files containing pictures and information on Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Plum! While digging deeper into Carson’s drawers, Amber finds some bullets!

When Phyllis brings Nick home to the tack house, she briefly reintroduces him to Summer’s babysitter then quickly checks on Summer. Although Nick feels uncomfortable, Phyllis shows him where he used to work and keep his things. Just then, Summer begins crying and Phyllis rushes back upstairs yelling over her shoulder, “Why don’t you make some coffee.” Once she’s gone, Nick looks around and replies to himself, “Sure, where’s the coffee?” When Phyllis comes back downstairs, she continues giving Nick a tour of the house then says, “I’m sorry our home feels so strange to you,” and Nick replies, “I’m sharing a home with a beautiful woman. It can’t be a terrible burden.” Later, when Phyllis suggests they go to bed, Nick says, “Do you mind if I sleep on the couch?” Although disappointed, Phyllis replies, “I understand,” then heads up to bed – alone.

Later that night, Phyllis goes downstairs, waits till Nick wakes up, removes her robe and says, “Do you mind if I join you?” After Nick says, “Okay,” Phyllis lies on top of him and they share a passionate kiss! Although Nick expresses how beautiful she is – and that he can see why he married her – Nick ultimately pushes Phyllis away… However, Phyllis rests her head on his chest, refusing to leave, wanting to spend the night on the couch with Nick…

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Cane finds out Amber married him for his money.

Daniel & Lily come home to find their house has been broken into.

Brad & Vikki make their divorce legal.

Kevin tries to convince everyone that Jana is faking her illness.

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