At Billy’s place, he and Phyllis start ripping each other’s clothes off while kissing on the stairs. Phyllis pulls away and walks across the room, but Billy follows and the passionate kissing continues all over the parlor. After making love, Billy urges Phyllis not to go yet – he wants to feel her heartbeat against his. He tells her how long he’s wanted this. Phyllis can’t do this and goes to dress. Billy wants to talk. Phyllis can’t believe she’s done this to Jack…again. She wonders if Billy did it for payback. He didn’t – they both wanted this. Phyllis doesn’t know what to do, but she has to say goodbye. Billy doesn’t want it to end. Later, he finds Phyllis’ earring, flashes to sex with Phyllis, and smashes his drink in the fireplace.

At the Club, Jack intervenes as Lily calls the soaking wet Hilary a soulless bitch. Cane appears. Jack takes Hilary upstairs. Cane and Lily bicker about her exposing what she knows without giving him a heads up, but they end up laughing about Lily dousing her. Lily explains that she won’t turn Neil in because Devon will get hurt. Devon appears. Lily wonders if he’s regretting his decision to keep quiet. Devon says it’s what he and Hilary thought was best. Lily snarls that Hilary saw opportunity flashing in neon lights. Devon reminds them he caused Neil pain and pushed him past the breaking point – he made the decision he can live with. After, Lily tells Cane how bad she feels for Devon and worries Hilary will use this to control them all. She doesn’t believe Hilary loves Devon the way he loves her. In Hilary’s suite, Jack laments the bad blood between her and Lily. Hilary says she still hates her for coming between Neil and Devon. She’s starting to wonder if the fallout from an affair ever goes away. Jack extends his friendship. Hilary confides that she never meant to hurt Neil, who was an ideal husband, but with Devon was… Jack says, “Fireworks.” Hil says they fought it but their connection was too strong. Jack looks thoughtful. As they keep talking, Devon enters. Jack tells Hil their talk was illuminating and exits. Hilary sounds off about Lily. Devon’s sorry, but says Lily will keep the secret. Hilary assures Devon she won’t turn Neil in. Devon wonders if she’s just out to save herself. Hilary wants to protect all of them. She won’t risk their future. Downstairs, Phyllis flashes to sex with Billy and runs into Jack. He wants them to be honest. “Do you have feelings for my brother?”

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At the outdoor restaurant, Adam watches Meredith Gates reconciling with her father. He listens as she mentions a friend who encouraged her to reach out. When she leaves, Adam asks Mr. Gates if he has a minute. He introduces himself and warns the man that his father, Victor Newman, is using Meredith to get to him. “He is a master manipulator.” Adam guarantees Victor’s behind Meredith’s change of heart toward him. “He’s using your daughter as a pawn, sir.”

At the state pen, Victor is surprised to see Chelsea and asks about Connor. She isn’t there on a social call. She informs him his plan to get out won’t work – she and Adam intend to see that he does the whole ten years. She says his incarceration has accomplished the impossible – all the Newmans are on the same page. Victor wonders who will protect Chelsea when the company falls apart. “It is my job to protect all of you.” He warns they will all soon realize how vital his protection was. Chelsea calls Victor out on punishing his children from behind bars. Victor says they’re the reason he’s there. Chelsea suggests he take responsibility for his actions. Victor plans to teach them a lesson on loyalty. Later, Meredith tells Victor about her reconciliation with her father. Victor hopes to reconcile with his family. She places her hand on his – she thinks that day might come sooner than he thinks. Victor smiles. After, Meredith’s father visits Victor and warns him he will not be his get-out-of-free jail card through his daughter. Victor claims innocence. Gates tells him about Adam’s heads up. Victor says Adam is a pathological liar and his wife is a con artist. The judge doesn’t know if Vic’s playing him, but regardless, he will not help him get released from prison.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam about her visit to Victor, and Adam shares about his meeting with Meredith Gates’ father. He thinks he got through to him – Victor can kiss his reduced sentence goodbye. Adam and Chelsea realize that after what happened tonight, Victor will be gunning for them.

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