When Kevin goes to the hospital to see Jana, she reminds him of her brain tumor. Not sympathetic, Kevin warns that she’ll be seeing him on the witness stand at her trial! After Jana takes her medication, she begins acting as though she’s having a side effect from the drugs and begins having a panic attack. However, Kevin claps and says, “That was a wonderful performance.” Crying, Jana begs profusely for Kevin to help her!

At the apartment, although Michael offers to get rid of William’s wheelchair, Gloria insists on taking care of his things and says, “I want to give him a service to celebrate his stature. I think he would’ve liked that.” After Michael says, “You can afford whatever you want,” Gloria sighs, “I’d give back every penny to have him back.” Over talk of Jana and Kevin, Michael admits Kevin has an obsession problem.

Carson arrives at The Club, approaches Amber and Cane’s table and says, “My buddy Plum… He’s dead.” While Amber cries for Plum, Carson reveals that Plum was the John Doe at the morgue and that he died from a broken neck. After Cane asks for some time alone with Amber, Carson leaves – with Amber’s contact number in hand – and Amber admits to Cane that she hadn’t been able to bring herself to look at the body at the morgue.

After business talk at Jabot, Ji Min and Jill talk about their relationship. Just then, Cane arrives to hear the news and is excited for his mother! At Jill’s request, Cane promises to keep the news out of Kay's earshot. Once Ji Min is gone, over talk of how crazy his life has been since meeting Amber, Cane finds out that Amber has been in the picture ever since Jill started searching for him! Later, while alone, Cane thinks back to his first meetings with Amber, their marriage in Vegas and to finding out Jill was his mother – and how Amber pushed for Cane to accept Jill and the Chancellor money!

Although Daniel arrives at the apartment to talk to Lily, she storms out the door to head to school. Later, Kevin and Amber arrive with the news that Carson knows Plum is dead. Although they are all scared of being implicated, Kevin screams, “They are going to think I killed him!” Just then, Carson calls Amber and asks to meet at The Club in a couple of hours. After Amber hangs up, while Kevin warns her to stick to the story, Daniel screams that he wants to confess all to Lily and suggests that Amber confess to Cane! “No,” Amber says. “He’ll never forgive me.”

After Kevin and Amber leave, Lily returns and tells Daniel how embarrassed and hurt she is because of his arrest. With Lily watching on, Daniel promises to make it all go away then calls Michael for some legal advice. Later, Daniel gets a call back from Michael saying he got the charges against Daniel dropped! Although Daniel knows he shouldn’t have been at the strip club, Lily cries, “Did you even think about me, our marriage? Daniel, you have a problem.” Although Daniel admits that she’s right, he doesn’t know why he keeps hurting Lily.

When Kevin arrives at Michael’s, he tells Gloria and Michael that he wants to find everything out about Jana’s condition then wonders if they should move Jana to a specialist hospital. Although Gloria and Michael warn him that he’s becoming obsessed, Kevin claims he just wants Jana to be able to stand trial!

At The Club, Carson tells Amber that he suddenly remembers where he’s seen her before – On the Strangers By Night website!

In the Newman elevator, although Phyllis offers to help Jack with a Clear Springs meeting, she suddenly remembers that Nick is moving back to the tack house tonight.

In Victor’s office, although Nick can’t believe his parents are splitting up, Sharon tells him that Nikki and Victor will work things out. Just as they begin talking about a benefit for Cassie, Phyllis arrives and offers her help. However, Sharon says it’s not a good idea and worries that the controversy surrounding Phyllis’s trial will ruin it. After Sharon leaves, although Phyllis begs Nick to allow her to help with Cassie’s benefit, Nick says, “You should be concentrating on the trial. Sharon and I can handle this.”

When Phyllis goes to Jack’s office to talk about the plans for Cassie’s benefit, she warns Jack that Nick is trying to do everything to get Sharon back. Although Jack trusts Sharon, Phyllis says, “We have to stop this before it goes any further. If I go to jail, my husband is fair game for your wife.”

Later, when Sharon runs into Logan at The Club gym, she expresses the stress Nick must be going through. With talk of Phyllis, Sharon claims that by Phyllis forcing herself into Nick’s life, she is bound to cause him great stress! Sharon gives Logan a recap of her history with Phyllis!

Back at Newman, when Phyllis runs into Sharon in the elevator, she says, “Nick’s moving back home.” Although Phyllis begins stating how much Nick and she have in common, Sharon isn’t impressed. Just then, the door opens and Jack joins them. In front of Jack, Sharon lets Phyllis know how much ‘she’ knows Nick - and that Phyllis should quit pressuring him! Before Sharon walks out of the elevator, she assures Jack, “Don’t worry. I’m not making a play for Nick.”

When Logan goes to Newman to check up on Nick, he asks, “Do you think I’m making a mistake moving back home?” However, Logan makes it clear she’s there not to judge him. Later, Logan finds Sharon in the break room, tells her she’ll be staying in Genoa City then asks to rent the tack house. After Sharon offers Logan the house, rent free, Logan shares the news with Nick.

Back in his office, Jack makes a call and finds out that Nick deliberately scheduled Jack's out of town meeting for the date of Cassie’s benefit. Later, Jack goes into Victor's office and offers Sharon a contribution to Cassie's benefit - in front of Phyllis and Nick! As Sharon gives Jack a hug full of 'thanks,' Jack notices Nick's watchful eye!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Carson comments to Amber about her Strangers by Night web page.

Victor takes away Newman's funding from NVP.

Logan questions Brad about his affair with Sharon.

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