As things get hot and heavy with Vikki and JT in the Newman elevator, they don’t realize the door has opened and they have an audience – Nick!

In his office, when Nikki tries to make excuses to Victor for her kiss with David, Victor screams, “Sharing one kiss is all right with you? How dare you!"

Later in the NVP office, after Nikki tells David Victor wants her to fire him, David warns Nikki, “By hiring me, you’re telling your husband your marriage is over.”

When Nikki goes into the break room, she confides her problems with Victor to Nick. Although Nikki admits Victor gave her a chance to prove herself, he has never grown to respect her in the business world. Nick asks his mother to ‘hang in there,’ but Nikki wonders how long she can…

Although Victor rants to Victoria about Nikki, she reminds Victor that he abandoned Nikki while she was grieving for Nick. When Vikki says her mother has changed since Victor has been gone, Victor agrees and says, “Certainly not for the better.”

Later, when Nick questions Vikki in the break room about Nikki and David's relationship – and how it’s affected their parents, Vikki briefly explains the situation. Nick and Vikki wonder if their parents’ bad examples are the reasons why they’ve never had any luck at successful marriages.

On her way of out of Newman, back in the elevator with JT, Vikki hits the stop button and she and JT passionately pick up where they left off earlier!

Back in his office, although Victor apologies to Nikki for being so harsh, Nikki reminds him that he can’t be so dictating with her. After an argument ensues – and Victor calls Nikki a child – Nikki screams, “Stop! You will never speak to me that way again.” No matter how many material things Victor has given her throughout the years, Nikki realizes she’ll never have Victor completely and says, “David treats me like the woman I have become.” When Victor asks if she’s going to fire David, Nikki says, “Or what? You’ll leave me? Well, that’s not going to happen because I’m leaving you!” After Nikki storms out, Nick come in and Victor says, “I will not put up with someone walking out on me! I’m going to bring down NVP and leave your mother with nothing. Where she came from! Nothing!”

At David’s apartment, Nikki sighs, “I did it… I left him.” Although Nikki can’t believe she finally left Victor, she says, “I know how he works. I know all his moves…” David smiles and replies “Let the games begin!

From the hospital, Jana calls Michael and says, “Kevin asked me to call you.” Although Michael doesn’t believe her, she begs him to come to the hospital then acts as though the authorities are making her end the call! When Michael arrives at the hospital, Jana admits it was she who wanted to see him. After Jana begs Michael to represent her, Michael refuses then reminds Jana of all she’s done to his brother! Michael leaves…

At Jabot, Cane tells Amber he has a friend coming from Australia and suggests Amber call Ali to come to Genoa City for a visit. After Amber quickly makes up an excuse for Ali, they make plans for a sexy evening at home. Once Amber strolls away, Cane is filled with suspicion and makes a call to the wedding chapel in Vegas asking, “What time were we married?” After Cane finds out they were married at 11:45pm, he thanks the man in charge profusely! Cane then calls his credit card company and makes up a story about a fake charge then asks to see the hotel's security video of that night to make a point! However, Cane hits a dead end when the hotel manager explains their security cameras were broken...

While at the coffeehouse with Daniel, Kevin gets a call from Jana. After Kevin hangs up on her, he tells Daniel, “I should’ve killed her when I had a chance. Just then, Carson arrives, calls Kevin by name and asks him to look at Plum’s picture then says, “It’s important.” After Carson explains he’s trying to find Plum, an old army friend, Kevin and Daniel admit the guy in the picture looks like the same one Kevin took in. “I was doing it for a friend,” Kevin says. “Amber,” Daniel blurts out. “They were cousins.” Carson appears to be amused that Kevin and Daniel think Plum was Amber’s cousin.

When Amber arrives at Crimson Lights and finds out that Kevin and Daniel told Carson about Amber being Plum’s cousin, she’s furious – and nervous! Kevin and Daniel warn her to open up and tell Carson the truth about her relationship to Plum in order to get him off their backs! After Amber leaves, Michael arrives and tells Kevin to forget about Jana and concentrate on work. Just then, Jana calls again but Kevin doesn’t answer.

After Kevin goes to the DA’s office and finds out that Heather will be trying Jana’s case, he tries to sway Heather into thinking that Jana is faking! However, Heather objects, says she’s seen Jana’s medical reports then says, “She’s sick.” Despite Kevin’s pleas, Heather suggests he get some counseling then admits, “Because of her brain tumor, Jana’s lawyer is claiming she’s not fit to stand trial.”

Amber goes to Indigo and tells Carson that Plum is an old boyfriend, but that she’s married. “Plum knew I wasn’t going to leave my husband… I think he finally got the message and took off.” Although Carson appreciates the info, he still probes Amber, “Do you have any idea where he could be?” After Amber says, “No,” then leaves, Cane arrives and Carson spills the beans by saying, “Plum was your wife’s ex-boyfriend.” Although clearly ticked off, Cane acts as though he already knew about Amber and Plum! After Cane leaves, Carson shows a woman the picture of Plum and she admits to knowing where he is then says, “I work at the morgue!”

Back at the coffeehouse, while looking up Plum’s military record online, Daniel and Amber realize Carson was telling them the truth. Once Kevin arrives back, Amber leaves, and Kevin shares his worries with Daniel and Michael about Jana beating the charges! “I swear,” Kevin says. “If she gets off, I’ll kill her this time!” Later, Michael goes to Heather and offers her his future services - if she makes sure Jana is locked up for life!

Kevin goes to the hospital, stands before Jana and warns that this will be the last time she sees him - until he’s on the witness stand!

When Amber arrives back at Jabot, she asks Cane, “What’s wrong?” After Cane reveals what Carson told him about her and Plum, Amber replies, “I should’ve told you… I was embarrassed. I wanted you to think the best of me. Can you forgive me?” And Cane replies, “I already have.” Cane takes Amber in his arms.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis warns Jack about just how much Nick wants Sharon back!

Cane finds out more lies about Amber.

Lily doubts Daniel’s trustworthiness.

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