In William’s old office, Paul and Maggie arrive to visit Heather who is taking over. After Maggie and Paul tell Heather about the great man William was, she promises to do her best with William's open cases. Heather then informs them that she’ll be taking over the Jabot case! However, Heather isn’t too optimistic after seeing all the dead ends William hit.

At home after briefly leaving Lauren a message, Michael tells Kevin Lauren is unaware of William’s death. Over coffee, while Kevin expresses his worry for Gloria, Michael says, “Talk about timing.” Although Michael says William appeared to have forgiven Gloria, he admits, “As bad as I feel about William, his dying… it’s a relief… he’s the only one outside of this family who knew.”

Later, when Maggie and Paul go to visit Gloria, Michael and Kevin inform them that Gloria refuses to talk to anyone. Just as Paul and Maggie get ready to leave, Gloria comes out of her room and says, “Although I wasn’t deserving of William, I want to make him proud.” While seated with Maggie, Gloria begins thanking her for her continued investigation in the Jabot case – but Michael tries to repeatedly ‘hush’ Gloria. Just as Maggie and Paul inform Michael about the new DA taking over for William, Heather arrives to see Gloria!

After Heather gives Gloria her condolences, she hands over a box of William’s belongings to Michael then again expresses her regret that she hadn’t had the pleasure of knowing William. After Heather, Maggie and Paul leave, Gloria grieves for the loss of her two husbands then says, “If it wasn’t for you two boys there would be no reason for me to be on this earth.” Although Michael and Kevin promise to be there for her, Gloria insists on jotting down her will - now. Looking for a piece of paper within the box Heather left of William’s things, Gloria finds an envelope addressed to William from an attorney saying that William has inherited fifty million dollars from his uncle’s estate, which now goes to Gloria!

Later, at The Club, Paul and Maggie fill Heather in more on what kind of man William was. While Heather is taking a call, Paul expresses how proud he is of Heather. Although Maggie thinks he should tell her she’s his daughter, Paul says, “It’s not that easy.” Over talk about the Jabot case – and William having known who the killer was – Paul begs Maggie to let the case be and says, “I don’t want Heather involved in it. This stays between us.”

At Jabot, after Nikki signs over her Jabot stocks to Katherine, she talks about her wanting Victor’s shares of NVP – and his respect for her as a business woman.

At Newman, Victor explains the Clear Springs project to Karen then says, “I have a feeling Jack Abbott will soon resign from that project.” After Karen leaves, she runs into Jack in the hallway. When Jack talks about Clear Springs, Karen lets on, “I thought you were withdrawing from Clear Springs.” Once Jack hears who told Karen such a thing, he decides he’ll definitely have time to devote to the project!

Later, in his office, when Victor signs over his shares of NVP to Nikki, she tells him about selling her shares of Jabot to Kay. Nikki couldn’t be happier and says, “I told Katherine I thought our relationship was changing for the better.” After Nikki leaves, she runs into Jack and tells him the news. As Jack appears calm, Nikki lets him know that he will not be able to get a rise out of her.

In Victor’s office, after Jack congratulates Victor on selling NVP to Nikki, Victor informs him that Nikki sold her shares of Jabot to Kay. When Victor reminds Jack that he no longer needs to stay quiet about Jack owning Jabot, Jack calmly says, “Oh, you’re wrong. Katherine Chancellor owns Jabot.” Although Victor thinks Jack is bluffing, Jack says, “Ji Min sold the company back to Katherine. I’m surprised your wife didn’t tell you.” Later, Jack runs into Karen again and tells her he’s there if she should ever need any business advice!

Nikki runs into Ji Min at Indigo and says, “I’m the owner of NVP,” then thanks him for turning Jabot around and says, “I made quite a profit from my Jabot stocks.” After Ji Min congratulates her, Nikki takes a seat with David. Although David is happy with her news, he wishes she’d leave Victor for good then says, “With your marriage on the mend, I think it’s time for me to leave town.” Nikki replies, “I’ll never forget everything you’ve meant to me.”

Back at Newman as Nikki is coming off the elevator, Victor is waiting for her and demands Nikki come to his office now! Once inside, Victor screams, “I can’t believe I can’t trust you! Why didn’t you tell me Jack sold Jabot?” After Victor expresses wanting to go after Jack once he sold her his shares of NVP, Nikki asks if selling his shares to her was purely for revenge. “You bet!” Victor admits!

Victor goes to see Kay at Jabot. After Kay begs Victor to promise that her clear title to Jabot stays clear, Victor smiles and says he’ll protect her. After Victor leaves, Jack arrives and gloats to Kay about the look on Victor’s face once Jack told him that Ji Min sold Jabot to her.

Still at Jabot, Victor confronts Ji Min about getting involved in the sale of Jabot to Kay! Although Ji Min says he doesn’t owe Victor anything, Victor steps in close and replies, “You just made a great mistake, my friend.”

At David door’s, although Nikki can see he’s getting reading to leave town, she says, “Please, I need you to stay.” Although David says he has a flight to catch, Nikki explains she needs him to stay and help her run NVP. Despite David’s warnings that Victor will disapprove, Nikki says this is strictly business, “I need a partner – someone who will stand by me. Please tell me you’re in.”

Back at Newman, when Victor sees David and Nikki, David says, “Get used to it. I work here now.” After Nikki says she hired David to help her run NVP, Victor warns her, “You’re either for me or against me!” Jack watches on with a smile!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

After Nikki informs Victor it's over, Victor threatens to destroy NVP for good!

Jana seeks Michael's representation.

Amber finally reveals her connection to Plum.

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