At Newman Enterprises, Victoria thanks Leslie for joining them. Michael tries to brief her, but she knows the main players. Victoria remarks if anyone lies, she’ll be there to witness it. In the corridor, Billy and Phyllis, who can’t reach Jack, discuss him and Passkey. Billy wonders if their relationship is okay. Michael appears – Leslie’s ready to depose Billy. Inside, Billy looks at Victoria as he swears to tell the truth. Billy testifies how he came to know about Passkey. When they discuss his coma, Victoria accuses him of lying about only coming back for her and the kids.

At the hospital, Jack is with Nikki, who was hit by a car while drunk. Nikki wants him to keep it all quiet, but Jack resents that she expects him to lie and cover her mistakes. Nikki promises she’ll tell her family if he helps her get back on track first. Jack notes it’s the word of a drunk, but agrees to let her tell her family in her own time, on one condition…

In a suite, Nikki has gone to a meeting in return for Jack’s silence. He realizes he missed calls, and she urges him to go. Jack dismantles the mini-bar first.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah, Natalie, and Kevin learn their personal assets have been frozen pending the outcome of the lawsuit. Mariah spots Summer and urges Kevin to approach her. She and Natalie watch as Kevin tells Summer, sitting with Luca, that he knows she’s feeling conflicted – he’s there to offer her a way out. Mariah tells Natalie to let Kevin handle this. They watch as he tells Summer about Jack’s profit-sharing offer and Victoria turning it down because of Billy. Luca muses that Victoria’s making it personal. Kevin urges Summer to talk to Victoria and get her to take the deal. After, Kevin admits to Natalie and Mariah that Luca helped him convince Summer. They discuss the profits they’d be entitled to from Passkey and imagine what they’d do with it. Natalie delights Kevin by raving she’d buy endless little black dresses, salsa dance, and buy a car that beats his.

Summer, still with Luca, encounters Phyllis at Newman, and says she plans to ask Victoria to take Jack’s deal. Phyllis notes Victoria is determined to punish Billy. Luca thinks Summer can convince Victoria. Phyllis is skeptical. She tells Summer there’s only one way to end this – she needs to know Summer’s on her side. Summer isn’t like her mother – she isn’t comfortable lying. Inside, Leslie continues to depose Billy. Victoria accuses him of choosing a program over his family. “Get him out of here.” Billy emerges with Michael, and Summer pushes past to see Victoria. Phyllis can see Billy is upset and says she’s sorry. They embrace. Phyllis briefs him on Summer’s mission. She worries about asking Summer to commit perjury. In the office, Summer pleads with Victoria to take Jack’s deal. Luca interjects that she wants to end the war. It’s a no go. They leave, and it’s Phyllis’ turn to be deposed. She testifies that Jabot wanted Passkey to make back the money Victor took via blackmail. Victoria gets Phyllis alone and wants the truth about her and Billy. They argue. Phyllis tells Vikki she doesn’t deserve Billy anymore.

At the Club, Jack talks to Billy and feels he lied in his deposition. He angrily tells Billy he’ll have to save him and Phyllis from themselves. Billy says they don’t need it and adds that Victor beat Jack when he became this passive person. Jack brings up John, prompting Billy to get in Jack’s face about not protecting Phyllis – he’s been useless to her. Upstairs, Nikki dreams that Victor escaped from prison for her, and they kiss. She wakes up to a knock – it’s room service with tea.

In prison, Ian stops by Victor’s cell to warn him he’ll have to learn to be resourceful and to urge him to open up his mind to his information. Victor chuckles, but he wonders if Ian has a plan to get out of there. Ian confirms that walls can never hold a wandering spirit. Victor amuses himself by taunting Ian about his previous failed escapes. The warden appears. Ian is taken back to his cell. The warden tells Victor he was attacked by a guard, who has been fired. Vic asks if Ian Ward bribed the guard. The warden doesn’t know. Victor holds his side in pain.

Back at Crimson Lights, Luca counsels Summer to tell the truth in her deposition – there’s no other way.

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Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Devon says, “As the man writing the checks, I think it’s time that Ashley take back her title, and her office.” Ashley smiles at Hilary.

Nikki tells Jack, “I realized something about today…it’s my anniversary.”

In prison, Victor sits and thinks.

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