At the apartment, when William appears to be convulsing, Michael calls 911! Through shallow breaths, a lone tear slips down William’s cheek, as he struggles for air! Michael quickly makes a call asking Gloria to meet him at Memorial.

When Gloria arrives at Memorial, she rants to Michael that William will beat this! After Michael shows her the note William wrote reading, “You’re holding me prisoner,” Michael reminds Gloria that she could still be arrested for murder! When the doctor comes out of William’s room, she informs Gloria and Michael that William will recover from his setback and can go home soon. Once alone, Gloria takes the blame for William’s health and tells Michael it’s a result of the secrets he’s been forced to keep inside.

In his hospital bed, William thinks back to when he confronted Gloria with the truth, to when Maggie was trying to get answers out of him about the case and to his last conversation with Michael. When Gloria and Michael come to his bedside, Gloria brings up the note, swears she doesn’t want to hurt William anymore then says, “I’m going to turn myself in to the police. I need to see if I can redeem myself.” Gloria then turns to Michael and asks, “Will you promise to take care of William if I go to prison?” And Michael does…

Just then, Maggie arrives and Gloria begins her confession… “There’s a reason I’ve been keeping William away from you...” However, Maggie is distracted by William, who is writing another note! “My wife…” Maggie reads, as Gloria says, “Go ahead, William, finish it.” William finishes writing, “My wife, I love her.” Suddenly, the doctor comes in clarifying that William has pneumonia then says he can go home! After Maggie gets called away, William writes down, “Take me home.” And Gloria couldn’t be happier to! Gloria kisses William…

Once home, after Michael leaves Gloria alone with William, she prepares to pamper him. Out of the blue, while Gloria briefly goes to get him a pillow, William dies! When Gloria returns and realizes he’s dead, she sobs uncontrollably with grief and begs, “Please don’t leave me.”

In the break room at Newman, Victor briefly gives Karen some instructions then leaves her to Neil’s suggestions. Sadly, Neil tells Karen to wrap up a marketing plan, one that Dru had been working on. Later, after Karen has made some adjustments to the plan, Neil struggles with Karen’s decisions. However, Victor backs up Karen and says, “From now on you’re in control of the marketing plan. Don’t disappoint me.” Realizing he was being over sensitive about Dru, Neil apologizes to Karen and offers to buy her a drink. Karen agrees and says, “I’d like that.”

Later at Indigo, while Neil and Karen share some small talk, Carson approaches with a picture of Plum and asks, “Have either of you seen him?” Neil takes the picture then says, “Yeah, I have.”

In Victor’s office, when Nikki hands Victor a contract giving her the right to buy NVP, Victor says, “I’m saying no. I’m not interested in selling.” Although Victor claims to have Nikki’s best interests at heart, Nikki begs for him to stop protecting her and accuses, “You want to maintain control of me!”

Later, in the NVP office, after David goes over some last minute details to wrap up Nikki’s campaign, they talk about moving on. Just then, Victor enters the room and screams, “Get out or I’ll have security escort you out!” After Victor leaves, Nikki sighs and tells David, “I’m sorry.”

David goes home, and Nikki pays him a visit to deliver some things he left behind at Newman. After Nikki apologizes, once more, for Victor’s actions, David suggests she come in! Inside, over some sparkling Champagne, although David shares his plans for leaving Genoa City, Nikki rants about Victor’s stronghold then asks David to stay in Genoa City – for her!

After being summonsed to Victor’s office, Victor tells Nikki if she can come up with the funds, he’ll sell her NVP!

At Crimson Lights, although Carson questions Daniel about Plum, Daniel denies ever seeing him then privately makes a call to Kevin saying, “I’ll be right over!”

When Amber goes to Kevin’s, she paranoid that the man asking for Plum will find out what really happened. However, Kevin appears calm and says to act as though they know nothing about him – or his disappearance. Over talk of Jana, Amber is stunned that Kevin is feeling sorry for Jana – and the fact that she has a brain tumor – then reminds him to focus, “We need to find out more about this Carson guy.”

When Daniel arrives, although he says, “I have to tell my wife everything or I’m going to lose her,” Kevin and Amber try to talk him out of it! However, Daniel warns the sooner or later this guy who is looking for Plum is going to find everything out! “I want no part of this,” Daniel says then agrees to keep their names out of it when he tells Lily. Looking over Kevin’s shoulder, Daniel and Amber look on as Kevin tries to find out information on Carson. Just then, Amber divulges that Garret wasn’t really her cousin – but a guy named Plum! Kevin is furious that she and Daniel lied to him! Suddenly, Amber, Kevin and Daniel become frantic when Carson comes knocking on Kevin's door! When they don’t answer it, Daniel warns, “He’ll be back looking for some answers!”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki makes Victor furious when she offers David a job at NVP.

Michael & Kevin help Gloria deal with William's death.

Jack makes a confession to Victor.

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