At the jail, Michael notes that Victor has chosen the right tie. Is he ready for battle? Victor says there may not be a trial. If Adam agrees to an offer he made last night, there’ll be no trial. Michael calls his words “delightfully cryptic.” Victor isn’t too forthcoming but tells Michael that his future lies in Adam’s hands.

At home, Adam is distracted. The future of the Newman family rests in his hands. He details how his father offered him the company and in return he’ll plead guilty. Chelsea doesn’t like it. It seems like he’s letting Victor stick his claws into him. His company would turn him into Victor. Adam thinks he’s stronger than that. Chelsea thinks Victor is a master manipulator. She begs him not to get sucked back in.

At the Top of the Tower, the atmosphere is intense. Nick can’t imagine going through this without family behind him. Abby and Noah stroll in. They discuss changing Victor’s office if he’s sent to prison. Victoria doesn’t care about redecorating the office. She doesn’t want the company at the expense of sending her father to prison. They strategize about looking at each other to gain support during the trial. Noah wonders where Adam is. Michael arrives. He tells them about Victor’s bargain with Adam. Adam appears with Chelsea and he tells them if he takes over the helm at Newman, Victor will plead guilty. Victoria crosses her arms and snarks about him looking golden. Nikki doesn’t want them at each other’s throats. Adam wants their opinion. Nikki thinks Victor will be able to call the shots from afar. Adam offers to cut off communication with him. Nobody wants this so Adam says he won’t take the deal. Everyone files out, leaving Victoria to share her guilt with Nick. He knows how she feels, having hurt their father before. She did the right thing! He’ll forgive her.

Luca stops by Marisa’s with signed divorce papers. Marisa finds it too easy. Luca only wants her happiness.

At the Club, Phyllis is wound up. Summer appears. Billy says nothing is going to help Victor now. Summer asks them to explain. Phyllis says if Summer doesn’t want to watch her entire family turn their back on Victor, she should avoid the case. Summer can’t. She’s testifying. Phyllis cries, shocked. “How can you betray me like this?” Summer was called to testify and she’ll do it. Billy and Jack head to court. Phyllis tells her daughter that this is about people she loves who have been scarred for life because of her grandfather and she’s giving him a pass. She brings up Courtney and Austin’s murders and tells her kid to keep in mind that she went to bed with her husband and woke up with a stranger, one she was intimate with. She goes and Luca appears. She groans about her mother’s devastation. He tells her he signed divorce papers. He didn’t want her disapproval.

At the court room, Lauren asks if Michael representing Victor will cause issues in their friendship. Christine denies that’ll happen but is surprised Michael took the case. Jack, Phyllis and Billy arrive. Phyllis begs Christine not to let Victor intimidate her. Michael finds Lauren. He shares concerns he has about Victor’s confidence. Lauren whispers that Christine is suspicious. Michael goes to the others and hopes the correct verdict is reached. He goes inside where Victor awaits in his orange jumpsuit. Michael comments on the lack of a suit. Michael lets Victor know Adam’s decision. Outside, Billy sees Victoria and tells her he finds what she’s doing brave. Everyone heads in. Marisa turns up and stops Noah. She says Luca signed the divorce papers. They can marry! Noah’s happily surprised. Summer and Luca interject and Summer snaps that even when they’re given signed divorce papers, they’re still not happy! They head in and Marisa wonders if Luca is going to try to marry into the Newman family! Noah laughs. “Who the hell would want to be a Newman right now?” They head in and Christine gives opening remarks, stating Victor has to win, no matter the cost. Michael rebuts, talking about his client acting in self-defense. Phyllis jumps up and calls that a lie.

Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

One by one, everyone takes the stand. We hear a word or two from each:

Nikki says, “I. Don’t. Know. You. Anymore.”

Noah says, “What he did was wrong.”

Nick says, “Immoral.”

Victoria calls it “sickening.”

Adam says, “Criminal.”

On the stand, Phyllis has a break-down and screams at Victor, “What more do you want from me?”

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