Once again, Phyllis gets a little further in her quest for rekindled love with Nick. Neil, in his always-direct fashion, tells Nick he is transparent in his latest attempt to win back Sharon. He reminds him his focus should be on his current wife Phyllis and that Sharon has moved on with her own husband.

Daniel is not so lucky with his love life and sits on the hot seat while Lily stresses over the latest development, trying to absorb the fact Daniel has been caught in a compromising position with a prostitute. She refuses to accept his explanation of what happened at the club that night and shows that she is coming to the end of her tolerance of Daniel’s bad boy behavior. He tries desperately to convince her he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and his only fault was having been in a strip club when he was underage. Adding salt to the wound, however, Daniel tells Lily he already confessed to Devon the whole sordid story.

Having overheard a phone conversation between Brad and Victoria, Abby learns about Victoria’s pregnancy and happily asks Brad if she has a new brother or sister on the way. She then decides to draw a picture for the baby as only a loving sibling can do. Her picture shows that she is quite certain Brad, Victoria, herself and the baby will once more be a happy family.

Later, Victoria, JT and Brad speak in person about Korbel’s book. Brad expresses concern about Korbel’s apparent fascination in exposing Brad’s background which includes trafficking stolen art work. rad suggests to Victoria and JT, they have as much to lose in this scenario as he does and JT retorts with any illicit activities he and Victoria may have participated in only happened because they were performing damage control.

Michael tells William he knows he is a man of principles but while spoon feeding him in his apartment and drinking vodka, he quotes Shakespeare so he can poetically bridge honor with his own dishonor which he tells William, won’t allow him to watch while he tries to charge Gloria with manslaughter for her past omission. As the attempted manipulation continues, Michael gets confrontational in his one-sided discussion with William learning that William is starting to recover and can write messages like “they are holding me prisoner.” He badgers William with this discovery, revealing his volatile concern over William’s attempt to break away from the family. At the height of Michael’s anger, William appears as if he is choking or having another stroke.

Meanwhile, picking up ultrasounds while deeper into their threesome dialogue, Brad shows a renewed interest in Victoria’s baby and gets angry as he digs through all the baby pictures saying she is threatening the baby’s health with unnecessary tests. Victoria fights back by telling Brad she will tell everyone he pretended to be somebody else for the past 20 years and as far as she was concerned, Brad Carlton was dead to her.

A budget and project plans for another Don’t Drink and Drive Cassie Memorial get interrupted when Lily comes searching for her dad to talk about Daniel’s arrest for soliciting a prostitute. Neil, supportive and loving father, gives typical dad advice and supports Lily wholeheartedly in her thought of leaving Daniel. He reminds her, Daniel has been dishonest since the beginning of their relationship and that is the sort of thing that ends relationships. To encourage her further, he offers to pay all of her attorney fees.

The cozy hot new couple JT and Victoria get romantic on the couch after Brad leaves and JT gives Victoria a baby gift that she falls in love with. The two cuddle as they calm each other down from Brad’s upsetting visit.

Daniel gets an opportunity to take out some of his frustrations on Devon when he goes to their apartment and finds him washing dishes. He tells him how tired he is of apologizing to everyone. He says he doesn’t know how many more times he can say sorry as he has said enough apologies to last a lifetime. Devon lashes back at him with his own anger and tells him he’s sick of watching him cheat his sister of a happy life. The two get into a fight that Lily walks in on near the end. She doesn’t quite know what to do about the new development and chooses to sneak back out of the apartment before they discover her presence.

Next on Young and The Restless:

Nikki argues with Victor about helping her realize her dream and Amber begs Daniel not tell Lily the truth about Plum or her marriage is over.