At Katherine’s mansion, trapped by the storm, Billy and Phyllis sit on the floor by the fire and toast him moving into his new home and starting a new life after Victoria. He doesn’t think she wants him anymore. Phyllis shares that she and Jack are dealing with their relationship like grown-ups. She declares that things will only get better and that Victor will be convicted – he’s going down. They reminisce about their days at Restless Style and say it’s better to be with each other than against each other. She tears up as she talks about what Victor did to her. Billy goes to get more firewood and loses his balance. Phyllis reaches out and they embrace and share a passionate kiss. He’s sorry, and she says this did not happen. They agree to keep it between them. They open the door to go to the Club and find a police officer who’s there to help.

At the fundraiser at the Club, Jack talks to Paul on the phone and asks him to keep an eye out for Billy and Phyllis. Nearby, Hilary and Ashley have words. Hilary and Devon leave and Lauren stops by to say it’s wonderful Ashley matched Devon’s donation. She finds Michael who’s talking to Victor on the phone. Once they disconnect, Michael admits to Lauren that he’s trying to play the devoted lawyer. Meanwhile, Neil stands by as Jack thanks Devon for his generous donation. Hilary jumps in and says they’ll help however they can. After they head out, Ash and Neville approach and Neil goes for a coffee with the doctor. Ashley and Jack chat about Hilary. Ash thinks she’s shameless but he believes she could be useful. He asks his sister to come back to Jabot. She tells him that Jabot is in capable hands and wonders where Billy and Phyllis are. Jack muses that it might be the weather keeping them away or they’re plotting something behind his back again. Elsewhere, Neil chats with Michael and assumes he’ll be in prime form for Victor’s trial. He assures him he will be. Luca and Summer watch Michael and Lauren leave and Luca questions that nobody minds he’s defending the enemy. Luca catches Jack and shares that he knows Phyllis convinced Michael to throw Victor’s case. Billy and Phyllis finally arrive and Luca tells them he has their back. Jack threatens that this is the last time he’ll speak of it. Summer pulls Luca away and Billy and Phyllis tell Jack about dropping by Kay’s mansion that Jill gifted to Billy and being trapped there due to the storm. Summer returns to congratulate Jack on the party. Once alone, Phyllis says that Billy is in a good place.

At the jail, Victoria tells her father she’s trying to help. There’s a threat to his company. Luca is trying to get a toehold in the company. Victor says they are both fools and she should handle it. She lets him know that Luca has been targeting Summer as well. Victor tells her to go to Adam. He is the only one capable of running the company. Victor hopes Adam realizes that in time to save the company. They continue to go at each other. He didn’t ask her to come. She screams she’ll never be stupid enough to take his side again and storms out. Later, Luca meets with Victor and shares Michael’s plan to throw the case. Luca realizes it’s a trap. Victor hisses that he stabbed him in the back and warns him to stay away from Summer.

At Nick and Sage’s apartment, the couple plays a game of charades with Faith and Shawn. Sage flashes to overhearing Nick telling Shawn that it’s her right to keep the baby. Nick asks if everything is alright. She passes it off. Sage and Faith go get snacks and Shawn comments they’re lucky to have him. Nick takes Faith home and Shawn has a Braxton-Hicks contraction.

Lauren and Michael have a drink at the Top of the Tower. She asks if he’s worried about the trial. If Victor ever found out his career would be over but he can’t hurt them anymore.

Neville and Ashley discuss her condition at the lab. He has good news. She’s recovering. They hug and she takes him in a kiss.

In a suite, Hilary thanks Devon for backing her up at the party. She wants to make a difference. She hugs Devon and declares her plan to “run this town.”

At the hospital, Shawn confirms she’s not having contractions to Sage. Nick walks in, pulls Sage aside, and she admits that she’s worried about baby.

Devon returns to the party and asks Neil not to put Hilary on the board.

In a suite, Victoria tells Billy about her visit with Victor in jail. He wonders why she’s there. Are they supposed to be connecting? She’s upset and walks out.

Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Dylan questions Paul about the day Sully was born.

Victoria tells Nikki that if anyone changes their testimony it could all fall apart.

Adam tells Victor he thinks there’s a way he can avoid the trial.

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