At the Club, Lily helps Neil prepare the place for the party. He’s nervous. Cane appears and they tell Neil that he moved back home. Neil’s thrilled. Jack walks up and marvels at the news. Nearby, Victoria hates the wall of silence her dad put up around him. She asks Michael what the chances of acquittal are. Michael muses that justice will be done. Lauren appears and Victoria goes. Lauren worries about what Vikki will do when she realizes he’s trying to get Victor thrown in the slammer. It’s storming outside and nearby, Lily assures everyone that the generators are set up. Neil and Jack discuss putting a board of directors together.

Upstairs, Phyllis shows up at Billy’s door. He’s wowed by her beautiful outfit for the evening and is proud that she and Jack patched things up. She goes into his closet and grabs a suit. She wants him to come. His suit pants lost a button so she whips out a needle, fixes it and as he’s putting on his pants, Victoria arrives. She’s not thrilled about what she thinks she sees so they set her straight. He calls Victoria brave, attending the function alone. She thinks it’s time to lay the Abbott vs Newman stuff to rest. They share a moment and once she’s gone, Phyllis chastises him for not going after her. Billy thinks it’s time to move on.

At the hospital, Noah and Marisa approach Luca and Summer and the women beg him not to go to the police. Luca agrees not to for Summer’s sake but thinks Marisa deserves better. He won’t sign divorce papers until Noah can prove he can control his temper. Noah goes at him and Marisa pulls him back. They all part ways. In his office, Ben thanks Abby for including Max tonight. She bitches that it won’t make a difference.

Back at the Club, Ashley goes to Hilary’s suite with a file. The women exchange barbs. Ash goes and Devon and Hilary canoodle. She asks him to pledge a million dollars to the foundation. He’s taken aback. What’s her angle? She wants to show that the Winters’ family is just as important as the Abbots. He sighs. Isn’t it enough that she took Ashley’s job? She agrees to back off if it’s what he wants. They head to the party where Hilary finds Jack and asks to be a part of the foundation in a leadership role. He gets a call from Phyllis and runs off. He says her timing is impeccable. Phyllis says she’s got another stop to make before the party. He worries about the storm but she brushes it off and disconnects. Meanwhile, Ashley and Dr. Neville arrive with Max on Ashley’s arm and Ben and Abby in tow. Max sees a stack of cupcakes with his name on it and takes off. Elsewhere, Hilary tells Neil, Lily and Cane she wants to leave the past behind. Neil can see right through her, knowing she wants a seat on the board. She says she can bring a lot of money to it. “You mean my brother’s money,” Lily interjects, viciously. Victoria approaches Jack and he asks after her relationship with Billy. She says they don’t have one.

Billy and Phyllis arrive at Katherine’s mansion. Jill gave it to him because it held too many memories. Phyllis comments that he painted the walls blue. He says they’re grey; different from the home he shared with Victoria. Phyllis convinces him that the house needs love. He grins and agrees. It thunders and Phyllis screams. They head out but the power goes out and a tree falls, blocking them in. They head back in with no cell service. Phyllis builds a fire and Billy cracks open some vino.

Back at the Club, Victoria lets Jack know her father’s ignoring her. Summer interjects and asks Victoria to give Victor a break. Jack stands up for Vikki who is trying to undo the damage done. Vikki sees Luca and is on edge. Nearby, Abby’s baby moves. Ashley squees and Ben runs to tell Max. Ash assures her daughter that Max will come around. Jack meanders over, borrowing Ashley. Hilary overhears him offer Ash a seat on the board and goes off to complain. Neil and Jack make a joint speech about helping addicts transitioning into the real world after rehab. Hilary gets between them and presents them with the check for a million. Everyone cheers. Hilary makes a scene, forcing Ashley to match her donation. Later, Luca threatens that Victoria may find herself out on her ass. Vikki asks Michael to set up a meeting with her father. She goes and Luca overhears Michael’s plan to get Victor convicted.

At Crimson, Noah and Marisa argue about Luca. Noah blows up and leaves but shortly returns with an apology, which touches Marisa.

Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Hilary hugs Devon and says she’s going to run this town.

In jail, Vic visits Victor and tells him if he’d listen to her, he’d know that this time, she’s there to help him.

The police arrive at Billy’s and ask, “Billy Abbott?”

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