At the Club, Marisa wants Luca to live his life and let her live hers. Luca snaps about Noah’s situation, but apologizes when he learns his fiancée died. Luca laments losing the love of his life and Noah laughs. Summer chastises Noah. “Give him some time.” They decide to finish it later. Luca asks Summer to stay with him and talk. She agrees. He asks why she defended him. Summer understands having your plans for the future disappear. They discuss his divorce. Summer thinks he needs to let go and move on – when he’s ready. In a suite, Cane and Lily are taking the twins for a picnic. In another suite, Marisa and Noah discuss her divorce. She just wants Luca to sign the papers. Noah assures her they will be married. She wishes there was something to make Luca back off. Noah thinks there is, but he’s not going to get it. Later, Summer visits Marisa’s suite to ask her to give Luca time. Marisa tells Summer he’s holding out to punish her. She warns Summer not to fall for him. Downstairs, Noah confronts Luca about glomming onto Summer. They argue about Newman Enterprises and Marisa. Luca predicts Noah will lose her. He needles Noah until he sucker punches him.

At Sage and Nick’s penthouse, Sage tells Shawn what she’s doing is incredible. Dylan arrives with the news of Noah getting probation, and he has changed the locks on Shawn’s apartment. Shawn marvels again at the exes and their spouses being so close. Sage and Dylan enthuse about them getting along for Faith’s sake.

At the Top of the Tower, Nick and Sharon discuss the situation with Shawn. She gets where Nick’s coming from, and recalls giving Cassie up for adoption. Nick thanks her for listening. Chelsea arrives. Nick tells Sharon he needs to know what Adam’s up to – he’ll ask Chelsea. They join her and Nick asks about Adam and Newman. Chelsea says he’s not interested anymore, but Nick warns a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Chelsea wonders why Nick cares about the company. She tells them about Adam’s new job. She and Connor will stay in Genoa City and Adam will travel. Chelsea asks Sharon to join her fashion company. Sharon accepts and leaves the table. Nick suggests Chelsea hire Sage. Chelsea notes the baby they’re adopting is about to be born. Nick wants Sage to have something else to focus on, and confides about Sage wanting Shawn to live with them. Nick gets a text from Sage asking him to take Shawn to get her things. Sharon returns with Dylan and shares her job news. Later, Chelsea thanks Sage for meeting her and offers her a job. Sage turns her down – she has to focus on the adoption. Chelsea suggests the adoption shouldn’t be her only focus in case it doesn’t go through. Sage asks realizes Nick put her up to it, and is dismayed to learn she’d be working with Sharon. She turns Chelsea down again.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily have relocated the picnic indoors due to weather. The twins want to know when Cane’s moving home. They are sent to the counter. Cane gives Lily a belated anniversary gift. Cane says it’s time he makes a choice. He can’t function without her, and misses her. Cane wants to start again. Lily is thrilled and opens her gift – a necklace with intertwined hearts. They share the happy news about Cane moving home with the kids. On the patio, Nick assures Shawn he would treat the baby like his own. They talk about Faith being forthright. Shawn asks Nick if he would be mad if she changed her mind about the adoption. Nick admits he’d be disappointed, but tells her if she wants to keep her baby she has every right. Sage hears from the doorway.

At home, Sharon worries to Dylan about leaving Sully to take the job with Chelsea. He reassures her. She thanks him for being a wonderful husband. They go upstairs and make love. After, Sharon has a nightmare about being pregnant and a baby crying. She awakens and rushes to Sully, but Dylan knows he wasn’t crying.

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