At Sage and Nick’s penthouse, Shawn overhears them arguing and offers to leave. Sage gets Nick’s support to let her stay. Sharon arrives. She and Nick head to court. Shawn notes the closeness of the exes. Faith appears and talks to Shawn about her baby. Shawn says Sage and Nick will be better parents, but notes she has up to a year to change her mind. Faith tells her she can come and see the baby if she misses him. Sage sends Faith upstairs. Shawn thinks Faith said what they’ve been dancing around. She assures Sage she wouldn’t be popping in for visits – it would hurt too much. Sage is sure she’ll do the right thing.

At the Club, Phyllis tells Billy that Victor doesn’t scare her and they can’t walk away from the deal. Billy worries she’ll lose Jack. He suggests they delay Passkey until Victor’s in jail and can’t touch them. He leaves for court. In their suite, Marisa worries about Noah’s verdict. Noah is reassuring. “Our future starts today.”

At the Top of the Tower, Jack says there are some things that can’t be fixed no matter how much you love someone. He and Neil talk about the feud with Victor. Jack feels they need to walk away, and worries Phyllis will do something she’ll regret. Neil counsels that you can’t save somebody unless they want it. Phyllis appears. She regrets being ready to throw Jack’s love away to get revenge on Victor. Jack is grateful for whatever it was that brought her there. She credits Billy, and tells him their plan to keep Passkey under wraps until Victor’s in prison. Jack agrees to the compromise.

At Crimson Lights, Luca tells someone by phone that it will be taken care of, and Summer appears. She’s wound up about Victor being kicked out of his own company. Luca admits he’s getting calls from Newman executives unhappy with Victoria – they expected Adam to take Victor’s place. Summer says, “So did my grandfather.” Nikki arrives and debates with Summer, who insists that Victor is not okay and needs her more than her kids do.

At the jail, Victoria tries to talk to Victor about the disgruntled executives. He’s amused and mocks her for coming to him looking for help. Later, Luca visits Victor and tells him things are rocky at Newman – he wants to be put in charge. Victor laughs. Luca says many are questioning Adam not taking over, and again offers to keep Newman in the black until Victor’s back. Victor tells him when hell freezes over.

At the courthouse, Sharon leaves Nick to talk to Victoria, who tells him their father laughed at her when she went for help. Nick isn’t surprised. Victoria asks him to come back, but he refuses. “You’ve got this.” Billy appears. He asks Victoria to talk, but she goes with Summer and Nikki. In the courtroom, Leslie tells Noah they’ll worry about Marisa’s case later; meanwhile, she thinks putting the blame on Victor worked in his favor. Noah asks Judge Moxley to address the court. He wants to be clear that his mistakes are his own – no one else should be held responsible. Moxley asks Noah to rise for sentencing. She finds Noah guilty, but gives him 12 months probation and community service. Noah thanks Billy, who is glad it’s over. Billy tells Victoria he hopes they can all move on. She still wants them to go their own separate ways.

In their Club suite, Noah wants to get Marisa divorced and produces an engagement ring. She says yes and they kiss. Downstairs, Summer tells Luca about Noah’s verdict. Noah and Marisa appear. Noah mentions divorce and Summer admires Marisa’s ring. Luca won’t stand in her way, if it’s what she really wants.

At the Top of the Tower, Sharon is proud of Noah, who reminds him of Nick. Talk turns to the adoption. Sharon is surprised to hear Sage wants Shawn to live with them. Nick wants her to be safe, but is concerned someone will be hurt.

At the jail, Nikki tells Victor that Noah got probation. Victor grumps that Noah’s freedom means nothing as long as he’s hooked up with Marisa. He tells Nikki she’ll regret the decisions that put him in there. She tells him the family and the business will keep running without him. Victor says people are already complaining about Victoria, and he will not forgive Nikki when it falls apart.

At home, Jack goes to get Phyllis chocolate after having sex. Phyllis texts Billy that she and Jack worked things out and she hopes he and Victoria get a happy ending too.

At the courthouse, Victoria looks at Billy and grabs the doorjamb briefly for support. Billy sits alone and reads Phyllis’ text.

Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Cane tells Lily it’s time he makes a choice. “I either love you enough to trust you again, or I don’t.”

Chelsea tells Nick, “Adam doesn’t care. Newman Enterprises isn’t important to him anymore.” Nick replies, “Leopards don’t change their spots, Chelsea.”

Luca tells Summer he just needs someone to talk to. “Stay with me?”

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