At Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Michael laugh about him taking Victor’s case to throw it. Michael worries about Victor figuring out what he’s up to; he’ll have to play it carefully every second. He vows to get him convicted.

At the hospital, Victor tells Victoria that when he returns, she’ll be permanently out. Victoria wants to help fix the damage he’s done, but he has all the help he needs. Victoria insists they need to pull together on this. Victor stubbornly says he’ll protect his own damn legacy. He dismisses her when Michael enters. “How do you intend to get me out of this?” Michael says the trick will be to get his family members admit how much they love him so the jury buys into his emotional redemption. Victor thinks he sounds confident, and asks to make a call. Elsewhere, Stitch and Abby discuss Max. Abby worries Max won’t want to share Ben with the baby – what will he do to keep his attention then? Stitch reassures her they’re in this together.

At the penthouse, Chelsea is thrilled when Adam gets the New York job. Adam goes on about what she’ll love about Manhattan. “We are out of here.” They kiss and make love on the sofa. After, Chelsea answers a call from Michael on Adam’s phone – except it’s Victor. He wants Adam to come to the hospital, but Chelsea informs him it’s not going to happen; he can’t control them anymore, and hangs up. Later, they are about to leave when Michael appears. Chelsea hastily fills Adam in that Victor called. Michael tells Adam his father wants to see him. Chelsea tries to stop him, but Adam agrees to go. Once alone, Chelsea tells Michael she will testify and say whatever it takes to make sure Victor’s found not guilty. If he gets locked up, her husband will never be free.

At the lab, Max overhears Ashley talking to Neville about being trapped with Ben in the fire. He questions Ashley, who admits she helped his father. Stitch and Abby appear as he asks what it was like being trapped together. Neville fills them in. Max thinks Stitch was a hero, but he credits Abby with helping them get out safely. Max invites Ashley to join them for lunch.

At the Top of the Tower, Max notes that it’s where the fire happened. When he keeps asking what Ashley and Stitch did, Abby excuses herself. Ashley goes after her. Max asks Stitch if he can hang out at the lab with Ashley sometime. Neville tells Stitch he thinks Max has a crush on her; it must run in the genes. Nearby, Abby tells Ashley that Max is a manipulator. Ashley reminds her she’s the adult.

At the Club, Billy talks to Jack about the rollout for Passkey. Jack is still concerned about Victor suing them. Billy assures him Newman wants nothing to do with the program – he offered part of the profits to Victoria, who turned him down and canceled their wedding. Billy talks about what Victor did to Jack and Phyllis. Victoria will forgive him, but she’s done with him. Phyllis appears. She credits Billy with turning things around at Jabot and urges him not to give up on Victoria. Billy goes. Jack tells Phyllis that Billy can’t put things back together with Victoria; there have been too many lies. Phyllis wonders why he acts like Billy is solely to blame. Jack complains Billy’s tactics were dirty. Phyllis says she is dirty too then – for starters, she’s the one who had Adam kidnapped. Jack’s eyebrows rise. Phyllis warns Jack if he won’t fight this battle with her, he’ll have to get out of her way.

At Newman, Victoria informs a Mr. Pollard that things will work differently under her. He complains about her ex-husband stealing Passkey. Victoria gives him a dressing down about his division and sends him out. Billy arrives. He has a tiara that says ‘CEO’ and wants to have green beer to celebrate. He explains he did what he did for self-respect; he couldn’t be Mr. Nice Guy anymore. She fell in love with Mr. Nice Guy. Billy insists he’s still the same person, but she reminds him he lied and sends him packing.

At the hospital, Victor questions Adam not fighting Victoria to run Newman; it’s in his blood. Adam says he got a new job, but Victor wants him to run his company. Adam says he’s going to New York. Victor knows he won’t go. Once alone, Victor is told it’s time to go back to prison. He refuses the wheelchair and walks.

At the penthouse, Adam reports to Chelsea that he told Victor they were leaving. She squeals and hugs him.

Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis asks Jack, “You’re not going to tell Adam that I had him kidnapped, are you?”

Elise Moxley tells Nikki, “I think maybe it’s time for the Newmans to be a little afraid.”

Noah, on the stand, says, “My single biggest regret of my entire life was listening to my grandfather.”

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