At the penthouse, Chelsea gives Sage hand-me-down baby clothes; she’s thrilled for her and Nick adopting. Sage admits she’s worried about the teen changing her mind, and also isn’t sure about Nick wanting it as much as she does. Chelsea reassures her, and mentions Adam interviewing with a company in New York. Sage complains they’re trying to recruit Nick to replace Adam at Newman.

At Crimson Lights patio, Nikki tells Nick his support in ousting Victor would be critical. Nick knows how he’s going to vote, but doesn’t want to get sucked back into the company. Inside, Paul admires the baby as Dylan and Sharon look on. Dylan and Paul worry about Nikki, who’s been through a lot. Sharon reminds them she knew what she was getting into with Victor.

At the Club, Victoria confronts Billy about scheming behind her back all along. Billy insists he just swooped in after Victor fired Natalie, but Victoria knows he’s lying and was working with Phyllis all along. Billy says Phyllis had the ball rolling when he was released from the hospital and he couldn’t let her go against Victor alone. Victoria wonders when Phyllis became more important than her and their kids.

At the Top of the Tower, Jack tells Victor to get used to losing. Victor will grind him into the dust. He calls Phyllis a barracuda and a backstabber. Michael intervenes as Jack lunges toward him, and Lauren looks on. Neil doesn’t want anyone hurt. Victor issues a threat and leaves. Jack intends to make a move against Victor. He phones Paul and tells him he needs to lock Victor up again – he’s out of control. Meanwhile, Michael reiterates to Phyllis that he won’t take Victor’s case and throw it. Phyllis says he just threatened them. Lauren agrees; if Victor gets off he’ll just find new ways to harass them. Jack pipes in that he needs to be stopped by any means possible. At the bar, Billy arrives and whispers with Phyllis about Victoria – it’s not good. Phyllis assures him she’ll fix things. She exits and Jack joins Billy to debate the situation with Victoria. Jack worries Victor will sue them for corporate espionage and it will cost Billy. At a table, Lauren and Michael discuss the idea of him throwing Victor’s case. Lauren asks what if Victor had put another man in her bed. Michael says he’d kill him. Lauren thinks he has his answer. In Victor’s office, he and Neil spar verbally about the ups and downs in their relationship. Paul arrives with Dylan and Nikki in tow. Paul and Dylan take Victor in for making a threat and violating his bail, despite Neil saying no one got hurt. Nikki asks Neil why he stuck up for Victor. Neil tells Nikki about the foundation to help people in downward spirals – he has to offer Victor help. Nikki mentions they’re having a meeting to remove him from the company. Neil warns Victor has nothing left to lose. Nikki thinks he has to hit bottom.

At the Club, Victoria understands Phyllis wanting revenge but why did she have to take Billy down with her. Phyllis takes all the blame for pushing him into it. Victoria knows he went into it willingly. Phyllis says he hated lying to her. Victoria was an idiot to think he’d changed. Phyllis says she’d be an idiot to let go of a guy who loves her like Billy does. Later, Billy returns, apologizes to Victoria, and asks for forgiveness. She’s heard it all before. “I’m done. The wedding is off.”

At the Top of the Tower, Jack confronts Phyllis about her lies. He wants to know why Victoria should trust her, or why he should, for that matter.

At Crimson Lights, Nick talks to Sharon about the goings on at Newman. Sharon advises him to follow his own heart. Chelsea and Sage arrive. Chelsea pulls Sharon away. Dylan appears and says Victor’s bail’s been revoked. Sharon and Chelsea bicker about interfering in Nick’s marriage. Dylan feels they should all stay out of it. At their table, Nick tells Sage he will abstain from the Newman vote. Sage confronts Nick – she thinks he’s looking for ways to sabotage the adoption. Nick admits he doesn’t think she’s ready for this – she’s trying to replace Christian. Sage storms out.

In the interrogation room at the station, Victor fires his lawyer, who thinks he should make a deal. Michael enters and tells Victor he heard he fired his lawyer and wants to offer his help as a defense attorney. “Everybody deserves a fair trial.” Victor hires him.

Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Ashley says to Neville, “Maybe it’s time for you to stop treating me, because the life I’m living is not the life I want.”

Victoria says, “All in favor of removing Victor Newman as CEO please raise your hand or indicate verbally if that’s your choice.”

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