From the coffeehouse, having not heard from Colleen, Adrian calls her and leaves a message saying how worried he is.

At Memorial, while Jana screams her accusations to Maggie, Kevin and Colleen deny them with Michael by their side. After Jana is wheeled away, when Maggie asks why Jana would make up a suitcase full of money, Kevin and Colleen act oblivious and say, “There wasn’t any money.” When Brad arrives, Colleen claims she’s fine then promises to talk about what happened later.

Amber arrives at Indigo, and Daniel points out the man asking for Plum. Although Daniel acts nervous, Amber assures him the man won’t find out about Plum – or the money! Amber quickly takes off to meet Cane at the coffeehouse. Once Amber is gone, Daniel calls Kevin and tells him about the man looking for Plum. Like Daniel, Kevin begins to panic but has to cut the call short because Michael and Maggie are standing close by.

When Devon arrives at Indigo, Daniel shares with Devon that he made an appointment with his therapist but asks that Devon not tell Lily about his arrest! Daniel does his best to make Devon believe he’s really changed and loves Lily more than anything! Later, Daniel goes to his appointment and tells his therapist he’s afraid to tell his wife anything for fear that she’ll leave him.

Back at the hospital, seated on the couch, Michael questions Kevin about the money Jana is speaking of. Although Kevin tries to hide it, he finally admits, “Fine. There’s a suitcase full of cash.” However, Kevin lies and says he was only trying to make Jana believe he had a half million dollars when he really had stacks of ones with hundreds on the ends! Michael still doesn’t appear convinced. After Brad leaves, Colleen joins Kevin and Michael to which Michael warns that the authorities may believe Jana. Suddenly, Adrian arrives and is furious to see Kevin with Colleen!

After Colleen and Adrian leave, although Michael tries to get Kevin to go home, Kevin insists on waiting to see what’s wrong with Jana. While Kevin waits for word on Jana, he thinks back to all the happy times with her – up until when she turned on him… When Michael rejoins him, Kevin admits how close he came to killing Jana then says, “I’m a bad person. I always have been.” While Michael reminds Kevin of the bad life he’s had, Kevin expresses how he was finally content and happy with Jana then says, “And she turns out to be a murderer. This is going to sound crazy, but as much as I hated her… in that warehouse… what she was saying to me… I know she loves me.” Once Jana is wheeled into the lobby, she tells Kevin how scared she is then says, “I have a brain tumor.”

When Brad arrives at Crimson Lights, the man looking for Plum briefly questions him. After Brad says he’s never seen ‘Plum’ before, Brad approaches Devon and doubts his devotion and the necessary experience to handle a certain project at Newman.

Back at the Abbott’s, although Colleen tries to justify why she didn’t tell Adrian about being with Kevin and Jana, Adrian accuses Colleen of lying to him – again! Suddenly, Adrian reveals that during research for his book he found out that Brad’s mother is dead then asks, “Who is the woman who I met?” Colleen tries to explain that Rebecca had to hide her identity then says, “I love you, but there are just some things I can’t talk to you about. Please respect my privacy on this.” Furious, Adrian calls Colleen immature then says, “I’m beginning to see why your dad didn’t want us together.”

Later, when Colleen visits Lily at the apartment, she vents about Adrian calling her immature. While ranting about the Jana situation, Colleen slips and mentions Daniel’s involvement! Although Lily is furious, Colleen says there wasn’t time to notify her then reveals that Amber was involved too! When Devon comes home, Lily asks Colleen to leave so she can talk to Devon alone. Once she’s gone, Lily rants how everyone knows more about her husband than she does then says, “He’s been playing detective with Colleen, Kevin and Amber.”

Back at the Abbott’s, Colleen tells Brad she wants to go spend some time with Traci then fills him in on what Adrian found out about ‘Brad Carlton’s’ mother! “It's only a matter of time,” Colleen says, “before he finds out everything.”

At Crimson Lights, although Amber suggests going on Cane’s business trip with him, he tries to sway her from going. However, when Amber won’t take no for an answer, Cane says, “Hmmm…” Amber briefly leaves the table and calls Lauren claiming to be sick!

While Amber is gone, a man approaches Cane saying he’s looking for a friend of his named Plum. Although the man in the picture looks familiar, Cane denies recognizing him then says, “Sorry, I can’t help you.” After the man leaves, Cane appears filled with suspicion! When Amber rejoins Cane, he informs her that she can’t come on his business trip this time. Cane then tells Amber about the man looking for her cousin Garret! “You haven’t talked to Garret and have no idea where he could be?” Cane asks and Amber replies, “Not a clue.” After Cane reveals that the man was calling Garret ‘Plum,’ Amber warns him that her cousin could be in some kind of trouble then says, “We should stay away from the man looking for him.” Again, Amber frantically sneaks away to call Kevin with a warning!

When Daniel shows up at Crimson Lights, Amber tries to come up with a plan to get out of the Plum situation. However, Daniel is fed up with all the lies and says, “I’m going to tell Lily everything.” Although Amber begs him to leave her name out of it, Daniel blames Amber for all the mess he’s in then says, “I’m sorry.” After Amber storms away from his table, Devon shows up and threatens to tell Lily about the arrest. However, Daniel promises to tell Lily everything – no matter what the cost.

After Daniel leaves, the man looking for Plum briefly stops Amber and asks if she’s seen the man in the picture. After Amber says no, she tries to leave but the man says, “You forgot your coffee, Amber.” When Amber claims he must know her from Extreme Catwalk, he says, “Yeah, that must be it.”

At Indigo, Cane takes a seat at the bar with Adrian. Over talk about Amber, Cane questions whether Amber revealed her past to him – or if she ever talked about a guy named Plum or Garret. After Adrian says no, he admits, it’s not the amount of time you know someone, you can be with them for a long time but not know them at all.

When Daniel arrives home all set to tell Lily everything, she says, “I know your secret.” Lily shows him the court appearance paper for soliciting a prostitute!

At Indigo, Brad warns Adrian to stop his research and offers to pay him twice his advance not to write the book. Although Brad claims Colleen and the rest of his family could get hurt, Adrian says, “It’s your activities that stand to get exposed.” Adrian accuses Brad of trafficking stolen art!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Lily wants another separation.

Neil reminds Nick that Sharon has moved on – and so should he.

JT confronts Brad!

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