At the Top of the Tower, Victoria’s wedding planner talks away to her, but she’s distracted and Billy’s late.

At the Club, Billy wants Jack to turn Victor in to the police. Jack says he also has blood on his hands – he killed Kelly and a whole ship went down. Billy urges him to tell the police everything. Jack refuses. Billy says if he won’t give Phyllis the payback she deserves, then he will. In Phyllis’ suite, Summer says she’ll tell Victor everything she knows about Billy and Natalie. Phyllis suggests she not say anything, but Summer won’t be dissuaded. Phyllis is forced to admit that she is working with Billy. Summer storms out as Billy arrives. Phyllis explains that she had to come clean. Billy tells her he found out about Marco Anicelli…from Luca, who used it as leverage to worm in on their deal. Billy asks if Phyllis is all right. He tells her keeping quiet is over…they have to go to the police. Phyllis protests, but Billy says the Phyllis he knows doesn’t stand in the shadows. He tells her Luca has proof. Phyllis wonders if he’s prepared to lose Victoria over this.

At Summer’s place, Natalie calls a shirtless Luca to the laptop – they watch Victor in his office, telling Luca’s father by phone that he’s been fired and sent away.

In Victor’s office, he looks across the room at the new computer.

At Summer’s place, Natalie’s laptop screen goes black and Victor’s office disappears. Luca talks to her about joining forces against Victor. Before long, Victor knocks and announces himself. Luca hides. Natalie lets Victor in and complains there are new snags with PassKey. Victor lets her know he found the camera she put in his office. He has his henchman confiscate her laptop and tells hers she’s fired. After, Natalie laughs to Luca that she’s finally free. Luca reminds her Victor took the program. She says the real one is on a flash drive she gave to Billy. Luca toasts her genius, but notes there’s one problem. Summer enters. “You are not going to get away with this!” Natalie wonders why she hasn’t already gone to Victor. Summer complains she’d have to rat out her mom. Natalie says she was fired. Summer orders her out. After, Luca reassures Summer and hugs her.

At the penthouse, Chelsea realizes Adam still won’t leave Genoa City. He explains that he and Nikki have a plan… She shouts and wonders if he even cares anymore what’s best for her and Connor. Adam is irked – they’re the reason he breathes. He wants to takeover Newman so it can be a legacy for Connor. Chelsea worries he’s on the verge of becoming a newer version of his father. Adam denies it and talk turns to Nick, Nikki, and Abby all having had enough of Victor. Chelsea wonders what about him? She still thinks having Victor’s crown is the most important thing to Adam.

At the Club, Jack asks Chelsea if she’s okay. Chelsea says she’s losing Adam. She explains that he’s free to live his own life but refuses to walk away from his father and Newman. She believes he wants to do right by Connor, but Victor won’t go down without a fight, and she worries he’ll take Adam down with him. Jack muses that when you take on Victor, even when you win you lose. Jack goes upstairs and apologizes to Phyllis again. Phyllis says she was wrong. It’s liberating to tell the story and she wants them to bring Victor down and make him pay.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells Adam he feels Luca never got on the plane. He threatens to tell Chelsea about Christian if he doesn’t help find him. Adam says he’ll have to come up with new material – he already told her. Victor knows he wants his chair, and he won’t get it unless he does exactly as he asks. Up at Top of the Tower, Billy arrives, the wedding planner excuses herself, and Billy tells Victoria there is something big he needs to talk to her about involving her father. She doesn’t want to hear it. Billy produces Luca’s disc – Victor kidnapped his brother and replaced him with a look-alike. Victoria looks at the evidence. Billy says he won’t turn it over to the police because nothing means more to him that she does…not even justice. After, Victoria is gone and Billy tells the wedding planner that Victoria’s father giving her away is one tradition they may have to skip. In Victor’s office, Adam tells his father he can keep his chair, and Victoria enters. She smacks the disc down on Victor’s desk, furious. “Marco Anicelli, Dad. Go ahead. Try to explain your way out of this.”

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

As Billy looks on, Phyllis tells Dylan she has a serious crime she needs to report.

Christine says, “It’s been happening for years and I’m so sick and tired of it.” Sharon replies, “You’re trying to make an example out of my son?”

Victoria tells Adam, “You just tried to help him cover it up. You belong in a jail cell right next to my father.”

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