In the warehouse, with Michael, Colleen and Daniel watching on, Kevin taunts Jana with death! Although everyone warns Kevin that they could all be charged as accessories to commit murder, Kevin looks at Jana and says, “Sweet revenge… After I put a bullet in her it’ll almost settle the score. Almost.” With the gun to Jana’s head, when Colleen warns Kevin she’s not leaving the warehouse without him, Jana screams, “If you think you’re going to take Kevin away from me so easily, you’re wrong!” Just as Kevin stands and demands that everyone get back, Colleen rushes to stand between Kevin and Jana! Desperately, Colleen pleads with Kevin that he’s not a monster and that he's changed and they all need to make Jana pay – in jail! “If you do this,” Colleen says. “All the work you’ve done will be over. If you shoot her, you’ll be dead to me.” When Colleen walks away, although Kevin again aims the gun at Jana, he can’t pull the trigger. “You win,” Kevin says. “I can’t do this. Call the police.” Kevin hands the gun to Michael… While waiting for the police, Kevin convinces Daniel to leave. After Kevin, Michael and Colleen get their stories straight, Kevin calls Michael’s cell phone then says, “There’s my frantic call to my attorney.” However, Jana reminds them, “I’ll tell them everything! When they find out the truth, Kevin will join me in jail!”

As Gloria is working with William, the doorbell rings and it’s Heather Stevens – the new Assistant DA working for William! Once inside, Heather promises William that she won’t let him down on any of his cases. Just then, Paul and Maggie arrive and Heather and Paul immediately recognize each other. However, it appears Heather only remembers Paul as ‘someone’ her mother and her once came to visit. When Maggie questions what case she’ll be working on, Heather says, “Phyllis Newman’s extortion case.” Changing the subject, Maggie tells Gloria, “We found your son.”

When Maggie and the police arrive, as Jana’s rights are being read, Michael storms into the warehouse, causing Jana to scream, “He was already here!” Although Colleen explains to Maggie that Kevin just called her, Jana cries out, “She’s a liar!” While Maggie is wrapping up Jana’s arrest, Michael briefly calls Lauren with the news – only to hear, “It’s about Phyllis’s case… There’s a new DA in town.”

At Indigo, Paul and Heather play catch up to which Paul offers to help her adjust to the move in any way possible. With a smile, Heather replies, “Thank you!”

Gloria arrives at the hospital just in time to give Kevin a hug and see Jana rolled in on a gurney. Kevin quickly stands and screams, “She’s faking it!” With a stern warning, Maggie warns Kevin to stand back and cool it!

Later, when Paul arrives at the hospital, Maggie questions why Paul seems to be so distracted - and interested - in the new ADA, Heather. After Paul confesses she is his daughter, he says, “But Heather has no idea.” Hearing commotion coming from Jana’s room, when Paul follows Maggie, he watches as Jana screams frantically about Kevin’s lies and all the money he had! In the hallway, Maggie goes to Kevin and says, “Jana tells me about a bagful of money you had. Is there any truth to that?”

At the Chancellor Estate, Cane receives the requested copy of his marriage certificate, is disturbed by his signature then says, “Bloody hell.” When Amber arrives home, Cane says, “I have a surprise for you,” then hands her the marriage certificate and expresses wanting to get it framed. Taking another look at it, Cane states, “That’s strange. It doesn’t look like my signature or my handwriting.” As Amber reminds Cane of how ‘wasted’ he was, he nods with humor but clearly has suspicion on his mind.

After Cane leaves, Amber calls the wedding chapel, thanks them for sending the marriage certificate then questions whether or not she and her husband paid extra to have wedding photos taken. Finding out they didn’t, Amber appears relieved.

Nick meets Logan at Indigo and tells her about his plans to move back in with Phyllis. After Nick asks what her plans are now, Logan replies, “I guess I could stay here, But the question is what for?” Nick reminds Logan how she saved his life then suggests she start practicing medicine again. With a smile, Logan says, “Thank you. You reminded me why I got into medicine.”

Later, still at Indigo, while Logan is behind the bar using the phone, Cane arrives and asks her for a beer! Before Logan can let him know she doesn’t work there, Cane rushes behind the bar to show her how to pour a draft! After the manager ‘clears things up,’ Cane and Logan share small talk – and a drink!

At the tack house, Phyllis holds Summer with excitement and says, “Your daddy is coming home.” After making a sandwich for Nick, with a smile, Phyllis says, “We’ll just wait here for daddy to come home.” Later, when Nick arrives home, Phyllis and Nick start to play a video game until Summer starts crying. With Nick holding his daughter, when Phyllis questions where Nick plans to sleep, he says, “I don’t think it’d be fair to you to sleep in the same bed.” Although Phyllis understands, she replies, “Feel free to be unfair to me anytime.” Once Summer is asleep, Nick decides to go for a ride and asks Phyllis to come along. Not able to help herself, with seduction, Phyllis tells Nick what they used to do on their horse rides.

Just then, Michael arrives and says, “Bad news… The trial’s back on!” Although Nick wants to help, Michael insists, under the circumstances, on speaking to Phyllis alone. After Nick leaves, Phyllis rants about how Michael showed up and reminded Nick of the person she used to be. However, Michael warns her of the steps they need to take to get her life back! After Michael leaves, Phyllis leaves Noah a message that his dad and she plan to get together with him tonight. Once she hangs up the phone, Phyllis says to herself, “If he comes back.”

When Nick sees Logan again at Indigo, he offers to help her get a job and a place to live. At the bar, while Daniel is having a drink, he overhears a man asking about Plum and immediately calls Amber with the news!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

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After Lily finds out about Daniel's involvement in the Jana situation, she snaps at Colleen!

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In desperation, Jana tells Kevin how scared she is.

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