At the Jabot lab, Hilary and Neil bicker. She blurts that she couldn’t sign the divorce papers. Neil wonders if she’ll try to make her marriage work. Hilary doesn’t know how to decide. Neil advises her to look into her heart for answers.

At the Top of the Tower, Jill has a bad feeling when she, Lauren, and Colin spot Cane meeting with Michael. At the table, Michael wonders if Cane is seeking a lawyer to end his marriage. Cane just wants to wind the clock back, but he can’t get over the anger of Lily cheating. Michael recounts how he made the decision to trust his wife again. They join the others, who are celebrating Jill and Colin’s anniversary. Jill says Billy is back with Victoria and the kids and questions Cane about his situation. Cane changes the subject. Jill asks him to join them in an hour at the Club. He agrees, and leaves. Jill briefs everyone on their roles at the Club. Michael tells the others that Cane still loves his wife.

At the Club, neither Lily nor Devon can understand why Hilary won’t sign the divorce papers. She says nothing’s changed with her and Cane, who hasn’t forgiven her yet. Devon thinks Cane will come around one day. Soon, Lily gets a call from Jill about her anniversary celebration. She tells Devon, and Neil who walks up, that they’re invited. Neil isn’t sure. He gets a call from Michael and asks, “What about Lily and Cane?” In her suite, Hilary fondles her wedding ring and flashes to loving times with Devon. Downstairs, Neil tells Devon the divorce papers were a reality check for Hilary. Devon doesn’t want to talk to him about it. Jill, Colin, Lauren, and Michael arrive, followed by Cane. Devon advises Cane he can’t stay frozen in time. Devon gets a text that Hilary wants to see him. Neil urges him to go. Cane smiles at Lily as Jill tells a story. Colin is distracted by his phone, which causes an argument about trust. Lauren steps in to explain why their marriage works. Cane chimes in, and then takes Lily aside; they’ll go somewhere to talk about things. The others grin and toast. Upstairs, Hilary tells Devon she wants to be with him. She remembers what they had. He remembers her sleeping with his father. Hilary tries to explain why she reverted and is sorry she hurt him. “Give me one more chance.” Devon doesn’t think he can do it again. In another suite, Cane tells Lily he misses her. She misses him too. They kiss, undress, and make love. Downstairs, Neil, alone, takes a drink of champagne.

At Fairview, Sage apologizes to Dr. Anderson for attacking her. Anderson doesn’t buy it. They talk about building trust. Anderson advises Sage keep her distance from Nick, and consider leaving town after she’s done at Fairview. When Anderson exits, Sage glares at the door.

At Crimson Lights, Nick wonders how Faith knows Sage is sick and might not be coming home for a while. Sharon says she told her. She questions Sage being treated by Dr. Anderson, when he can’t stand her. Nick pretends to feel that Anderson will help them. Nick takes a call from Sage, who updates him on Anderson’s advice. “She definitely wants you.” She needs more time to find something on Anderson’s past. Nick is concerned, but will help her. He phones Dr. Anderson and asks her to meet him at the Top of the Tower. After, Faith tells Sharon she wants to live with her, Dylan, and Sully.

At Fairview, Anderson leaves Sage under the care of an orderly. When another patient runs off, Sage gets a chance to search Anderson’s office. She finds a book entitled Living With Paralysis.

At the Top of the Tower, Nick tells Dr. Anderson he wants her to treat Sage because she understands him. Anderson hates to see him suffer at the hands of women like Sharon and Sage. She doesn’t blame him for the choices he’s made. “I care for you.” She kisses him.

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Noah tells Billy, “I’m so sorry about what happened to you.” Billy states, “You were there.”

Adam says to Luca, “How do you think he’s going to respond when he finds out that this isn’t something that we just found out; you’re the one who ratted him out.”

Marisa appeals to Chelsea, “I need to know where Adam is springing the trap on Luca. I need to stop this before all hell breaks loose.”

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