In the warehouse, when Jana wakes up, with a hand to her head, Kevin gloats that the tables are turned! As Colleen continues to bang on the door, Kevin says, “Hang tough, Colleen, I haven’t forgotten about you,” then patronizes Jana with, “How’s it feel…” Although Jana begs, “Kevin, you know how sorry I am… I wanted a second chance,” Kevin says, “I deserve a second chance too and this time, I’m going to get it right.” From the closet, Colleen screams, “No, Kevin, don’t talk to her! Jana deserves to die!” Jana begins ranting about a money changing company and begs for Kevin to get the ball rolling so they can runaway together. Suddenly, Kevin shows Jana a book on Serial Killers the moves in close and says, “Give me the number of that money guy… I’ll handle it, I’ll handle you.”

Although Colleen begs for Kevin to turn Jana in – and begs him not to shoot her – Kevin says, “But she needs to die!” After Colleen hears Jana trying to plead with Kevin, Colleen yells, “You’re right, she deserves to die. Lets start the building on fire with her in it!” As Jana continues to scream her pleas, she appears to have a seizure! Once Jana comes to, she begins talking about a baby and acting like a completely different person! Laughing, Kevin tells Colleen that Jana thinks they’re married – with kids! With anger, Kevin looks at Jana and says, “Like I would ever have children with a nut job like you!” Through tears, Jana replies, “What an awful thing to say, you’re my husband.” After Kevin refreshes Jana’s memory, he says, “This time, I'll kill you instead.” Jana then screams, “I remember.” However, she thinks that Kevin forgave her then begins crying, “Kevin, please take me home.”

At the apartment, after Daniel calls Memorial and finds out Kevin didn’t re-admit himself, he calls Michael looking for Kevin. When Michael implies that Daniel knows where Kevin is, Daniel hangs up then leaves a message for Colleen to call him. Shortly after, as Daniel is leaving a message for Kevin, Michael shows up and threatens, “You can tell me everything – or you can tell the police!” Given no choice, Daniel tells Michael about the warehouse but says that Kevin was upset with Jana for standing him up then states, “I’m sure he left.”

Just as Kevin becomes enraged, screaming and pointing the gun at Jana, Kevin and Daniel bust through the door yelling, “Kevin stop!” Seeing Daniel with Michael, Kevin feels betrayed and says, “I should have never trusted any of you!” After Daniel lets Colleen out of the closet, Kevin screams for everyone to leave then puts the gun to Jana’s head!

When Karen arrives at Newman, she’s welcomed into Dru’s old position by Victor, Nikki and Neil. As Neil is showing Karen to her office, Nikki rants to Victor about not running Karen’s hiring by her first! However, Victor isn’t impressed and walks away!

On their way to Karen’s new office, Karen says, “I hope I’m not kicking someone out of an office,” and Neil replies, “It was my wife’s.” Once in her office, along with Neil, Victor and Nikki, Karen appears to be given conflicting orders by all until Neil shows her the rest of her duties. Later, in the NVP office, Nikki says, “I’d feel better if I owned NVP. Why don’t you sell it to me?” Although Victor thinks Nikki’s idea is ridiculous, she continues to plead her case and says, “Sell me the company. I’m ready to bet on myself.”

Back in her office, when Karen removes a letter opener from the desk, Neil remembers when Dru bought it then reminisces about a trip they had taken. “I wish I could have known her,” Karen says, and Neil agrees, “Me too. She was an amazing lady.”

At the tack house, when Phyllis insists Noah eat breakfast, he throws a tantrum and states, “I want a new video game.” After Phyllis makes it clear she won’t tolerate his rudeness, Nick arrives and Phyllis finds it funny that he rang the doorbell. The minute Nick goes inside, Noah starts with his attitude ten times over! When Phyllis takes a call from Sharon, Sharon can hear Noah – and his ranting – in the background. After Phyllis explains that Noah is asking Nick about things that he can’t remember, Sharon asks to talk to Nick and says she’ll be right over. However, Nick insists on some alone time with Noah and agrees that Sharon can pick Noah up in a couple of hours.

Once Phyllis gives the guys some time alone, Nick asks, “Okay, it’s just you and me. What’s going on?” Sitting at the table, Noah shows Nick some of his old toys – and the comic book – trying to jar his memories and reminds Nick of all the promises he’s made him. Although Nick tries to explain his injuries, Noah can’t understand. Later, after Noah brings up Nick moving back to the tack house, Noah says, “It’s about sex, isn’t it?” Noah gives his take on how Nick doesn’t want to have sex with Phyllis – because he doesn’t remember her – and how Phyllis must want to have sex with Nick – because she still loves him.

Over breakfast at Indigo, Logan shares memories of the cabin – and her husband and children – with Sharon. Later, when Phyllis arrives, Phyllis surprisingly agrees with Sharon that Noah should live in the kind of home that Sharon and Jack can give him.

Later, Neil arrives at Indigo and confides in Sharon how hard it was to see Karen in Dru’s office, in her chair and using her letter opener.

When Phyllis returns to the tack house, Nick asks Noah to take the new football Phyllis bought him outside then he takes a seat in front of Phyllis and says, “I think I’m going to move back in.” When Phyllis asks, “Are you sure that's what you want?” Nick replies, “That’s what Noah wants… The best way to get back to the way my life was before, is to live the life I lived before… with my wife.” Having overheard, Noah screams, “Yes! Say yes, Phyllis.” Just as Phyllis agrees, Sharon arrives and hears the news. When Sharon says, "I'm happy for you two," Noah replies, “Yeah, and I’m going to live with them!”

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