At the hospital, Paul and Dylan try to get information on Billy’s condition, but the doctor protects his privacy. In Billy’s room, Victoria urges him to wake up. He does. “Hey Vic.” Paul and Dylan enter and try to question Billy, who goes unconscious again. The doctor examines Billy, and says he’s a long way from a full recovery. In the waiting area, Victoria reads Paul the riot act for grilling Billy. Dylan apologizes and they leave. The doctor urges Victoria to talk to Billy. She tells him a story about them – an entitled princess and a gambling frog – and asks him to come back.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah is stunned when Kevin tells her Billy didn’t die when they took him off life support. She worries they’re about to be in a lot of trouble between the Abbotts and Newmans. A young woman appears and demands Kevin’s phone – it’s Natalie from Switzerland. She needs to stay out of sight because another group of investors she committed to are after her. Kevin panics – Victor thinks this is his deal. They bicker as Natalie complains Kevin didn’t call her back. Natalie says she couldn’t back out – the other investors threatened her when she tried. She admits she left the country with their money. Mariah knew she was a thief! Kevin decides they have to protect Natalie, who then warns the investors may know about Kevin and Victor because they hacked into her computer. Mariah gapes and says, “That’s a big bowl of irony to dig into.” Natalie admits her program may not work as well as she thought.

Kevin and Mariah install Natalie in a suite at the Club. Natalie prepares to fix her program and Kevin assures a skeptical Mariah everything will be fine. They step out. Kevin wants Mariah to get Natalie food. Mariah wants to turn her in for reward money. Kevin convinces her they can change the world.

At Newman, Victor’s man informs him there’s no sign of Adam, who didn’t arrive at the Newman jet or check into his hotel in Spain. Victor wants him found. Chelsea enters. “Where the hell is my husband?” She asks if this is about the Santoris and Victor warns he doesn’t want her involved in that – he is looking for Adam and theorizes that maybe he went somewhere he didn’t want to disclose. Chelsea says he’s not cheating on her. Victor shrugs that maybe he went to Kansas. Chelsea would know. Victor tries to calm her down.

In their suite, Marisa and Luca discuss Billy’s untimely death while half-dressed. Luca prepares to head to the office and talk to Adam. Marisa pulls him back into bed. After sex, Marisa tells Luca that Marco introduced her to his associates that also dealt with his family – she’ll check her old journals or put out feelers. He wonders if she wants to help him or protect Noah. Marisa admits she needs to sort out her feelings. Luca wants her to trust he won’t use what he knows about Noah. Luca gets a call from Victor summoning him to Newman.

At the Top of the Tower, Chelsea meets with Marisa and fishes for information about the Santoris. Marisa realizes what’s happening, and Chelsea admits Adam’s disappeared and she thinks the Santoris might be behind it. Marisa warns her to let Victor handle it; they‘re dangerous people. In Victor’s office, he accuses Luca of double-crossing him. He explains he’s almost certain Luca’s family are responsible for Adam’s disappearance. Luca seems genuinely taken by surprise. Victor tells Luca to warn his father about payback – it will be an heir for an heir. Luca joins Marisa at the restaurant and she hisses at him that he’s been lying to her and working with his father to overthrow Victor. In his office, Victor gets an email saying ‘give us the girl, we give you your son.’

At the station, Paul credits Dylan for keeping his cool at the hospital and presents him with a badge. He explains how he’s being fast-tracked. Paul pulled some strings, but Dylan earned it. Dylan accepts. They are shaking hands when Chelsea arrives and reports Adam missing.

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Nick asks Chelsea, “What’s going on?” She says, “I need your help.”

Natalie looks at Mariah. “So, you and Kevin…” Mariah swigs from a bottle and replies, “So, you and Kevin…”

Dylan tells Kevin, “We need to you to access Victor Newman’s personal communications.” Kevin blurts, “You want me to hack Victor?!”

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