At the Abbott mansion, while Jack is taking a business call, Sharon comes running in the living room with a note screaming, “Jack, he isn’t here. Noah ran away!” Later while Sharon calls out to Noah, Jack calls in to report a missing person.

At Newman, Nick expresses how much things at Newman have changed, leading Logan to fill Nick in on all the world events. Suddenly, Sharon calls with news that Noah has runaway!

At the tack house, Phyllis gets a call saying Noah ran away and asks, “Has anyone told Nick?” Later, Nick and Logan arrive. When Phyllis asks if Noah left a note, Nick says, “Yeah, he hates his mother and is never coming home.” While Nick goes to look for Noah, Phyllis says, “I’ll wait here. He’s a smart kid.”

After everyone leaves, Phyllis goes into the stables calling out to Noah. After seeing his bag, Phyllis talks out loud and says, “If you were here…” Trying to entice him with a marshmallow treat, Phyllis says, “Maybe I’ll give one to Seawind.” Suddenly, Noah appears and says, “No, he’ll get sick.” Once Noah comes out and shares a snack with Phyllis, he asks, “How did you know I was here?” Phyllis says she knows how much Noah likes being around the horses then explains a funny time when she tried to runaway as a little girl. When Noah says, “My mom doesn’t care,” Phyllis replies, “Oh, no, your mom loves you very much.” Phyllis suggests they go back to the tack house and call his mom.

When Nick arrives at the Abbott’s, a cop is there to collect information on Noah. Sharon explains that Noah was mad because they didn’t allow him to play a video and wanted him to clean his room. After the cop leaves, although Jack offers to search the grounds with Nick, Nick says, “I’d rather you didn’t.”

Later, after Nick returns, with a pain in his ankle, the official search party arrives and Logan shares a story of when her son once pretended to run away. Revealing that her sons died, Logan briefly reminisces about them then goes with Jack to help in the search. Just as they are ready to call the radio station, Noah calls and Sharon says, “He’s with Phyllis.” Phyllis tells Sharon she’ll bring Noah right over.

While Miguel is watching Summer, Phyllis takes Noah to Jack’s to which he admits he hitched a ride to the ranch! After Sharon and Nick say he’ll be punished for hitchhiking, Noah warns, “I’ll just runaway again!” Once Noah storms off, everyone agrees to spend more time with Noah. When Noah returns, with his backpack, he says to Sharon, “You’re mean. I hate you. I want to live with Phyllis. Can I Phyllis?”

While Cane is changing Amber’s tire, Amber thinks back to the warehouse and the money in her bag! Cane begins to get aggravated when Amber refuses to even look in her bag for something to wipe his hands on. “I think I know what’s in my bag!” Amber insists but Cane continues to get irked by her lack of help.

When Jill & Ji Min arrive at the Chancellor Estate, hearing the house is empty, Ji Min suggests they ‘get close’ right there! However, Jill doesn’t feel comfortable, leading Ji Min to say, “If we were married, we wouldn’t have to worry about this.” After Ji Min officially proposes, although Jill is unsure, Jill and Ji Min start to imagine what being married would be like. Overhearing, Kay rushes in and accuses Ji Min of wanting to be with Jill to get to her money! After Kay demands they not get married, she threatens, “If you keep this up, you’ll be in the state penitentiary!” As Jill is snapping at Kay to mind her business, Cane and Amber arrive home, apologize for interrupting them, then head upstairs. Once they’re gone, Kay warns if Ji Min and Jill go through with this marriage, she’ll turn Ji Min in for his part in the Jabot takeover. When Kay throws Ji Min out, Jill goes with him!

Later, as Cane and Amber – half naked – try to sneak downstairs, Kay catches them after taking a call from Billy! Laughing, Kay tells them about a treat Esther left in the kitchen then says, “Put your clothes on before you catch a cold.” Shortly after, dressed, with the bag of money in hand, Amber sneaks out of the house.

As Amber is burying the money on the estate, someone is watching her from the bushes! When Amber returns to the house, she runs into Ji Min who says he’s there looking for Jill’s purse. After Amber heads upstairs, Ji Min watches her go…

In the warehouse, while waiting for Jana, Kevin says to Colleen, “Get out of here before Jana gets here!” Suddenly, Jana logs on and tells Kevin, “I changed my mind. We need to meet someplace neutral, the water tower in an hour.” After Kevin agrees, despite Colleen’s protests, Kevin says, “I’m doing this!” Just as Kevin turns to leave, warning Colleen not to follow him – and not to call the police, Jana appears and says, “Wait right there.” Jana pulls out a gun and tells Colleen and Kevin to sit down! After giving Jana a bogus story about why Colleen is there, Jana warns that they shouldn’t trust her! Knowing they can’t stay there, when asked about the money, Kevin stands up and says, “I hid it.” When Jana tells Colleen to go get the money – in the closet – to show good faith to Jana, Kevin locks Colleen inside the closet! “I couldn't deal with her anymore,” Kevin says, as Colleen bangs on the door. “Do you love me?” Jana asks, and Kevin replies, “You know I do.”

As Kevin tries to convince Jana to leave, Colleen screams, “Kevin no, don’t go with her!” Kevin begins softening Jana up with old memories until she finally agrees to put the gun down. After Jana surrenders to Kevin’s kiss he turns the tables on her and says, “You’re so stupid.” Kevin manages to chloroform Jana! After Kevin handcuffs Jana, he tells Colleen what he did but refuses to let Colleen out of the closet and says, “I’m protecting you. You are not going to be a part of this!”

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