At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Mariah that Natalie has agreed to hold off on finding investors until Billy’s out of surgery. Mariah worries she’ll change her mind, but Kevin says they have a mind meld that’s better than sex. He then presents Mariah with a birthday present. She humors him and opens it – it’s a toy red Ferrari. He says she’ll get a life-size model when they strike it rich. Mariah thanks him.

At the Club, Nick tells Sage that Sharon wants him to bring Faith by for Mariah’s surprise party. He had planned to check on Victoria. Sage says she’ll take Faith.

At the hospital, Victoria and Victor bicker about Billy. Jack and Phyllis appear as Victor says everything the Abbotts touch turns to garbage. Jack rants at Victor for not having an ounce of compassion considering Billy’s hospitalized. Victor fishes to find out what venture Billy was hoping to invest in, but Jack and Victoria are called away. Phyllis calls Victor out on being interested in Billy’s deal because Jack’s interested. Victor says he’s there for Victoria but doesn’t mind seeing her wretched husband squirm. Phyllis tells him to go to hell. He says the feeling’s mutual. Elsewhere, Victoria vents to Nick about her feelings and having to defer to Jill. They hug. Vikki rejoins Jack and Phyllis, who tell her the surgery is going well. Phyllis suggests Jack get moving on giving Kevin the money.

Victor joins Kevin and Mariah at Crimson Lights and asks about the deal they had with Billy Boy Abbott. Kevin gloats but won’t disclose details. Mariah figures Victor wants to back them. Victor thinks Kevin will end up as a ‘wannabe’ if he waits on Billy. Kevin divulges a little information. Victor expresses interest and goes. Mariah tells Kevin that Victor could make this a reality.

At Sharon and Dylan’s place, he talks to the baby about having yet another celebration for Mariah’s birthday. Dr. Anderson arrives and tells them Sharon can change her meds. Sharon and Dylan are leery – she’s been doing so well. Anderson says there will be less of a filter between the world and Sharon’s feelings. After, Anderson draws Sharon out about Sage and Nick and learns they moved back in together. Sage and Faith arrive. Sage holds Sully while Sharon and Faith go to the kitchen. Sage questions Anderson being so involved in Sharon’s personal life. Anderson wonders why it upsets her. Sage points out it’s a professional conflict of interest. Sharon and Faith return to take Sully. Anderson questions Sage interacting with Sharon’s baby. Sage defends how well she’s doing. Anderson says she advised Nick not to move in with her. Sage says her relationship is none of her damn business. “Stay out of it!” Sharon returns as Anderson leaves. Sage complains to Sharon about that woman inserting herself in her marriage. Sharon defends her. “All our lives are connected.” Sage thinks there’s more to it.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah gets a text and leaves for Sharon’s as Jack arrives and tells Kevin he wants to invest in his deal on Billy’s behalf. Kevin acts dodgy. Jack asks if there’s another offer on the table.

Mariah enters Sharon’s house. Sharon and Faith yell, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”

At the hospital, Dr. Anderson tells Nick that she saw Sage at Sharon’s, and she got in over her head with the baby. She hints that Sage could be a danger to Sully. Nick says he’ll try to be more aware. Anderson walks away as Sage approaches. She asks Nick not to listen to Anderson. Elsewhere, Phyllis and Victoria learn that Billy suffered cardiac arrest during surgery and currently has very little brain activity.

At the station, Stitch’s son Max says his mom is dead and Abby killed her. She wonders why he’d say such a thing. Paul explains that Jenna died in a car accident…while she was on the phone. Abby tries to make Max understand why she called his mom. Max is still angry. Paul has to take him back to the social worker. Abby and Stitch discuss the situation. He assures her it’s not her fault. Abby tells Stitch he must bring Max home; they have a lot to offer him. Paul returns. Stitch says he’ll take his son. In a moment alone with Paul, Abby admits she wasn’t prepared for this. Paul warns there’s always a period of adjustment that is difficult for the stepparent. Dylan arrives and counsels Abby to be patient with Max. Elsewhere, Stitch tries to reconnect with his son, who finally admits he’s scared. Stitch assures him he’s not going anywhere. They get Abby and leave. Paul and Dylan go over Billy’s case. They deduce that Billy may have been on the ground and the driver hit him without knowing it.

At the Club, Abby enthuses to Max about moving his things into their home, but Stitch says Max wants to stay there with him for a few days. Abby excuses herself. Stitch follows to reassure her, and Max disappears.

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Adam asks Luca, “What do you need my help with?” Luca replies, “Marco Anicelli.”

Victor says to Jack, “Who is responsible for Billy’s hopes and dreams being dashed?” Jack glares.

Jill tearfully asks the doctor, “What does this mean? He could still beat this right? He could still come back to us?”

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