At the hospital, Victoria and Jill are with Billy. Victoria exits and Jill tells Billy that everyone is giving up on him. She implores him to wake up and prove them wrong. In the corridor, Phyllis and Jack argue about him not giving Billy the money he asked for. “Look at what that has cost your brother.” Victoria appears and says she didn’t do this, and neither did Jack. Billy is in there because of the choices he made. “He did this to himself!” Phyllis growls that Billy didn’t run himself down with that car. Victoria says Phyllis doesn’t understand – she wants him here, but he’s in that hospital bed because of drinking and gambling. Phyllis insists he only gambled to raise money for a business venture. She says the two of them pushed Billy there.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki chastises Victor for not being at the hospital to support Victoria. Victor says what happened is the result of Billy’s own actions and Victoria has given him numerous chances. He reminds her Billy Boy Abbott tried to destroy him. They argue. Victor hollers that his bookie beat the crap out of him, that’s what happened. “It’s about time Victoria sees what that man’s all about!”

At the station, Paul tells Marisa he needs all the details she can remember – he wants to find the driver who did this to Billy Abbott. She flashes to seeing Noah drive away. Paul says he can guarantee her anonymity and protect her. Marisa says it was dark, she barely saw Billy. “I have nothing more to tell.” She lies that she didn’t see a car; she didn’t see anyone.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asks if Kevin is still thinking about it. He says he hasn’t given their awkward New Year’s Eve kiss a second thought. She narrows her eyes – she meant Billy. Kevin admits he’s concerned about his deal, and about Billy. Noah arrives and they discuss Billy. Kevin says Billy had been beaten up. He worries that he placed a bet to get the money for their investment opportunity. Noah says the only person to blame is the person who hit Billy with that car. Marisa appears. Kevin says she was the one who found Billy. Once alone, Marisa tells Noah she knows he had a good reason for not coming forward. Noah is puzzled. Marisa tells him he was the driver who hit Billy. Noah flashes to feeling a bump when he reversed, but tells her she has to be wrong. She convinces him. Noah stammers, “Why was he on the ground?” He says he has to go to the police, but Marisa tries to convince him to keep quiet. Noah says he can’t do that.

At the station, Paul tells Kevin and Mariah there were no security cameras in the garage since the fire. Mariah guesses Marisa didn’t see anything. Kevin mentions Billy’s gambling. Paul says if he has specific information he needs to tell him now.

At the Jabot lab, Neville wants Ashley to tell Abby what’s going on, but she won’t ruin her honeymoon. They bicker about whether Billy will die. Ashley agrees Abby should know.

On their honeymoon, Stitch kisses Abby awake. They decide being in paradise is the perfect start to their lives together and make out. Later, Abby takes a call from Ashley about Billy, who promises to keep her informed. Ben gets on with Ashley to ask about Billy’s prognosis. She tells him there’s no reason to cut their honeymoon short. After, Abby tells Ben they can stay, but they’re both worried about Billy. Ben calls Barton Shelby and learns that Billy could be paralyzed and there is swelling on the brain. Abby realizes there’s a chance he may not make it. They decide to go back.

Victor and Nikki arrive at the hospital and greet Victoria as Jill emerges from Billy’s room. She asks Victor, “What the hell are you doing here?” Victor says he’s there for his daughter. Nikki and Victoria try to placate Jill, who says Victor doesn’t give a damn about her son. After, Victoria tells her parents she wants whoever did this found. Victor says he has investigators on it. He then argues with Jack, and tells him he cast Billy out and is responsible. Jack stalks off. Victoria tells Victor his being there is making things harder on the Abbotts. Ashley and Neville arrive. Neville sneaks a look at Billy’s file and photographs it. Jill appears and asks him for an update. Neville is talking when Dr. Shelby appears. “This man has no standing in this hospital.” Ashley vouches for him, but Neville leaves. Elsewhere, Noah, followed by Marisa, approaches Victoria and says he has something to tell her about Billy’s accident. Suddenly a beeper sounds in Billy’s room. Victoria shouts, “We need a doctor!” Everyone gathers as Shelby attends to Billy. Victor tells Noah, “Whatever you were going to say, don’t. It won’t do a damn thing to save him.”

At the Jabot lab, Neville reads Billy’s file and says, “They’re going to kill him.”

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

The doctors try to re-start Billy’s heart using a defibrillator.

The door to Billy’s room is closed and Victoria cries in Nikki’s arms.

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