At Newman, after Victor thanks Karen for being so thorough, he leaves her with Neil who suggests they go for a cup of coffee. Once Karen agrees, Neil says, “Good, let’s go to my place.” Although Karen questions whether it’s appropriate or not, Neil replies, “Trust me, come on.”

In his office, as Nikki looks over her campaign ‘on paper,’ Victor comments on what an asset Karen is. With talk of the sabotage, Victor thinks someone may have been trying to send the Newman’s a message. Wanting to clear his head, Victor asks Nikki to take a break with him and, “Go out.”

When Neil brings Karen to his ‘home away from home,’ Indigo, she’s very impressed! Suddenly, Victor and Nikki show up, briefly say hello, then carry on their way. While Karen can’t help but rant about her campaign loss – and her lack of current work - Neil says, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” After Neil gets a business call, Karen impresses him with her sales knowledge.

At Indigo, after Kay and Cane briefly talk about work, he divulges, “I understand you know the Forrester’s… I’m trying to find out more about my wife.” After Kay suggests Cane is having doubts about his marriage, she gives Cane her take on Amber, “The way she dresses… You wanted a party girl, you got a party girl. I think she’s very funny and very engaging.” Kay then suggests that ‘not knowing’ is not Cane’s problem, rather his inability to ask Amber about her past. “If you have nothing to be suspicious about,” Kay says. “Don’t go looking for anything.” After giving her last bit of advice, Kay leaves Cane to go talk to Nikki and Victor, leaving Cane to think back on the day after his wedding to Amber. With an idea, Cane calls Vegas – and the wedding chapel to which Amber and he tied the knot! “I was married in your chapel…” Cane says. “I spilled coffee on my marriage certificate… Yes, a copy would be great!”

Seated at a couch, after briefly taking business calls, Nikki reminds Victor that NVP is hers, and while his input is welcomed, it’s not necessary. Later, when Victor goes to speak to Neil, Neil recants Karen’s business suggestion and says, “The idea was Karen’s.” Victor then offers Karen Dru’s job at Newman, to which Neil stands behind! Back at the couch, when Kay joins Nikki, over talk about Victor’s constant ‘butting in,’ Nikki asks Kay for a loan in order to buy Victor’s shares of NVP!

In the warehouse, after Kevin convinces Jana he has half a million dollars, she claims she needs time to think about running away with him then signs off. When Lily calls Daniel, she overhears a conversation in the background. However, Daniel covers, says he’s in a meeting, then promises to be home soon. After he hangs up, Daniel looks at Colleen and says, “I had to lie to her. You can’t tell her.” Although Colleen warns Daniel to never lie to her best friend in front of her again, her gaze is directed back to Kevin’s laptop as Jana logs back on! “I’m sorry, Kevin,” Jana says. “I can’t do it. Take care.” While Amber, Colleen and Daniel are trying to convince Kevin to go back to the hospital, Cane calls Amber who says, “I’m on my way.” After she hangs up, Kevin demands, “I’m not going! The money will stay here because Jana will call back!” Despite everyone's pleas for Kevin to give it up, Kevin allows them to take the money, but asks that they leave the bag in case Jana comes back online, "So she can see it" With the money in hand, Daniel and Amber leave Colleen with Kevin… Outside, Amber puts all the money in her trunk and assures Daniel she’ll bury it once Cane is asleep.

Alone with Colleen, Kevin says, “I have to make it up to you. I want to take Jana down for you – for all the stupid things I’ve done to you.” Although Colleen knows Kevin has changed, she begs him to go back to the hospital. However, Kevin asks, “Do you still think about what I did to you?” In tears, Colleen replies, “Yes, all the time. But you’ve changed… you don’t scare me anymore and you have nothing to prove to me.” With a nod, Kevin replies, “Okay. Then I’ll do this for myself.” Suddenly, Jana logs back on and tells Kevin, “I changed my mind. I want to get together. I need to be with you.” Despite Colleen’s pleas for Kevin not to go, Kevin warns for her to stay behind but insists on meeting Jana!

When Amber arrives at Indigo, after Cane and she exchange seductive traits for one another, Amber asks, “What? You have a funny look in your eyes.” Cane replies, “I’m just imagining things.” After Cane implies wanting to ‘have fun’ in Amber’s car, he won’t take no for an answer, making Amber nervous about the hidden money inside! Outside at her car, when Amber sees a flat tire, Cane opens her trunk to get the spare and finds some loose money. Amber quickly appears happy to have found the money she lost then grabs the bag before he sees the rest.

At the apartment, when Devon arrives home, Lily tells him she asked Daniel to move back home. Although Devon is skeptical, Lily assures him that Daniel loves her and is no longer lying to her. Finally, Devon says, “If you’re happy, I’m cool with it.”

When Daniel arrives home, Devon briefly welcomes him back then makes himself scarce. Once more, when questioned by Lily, Daniel lies about his previous whereabouts. After dinner, when Lily leaves to get dessert, Devon comes downstairs screaming for Lily then shows Daniel that his arrest at the strip club is in the newspaper! Furious, Devon says, “You don’t have to explain it to me – explain it to your wife when she gets back!” After Daniel begs Devon to ‘leave it alone,’ Devon says, “You’re disgusting!”

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