Nikki greets incoming family members at her Christmas party at Newman Towers. Sharon asks Nikki, “Where’s Victor?” Nikki looks tense. Downstairs in Victor’s office, Billy tells Victor he wants to be with his family, that’s the difference between them. He calls Victor a hypocrite. Victor warns it’s not a good idea to piss him off. Billy talks about Victor’s family needing his attention. Victor calls him a lowlife punk. Billy says maybe neither of them deserves to be fathers. Upstairs, Nikki announces that Nick and Sage are snowed in. Faith asks about Grandpa. Dylan suggests to Victoria that they all work together to get Victor on board and give Nikki the gift she really wants. Adam and Victoria go downstairs to Victor’s office and work to convince him to join the party. Victoria learns that Billy was there. She leaves Victor to his grumpiness and papers. Adam talks to Victor about family. Victor makes a jab about him having a baby with Sage and being afraid to look his wife in the eye.

At the Jabot lab, Ashley and Neville drink and debate whether they heard reindeer or an elf. Traci appears. “Or maybe it’s your sister!” Ash and Traci embrace. Traci asks about Ashley stepping down at Jabot, and then invites her to come join the family. Ashley wants to stay there and keep working.

At the Club, Hilary looks at her ring and recalls Devon telling her it is called an eternity ring, because that’s how long he’ll love her. Downstairs, Abby talks to Devon about Hilary. He needs a distraction. Stitch appears and Devon excuses himself. Stitch tells Abby he called Max, but he wouldn’t come to the phone. Upstairs, Hilary spots Devon and tries to return the eternity ring. She says he should take it back, and the wedding ring too. He won’t ever take it back. She wonders why he’s not at Lily’s. Devon says he’s giving her time with Cane. Hilary realizes that Neil went to Lily’s to push her away. Devon tries to make her feel better. She suggests they try to be friends. Downstairs, Abby and Stitch greet Traci, who asks Abby to ditch the Newman party and help her get the Abbotts together. Stitch and Abby are dispatched to deal with Ashley and Traci approaches Billy at the bar. She tells him to stop the booze and betting. He laments that he doesn’t deserve his family. Traci straightens him out. She says she was going to take him on an Abbott mission, but there is somewhere he is needed more. She takes a call from Kyle, and Victoria appears behind Billy.

Abby and Stitch appear in sunglasses, beards, and Santa hats at the Jabot lab. Abby wonders if she really wants to be like Dad. Ashley says she’ll get her things and come with them. She toasts Neville.

At Cane and Lily’s place, the twins inform Neil that Daddy is sleeping over. Lily privately tells Neil this is it for her marriage. Neil confers with the twins to find Lily’s stash of Christmas decorations. Later, Lily and Cane find themselves mysteriously under mistletoe. The twins and Neil insist that they kiss. Neil makes a toast to family.

At the Newman Christmas party, Dylan holds Sully and chats with Nikki. After, Adam reappears to tell his Scrooge tale about Victor, and Sharon lets him hold Sully. He gets a strange look on his face. Sharon wonders if he’s thinking of missed time with his son. Adam asks, “Pardon?” Sharon reminds him he missed time with Baby Connor. Kyle arrives and Summer rushes over to tell him the party is a non-starter. Kyle says they have somewhere else to go. Downstairs, Faith appears in Victor’s office. She tells him everyone misses him at the party. Victor says he’s working so that someday all this might be hers. She is excited at the prospect of sitting in his chair, but observes if she can’t go to parties and be with family, she may not want the chair. Upstairs, everyone wonders where Faith got to, and she appears with Victor. “She’s right here.” Nikki is pleased. Victor says Faith will be in charge of all negotiations. Nearby, Chelsea tells Adam she saw the look on his face holding Sully. She thinks it’s time they had another baby. Victor and Adam exchange a look. Victor makes a toast about family and welcomes Noah back to the company.

At home, Victoria finds some presents and wonder where they came from. Billy appears. She chastises him. Billy tells her he will fight and do whatever it takes to win her back. “We are meant to be.” Victoria invites him to stay for a while.

At the cabin, Jack thanks Phyllis for convincing him to cut Billy a break. They debate about selling the cabin. Jack says Jabot means more than any real estate out there. Phyllis reassures him Jabot will recover. “We can do it.” They make out. Later, Traci comes through the door with Abby, Stitch, Summer, Kyle, and Ashley. Jack makes a toast about Jabot and family.

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