At Michael’s, as Maggie holds the note reading ‘murderer,’ William thinks back to Gloria’s confession. “William can write,” Maggie says as Paul takes the note and reads it out loud. As William tries to speak, Gloria hushes him and says, “Maybe he was trying to tell us something about Jana?” Although Gloria and Lauren try to get Paul and Maggie to leave, they insist on further questioning William. To deter the truth from coming out, Michael goes to William and asks if he knows anything about Jana or how they can find Kevin. Once again, as Gloria rants for Paul and Maggie to leave, William’s face is filled with fear. Changing the subject back to Kevin, Maggie and Paul make some calls but come up empty-handed. Agreeing to check the hospitals, Maggie and Paul leave… Once gone, Gloria goes before William and says, “All these questions are upsetting you. I am not going to let anyone do anything like that again.”

At The Club, seeing Maggie distracted, Paul questions her mood. Maggie admits her frustration seeing William in the shape he’s in. Talking about the note, and acknowledging it had nothing to do with Jana, Maggie questions, “Why would Gloria go to such lengths to keep William isolated?”

In the warehouse, talking to Jana through a webcam, although Kevin says he has a half million dollars, Jana doesn’t believe him. However, Kevin promises he’ll prove it to her then calls Amber and says, “You need to dig up that bag pronto!”

At the apartment, Daniel gets a call from Kevin saying, “I need to dig up the cash. Meet Amber and me at the Chancellor Estate.” Although Daniel warns Kevin against his plan to trap Jana, he agrees. After Daniel hangs up, Colleen questions who was on the phone and offers to go with Daniel to look for Kevin. However, Daniel refuses and asks her to stay behind in case Kevin calls.

At the Chancellor Estate, although Amber and Daniel try to persuade Kevin to stop this craziness, Kevin tells them that he needs all of the money. However, Amber snaps, “You’re seriously eluded if you think we’re going to let you walk out of here with all that cash!” After Kevin explains how he needs all of the money to trap Jana, Amber and Daniel agree to help.

As Daniel finishes digging up the money, Colleen arrives and wants to know what’s going on and demands, “You have five seconds to tell me or I’m calling your brother – or the police. It’s up to you!” Suddenly, Colleen sees the bag and Kevin has no choice but to show Colleen the money and says, “It’s Amber’s cousin’s. He left it behind.” Hearing that Kevin plans to lure Jana back with the money, although upset, Colleen is reminded that Kevin and she are a team. When Kevin goes to leave, Amber says, “We’re not letting you leave with that money alone.”

Back at the warehouse, with Colleen, Amber and Daniel secretly hiding in the background, after Kevin shows Jana the money, he asks her to runaway with him!

At Newman, Victor is happy to see Nick alive and well and back at the office. They briefly talk about Noah then Victor explains how he made Neil Co-CEO in Nick’s absence. After Victor leaves, although Nick has always respected Neil, he appears distracted.

Shortly after, Logan arrives to check up on Nick. Over talk of Nick’s return to work, he tells Logan, “I keep finding out things I don’t want to know. I feel like I stepped into someone else’s life.” When Logan asks, “You want your old life back?” Nick replies, “Yes, the one where I’m still married to Sharon.” Although Nick assures Logan he’s fine, she refuses to leave him alone on his first day back. Later, over lunch, Nick and Logan talk about her life – and how she’s been getting by since not practicing medicine. Although Logan doesn’t want charity, Nick wants to repay her for saving his life.

When Victor goes into his office, he reveals to Karen, Ben, Neil, Jack and Sharon that Jack may have been the target of the Newman jet sabotage. Victor reminds everyone not to mention a word to Nick. Again, Victor brings up the mob connection then suggests everyone look through their old emails and events that Jack attended. “Unless we know who the target was,” Victor says. “We’ll never know why they did it.” Later, Karen shows Victor that Nikki never received any threats during her campaign.

Later, Neil goes to Victor’s office and suggests they tell Nick about the sabotage. However, Victor disagrees and assures Neil they’re doing everything to get to the bottom of this!

After Neil leaves, Karen gives Victor another report and is questioned, “You don’t like me very much, do you?” Although Karen has nothing personal against Victor, she suggests that if Victor had been by Nikki’s side, she may have won the election.

When Jack and Sharon go into the break room, over talk of Newman, Nick is shocked to hear that Vikki fired Sharon as spokes model and that Sharon is now working at NVP. However, Nick says, “I’m going to see if I can change that. Having the last name Newman has got to be of some use.” Sharon is clearly uncomfortable – as is Jack – that Nick still feels as though no time has passed between them! After Sharon and Jack leave, Neil comes in and offers to help Nick in any way he can. After Logan leaves the old friends alone, Nick says, “I’m so sorry about Dru.” Although Nick feels his loss is great, he knows Neil’s is greater… As Nick expresses how much he misses Sharon, Neil reminds him that it took a long time for Sharon to move on and says, “Nick, don’t undo all the progress she’s made.”

Once Jack and Sharon go back to Jack’s office, she tells him about Phyllis telling Nick about her affair and the blackmail. Wanting to take the subject off of Nick, Jack asks Sharon to keep a low profile - just until they know more about who sabotaged the jet. After Sharon agrees, Jack makes a few calls and cancels some of Sharon’s appearances.

Later, in the break room, after Jack tells Victor that Sharon will be keeping a low profile, Victor says, “Oh, good.” However, Jack replies, “I wasn’t looking for your approval.” After a bit of bickering, Jack reminds Victor that they’re stuck with each other.

As Sharon is leaving Newman, Nick gets in the elevator with her and says, “Come back to work at Newman… Do it for me.”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Victor gives Karen Dru's old job.

Nikki goes to Katherine for financial support.

Devon confronts Daniel!

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