Sage arrives at the penthouse and tells Chelsea and Adam she did something crazy. She holds up a key. “Hey neighbors!” She explains that she and Nick couldn’t work things out and mentions she got advice from Dr. Anderson from Fairview. Sage assures them she won’t be over there interrupting all the time. Chelsea asks her to help make angels and Connor joins them. Chelsea decides having him there is insensitive and takes him to bed. Adam pours brandy for him and Sage and gets her laughing. She wonders why it’s so much easier with him than with Nick. “What’s wrong with me?” Adam assures her there’s nothing wrong with her. She only sees misery for her and Nick. Chelsea returns. Sage starts to leave. Chelsea invites her to Connor’s pageant tomorrow. She accepts.

At the station, Cane and Devon tell Kevin that Lily is MIA and alone with Joe – they need Paul. Kevin finds Lily’s car is stopped and gives them the location.

At Sharon’s house, Dylan asks her to marry him right now. Faith beams and Sharon says yes. Nick smiles, and Santa Paul is relieved he didn’t get ordained online for nothing. Sharon and Dylan invite Nick to stay. Mariah and Noah arrive. As they’re about to start, Dr. Anderson walks through the door with Sharon’s cellphone. She agrees to join them at Sharon’s request. Paul begins and Faith blurts, “This is all wrong!” She wants the baby there. Sharon goes to get him. Nick assures Anderson he’s fine with it. Paul conducts the ceremony, Sharon and Dylan say heartfelt vows, rings are exchanged, Paul pronounces them husband and wife, and they kiss under the mistletoe. After Faith makes a toast with help from Nick, Noah takes a wedding photo, and Mariah needles Anderson about showing up in time for the wedding. Paul gets a call from Kevin that something is going down and leaves. Nick tells Sharon he’s glad to see her so happy. He assures her he’ll be fine on his own and exits. Dr. Anderson also leaves. Mariah glares. Noah asks, “Why the death stare?” Mariah says it’s not, but could become one. Later, in bed, Mrs. McAvoy asks her husband to make love to her. They kiss and the baby cries. They take him downstairs and Faith wakes up to sing to him.

Devon and Cane locate Lily’s car. Cane realizes the Abbott cabin is nearby, it would be the perfect place for Lily to take Joe and get him to talk. Devon asks, “What are we waiting for?”

At the Abbott cabin, Lily tries to placate Joe, who is hollering at her for trusting Cane over him. Joe says some people have to learn the hard way what’s good for them. Lily doesn’t think he would hurt her, and asks him to tell her truthfully if he framed Cane to win her love. Joe works to convince Lily that he’s better for her than Cane. Lily tells him he’ll understand how marriage works when he’s with a person who loves him the way he deserves. Joe angrily asks her not to patronize him; Avery did the same thing. Lily wants him to let her leave. He says, “Never.” Joe complains that Avery blamed him for something he didn’t do, and now Cane is doing the same. Lily tries to reason with him and he grabs her arm. Cane and Devon enter. Joe holds Lily and hollers about it being a set-up to make him look like an abusive jerk. Devon tries to talk him down. As Joe admits to framing Cane, Paul appears. He arrests Joe as Lily runs to Cane. Devon leaves with Paul and Joe. Lily wants to know if Cane can forgive her now. He observes that she believes in him now, but before she believed in Joe, and slept with him twice. Cane doubts they’ll ever get past that. Lily thanks him for showing up when he did and exits. In the car, she cries.

In the park, Dr. Anderson advises Nick to play with Faith in the snow tomorrow and be a kid again. She mentions seeing Sage earlier. Nick asks about her personal life. Anderson says she’s married to her work, but there was someone…once. She says he was a lot like Nick, but he let her down and didn’t take any responsibility. Anderson says she became a therapist in hopes that she could learn enough to heal herself. She feels for the first time in forever that she could try again. Nick leaves and she smiles.

Genoa City Spoilers for Monday on The Young and the Restless:

Victor suggests Abby and Stitch postpone their wedding – maybe springtime would be better. Ashley interrupts. “Absolutely not. You’re not postponing your wedding.”

Jack tells Michael, “I’m going to expose Victor for everything he did – at a press conference today.” Phyllis exclaims, “What?”

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