At Newman, after Maggie shows Nikki and Victor photos from the wreckage, she explains that the authorities are thinking the crash wasn’t an accident after all! Later, once Maggie is gone, David joins them and hears that a fire was set deliberately on the jet. After David says to Nikki, “You were supposed to be on the jet that day,” Victor worries that she may have been the target! When David brings up how they connected Jack to the mafia during the campaign, Victor wonders if there wasn’t a hit put on Nikki because they attacked the mafia then says, “We need to find out who the target was!” Victor summonses Jack to his office!

At The Club, while Jack is taking a business call, Nick approaches the table with crutches and talks to Sharon about Noah then says, “I’m going to start putting my life back together, Sharon.” After Nick leaves, Jack apologies to Sharon for getting sidetracked with business then asks about Nick. When Sharon says Nick wants to go to Noah’s game with her, Jack says, “As long as he doesn’t act like you’re his wife.” Suddenly, Jack gets a call from Victor with the news that the jet was sabotaged! “Jack,” Sharon says. “You were supposed to be on that plane!”

When Nick visits Phyllis at the tack house, they briefly share small talk over coffee until Phyllis says, “This is crazy. We’re talking to each other like we don’t even know each other. There are so many reasons we got married.” After Nick asks Phyllis to tell him a few, she expresses how she always beats him at a certain video game then hands Nick a controller and says, “You’re going down.” Sitting together on the couch, Nick and Phyllis play the game to which Nick wins! Getting along like old friends, Nick and Phyllis indulge in another game.

When Summer wakes up, Phyllis picks her up and the three sit on the couch. After Phyllis talks about how she left a message on Nick’s voicemail – before the accident – with Summer saying ‘Dada,’ she asks, “Do you want to hold her?” Nick takes Summer in his arms and smiles. “You’re such a pretty girl.” Suddenly, Nick wonders if the message is still on his voicemail – and it is! While listening to the message, Phyllis breaks down in tears, as Nick kisses Summer, then takes back her daughter. Just then, as Nick’s messages continue to play, Nick hears the one from Michael saying, “Tell Phyllis not to worry about her case.” When Nick asks who was arrested, Phyllis says, “I was.” After lying Summer down, Phyllis explains the Clear Springs project and says, “I didn’t want to tell you this because it involves Sharon.” After exposing Sharon and Brad’s affair, Phyllis admits how she blackmailed Brad in order to get his board vote! As Nick wonders how Sharon could do this, Phyllis says, “Sharon made a mistake. We all makes mistakes.” Although Nick doesn’t like what Phyllis did, he says, “But I get it… But what Sharon did, I don’t get that at all.”

After Nick leaves, Phyllis holds Summer and says, “Mommy was trying to make daddy remember. Now daddy knows that Sharon is bad.”

When Jack arrives at Victor’s office, Nikki makes it clear that someone would have more reason to target Jack than her! As everyone is throwing blame, Victor states, “It’s obvious this was to be a political assassination. And Jackie old boy, you were supposed to be on that plane!” Victor then brings up Sharon’s flight plans for that day and says to Jack, “Maybe they were trying to persuade you by killing your wife.” Just then, Sharon gets a call from Nick saying he’s at Newman and ready to go to Noah’s baseball game. Victor asks everyone not to say a word to Nick about the crash.

Once Nick arrives, everyone leaves him alone with Sharon. Over talk about his visit to Phyllis’s, Nick says, “What’s troubling me is you… I’m talking about you and Brad. Are you sleeping together?”

Michael busts through his apartment door and yells, “Kevin is gone!” After explaining to Gloria and Paul what happened, at Paul’s insistence, Maggie shows up. As Maggie says hello to William, she notices him blinking and asks, “Are you trying to tell me something?” Quickly, Gloria takes William into the bedroom to rest!

However, William manages to wheel himself back out into the living room. Just as Paul finds some travel plans on Kevin’s computer, unbeknownst to Gloria, William has a piece of paper in his hand! As Maggie and Paul put their plan to find Kevin – and Jana - into motion, Michael converses privately with Gloria who realizes, “Kevin’s going to shoot Jana.” Michael whispers, “Which means we need to get to Kevin before they do.” Across the room, William pulls out the paper reading ‘murderer’ but drops it on the floor! Just then, William alerts Maggie to the note! She picks it up and asks, “William, did you write this? It says murderer.” Fear washes over Gloria's face!

In a warehouse somewhere, with a gun beside his laptop, Kevin types a message to Jana saying, “Please, I have to find you before they find me.” When Jana finally logs on and expresses how worried she is about him, Kevin reminds her that she’s the only one who can fix his ‘emotional pain.’

When Colleen arrives at Daniel’s, she tells him Kevin left the hospital to find Jana. Frantically, Colleen and Daniel try to contact Kevin through instant messaging. Suddenly, Daniel is able to connect with Kevin and he begs him not to go after Jana! In pain, Kevin recants what Jana did to him then insists on going through with his plan! While talking to Colleen through a webcam, Kevin says, “It’s best that you stay out of it. I don’t want you to get hurt anymore.”

Seeing Jana back online, Kevin logs off with Daniel and Colleen to converse with her. As Kevin begs Jana to runaway with him and says, "I have hundreds and thousands of dollars," Jana replies, “I wish I could believe you.” However, Kevin says, “I can prove it.”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Karen gives Victor her thoughts about Nikki’s senatorial loss.

Sharon tells Jack that Nick knows about her affair with Brad – and Phyllis’s blackmail!

Nick tells Logan he longs to have his life back – and his marriage to Sharon!

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