At the station, Michael and Chelsea speculate about whether Victor will pull his support from Adam’s court proceedings. Chelsea wants Adam out of prison now. Michael says he’s heading to meet with Adam at the prison. Chelsea insists on going along.

At the prison, the guard tells Adam it’s time to play with the other kiddies; he can’t hide behind his rich daddy there. Later, Michael and Chelsea arrive to find Adam in pain. Chelsea presumes he was attacked. Adam tells her to leave it alone. Talk turns to Ian. Michael wants the truth. Adam describes leaving Ian for dead. Chelsea is determined to find a way to make Victor help him. Adam tells her not to come back there.

At Jabot, Victor interrupts Billy and Jacks’ meeting to ask if their making plans for a company that soon won’t exist. Phyllis looks on. Victor says Ian Ward’s body wasn’t found after the fire – he thinks Adam made the whole thing up to fly under the radar. Jack is skeptical and complains about Victor not giving his son the benefit of the doubt. Victor says Paragon is affecting both companies – they have a common enemy. Jack continues to defend Adam. Victor tells Jack that Adam would throw him under the bus. He wants to find Ian. Phyllis says she and Mr. Ward are close. She suggests using herself as bait to lure him out. Jack says she can’t do it. Phyllis tells him she’ll look out for herself and exits with Billy behind her. Victor says Phyllis is the only one with guts in Jack’s family; they need to find Ian Ward. In the hall, Phyllis worries to Billy that Jack knows they’re up to something. Billy says they will pillage Victor’s company while Victor is focused on Ian; it’s the greatest smokescreen ever. Victor exits Jack’s office. Phyllis goes in, where Jack tells her whatever Billy’s planning will only make things worse. Billy tells Victor he was right about Adam all along. Victor tells Billy, “One punk recognizes another.” After, Billy listens in as Jack asks Phyllis to tell him what Billy’s planning so he can do damage control.

At the hospital, Hilary tells Devon he isn’t there to protect her; he wants her to remember. She only wants Neil. Lily enters. Outside in the corridor, Gwen interrupts Emma’s grilling of Neil. She says they only want Hilary to get her memory back so they can move on with their lives. Emma walks away, irritated. Gwen complains to Neil that she’s lying to her sister. Neil worries about the toxicology screening. Nearby, Dylan looks on as Paul gets Hilary’s toxicology screen. They learn someone is still dosing her and wonder who it is. They go into Hilary’s room and tell her, alone, that the drugs she’s taking could be dangerous. Dylan says, “Tell us who gave you that medication so we can protect you.” She claims she met Dr. Neville in the park and he told her to take the drugs or she could die. She says Neville was the only one she saw when she woke up. They ask where she woke up. She lies that she was in a hotel room and doesn’t want to answer more. Dylan warns her people have agendas – if something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. Outside, Neil and Gwen join Lily and Devon and learn Hilary is being questioned. When Paul and Dylan leave, Neil joins Hilary, and reassures her. She thinks Neville’s pills are working; she’s having flashes. She only trusts Neil. Meanwhile, Paul goes to get security footage from the park. Gwen hears Dylan tell Devon that Hilary met with Neville in the park. Gwen gets panicky as Devon explains why that’s impossible. Neil joins them and helps Gwen cover. Once alone, Neil promises Gwen this will be over soon. Meanwhile, Hilary has flashbacks of making love with Devon.

At the Club, Joe joins Cane at the bar. They discuss the Newman Towers fire. Cane calls Joe out for taking Abby Newman’s seat on the helicopter. Joe says Abby refused to board and was holding up the process. Cane muses about Joe escaping while he left in storage room to die. Joe says he’s not out to get him. Cane counters that he’s trying to get his wife in bed again. Lily appears. She talks about clearing Cane’s name – she knows he didn’t take Devon’s money. Cane says her realization is a little late, brings up her affair with Joe, and insinuates that Joe left him to die in the fire. Lily says he’s angry and bitter all the time – she can’t be there. Joe tells Cane to face up to whatever he must, and stop putting his wife and kids through this misery. Cane tells him to burn in hell. Nearby, Gwen tells Devon that Hilary needs to snap out of it. She laments about Neil’s guilt. Devon asks what Neil has to feel guilty about. Upstairs, Hilary tells Neil that when she remembers Devon all she feels is guilt, shame, and disgust. When she remembers love, all there is, is Neil. She flashes to him kneeling over her after the plane crash. “You never stopped saving me.” Hilary kisses him. By the door downstairs, Chelsea tells Victor that Adam was telling the truth about Ian. Victor says he betrayed both of them. She insists Adam’s not lying. “We could lose him forever.”

At the prison, Adam’s been beaten again.

At the station, Dylan muses to Paul about the Hilary and Neil connection. They go over the main players. Dylan thinks Neil got what he’s always wanted – Hilary’s devotion. Paul says that leaves Gwen on the outside. Dylan thinks she’s involved.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan tells Sharon on a video call, “Nick and Sage lost their baby.” Dr. Anderson looks on as Sharon reacts. “No, no, no!”

Gwen tells Devon, “Your wife broke her vows when she was married to Neil. What makes you think she won’t do the same thing to you?”

Hilary tells Neville, who is at her suite door, “You should go away.” Neville says, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

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