At the Club, Victor tells Nikki how happy he is that she’s moving home to the ranch. They discuss the memorial. Nikki know he’s also worried about Adam and Newman Enterprises. Michael appears. He says Christine got a new judge and she’s famous for sticking to the letter of the law. Victor rants about Adam being heroic. Michael reveals that the judge is Elise Moxley, wife of Senator Moxley, before leaving. Nikki remarks to Victor that he hates her. Victor thinks Moxley will see virtue in what Adam did, but Nikki is skeptical. She thinks Moxley harbors some sort of grudge against her.

At the courthouse, Christine meets with Elise Moxley, who chastises Christine for pulling strings to get her on the case. Chris insists she didn’t – backdoor politics aren’t her style. Moxley knows exactly whose style it is.

At the hospital, Jack assures Adam they’ll do everything they can to appeal, but he must be prepared to serve his sentence. Jack wonders if he’s expecting Victor to influence the judge again – he will want something in return. Adam hopes there might be respect and a new father/son relationship at work. Jack notes Victor’s always disappointed him. Later, Michael visits Adam to update him about the new judge.

At the Club, Jack asks Victor what he expects from Adam in return for helping him with the appeal. Victor says it’s what fathers do, but Jack isn’t buying it. Victor tells him he’s paranoid and walks away.

At the courthouse, Nikki corners Elise. She asks if she’s done anything to offend her. Elise says there’s nothing, and tells her she’s recusing herself from Adam’s case. Nikki wonders why. Elise says no one can make a judge take a case she doesn’t want. Victor appears. He thinks she wants to take it. “You will listen to the appeal and make a ruling that everyone respects.” Elise will make no promises. After, Nikki tells Victor, “That woman is afraid of you.” Victor gets a call from Adam, who needs to see him. Later, Michael confronts Christine, who denies having Moxley put on the case. Michael promises a fight.

At the park, Neil tells Gwen it’s not over; they need to warn Neville to lay low for a while. Neil feels he gave her the pills because he believed Hilary would die without them. They debate about whether he should have told Hilary the truth. Neil says the bigger problem is Dylan, who got Neville’s name from Emma and won’t stop until he gets answers. They have to get to Neville before Dylan does. Gwen says Hilary could be talking to the cops now. She’s worried that Hilary will turn him in.

At the boathouse, Hilary realizes Devon followed her. He senses she remembers something. Hilary looks around and says Neil really did care about her; she feels safe there. Devon says she’s never been there except when Neil had his accident. She listens to Devon describe it and grimaces. “We cheated on my husband when he was blind?” She wonders if this love was so incredible and undeniable, why she can’t feel it right now. Devon makes a heartfelt appeal, but she tells him if he doesn’t leave her alone she will disappear – for good this time. He questions her about what she remembers about the time she was missing and how she knew about the drugs. She snaps at him to stop interrogating her.

In Hilary’s suite, Neil tells her Gwen knows everything. Hilary says she didn’t tell Devon what he did and goes on to say that in the boathouse she could feel her connection with Neil. “It was real, so real.” Gwen says she was there coaxing her back to life. She implores her to take the pills and join the real world. Neil tells Gwen to wait downstairs. Neil tells Hilary to take the pills. She’s worried they’ll make her love the wrong person. They discuss Gwen. Neil just wants Hilary to take the pills and get better. At the bar downstairs, Devon recalls better times with his wife. Gwen appears, orders a double, and tells Devon the manipulative Hilary is back fighting for Neil. Devon defends her. Gwen says Hilary won’t be getting Neil back without a fight. By the door, Jack stops Nikki and asks what Victor’s up to with Adam. Nikki asks Jack if Victor has anything on Senator Moxley – his wife is handling Adam’s appeal. Jack is intrigued.

At the hospital, Adam tells Victor he thought about his offer to rebuild Newman together and repair their relationship, and then brings up Judge Moxley. Victor won’t admit to getting her put on the bench. Adam thinks he has to go along with the plan or he’ll be sent to jail and Victor will tell Chelsea about Christian. Victor talks about rebuilding together and gets irked when Adam brings up Jack. “Do we have a deal or not?” Adam says they have a deal.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch grabs Ashley’s arm and says, “You’re running from what’s between us because it makes you feel good. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Jack arrives at the Club to meet the senator only to find that Victor got there first.

Elise Moxley tells Adam, “That’s right. Your fate rests in my hands.”

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