At home, after Lily and Daniel giggle and wrestle on the couch, she leaves…

At The Club, when Colleen tells Lily about how Adrian turned Kevin and her in, Lily agrees he did the right thing and warns to stay away from the Jana situation. Colleen gets angry at Lily’s lack of support and walks away to help a customer. When Colleen returns, she tries to explain to Lily how important it is for her to help Kevin trap Jana so she doesn’t have to live in fear anymore. Changing the subject, when Colleen asks how things are going with Daniel, Lily expresses how hard it is to trust him again.

At Crimson Lights, although Amber tries warming up to Cane, he gives her the cold shoulder and says, “You lied to me again.” After they argue about Daniel, Cane reminds Amber that she’s only contributing to the ‘mess’ Daniel’s marriage is in. Once Amber promises to stop helping Daniel, Cane kisses her. Suddenly, Amber’s phone rings. Seeing it’s Daniel, she doesn’t answer and he leaves a message saying, “I need help. Let me know when we can meet.” After Cane leaves, Amber leaves a message for Daniel to call her back.

At his therapist’s office, Daniel admits he got arrested then talks about how his obsession started – with Strangers by Night! “I wish I would’ve never met the person who turned me on to the site,” Daniel reveals. “One minute I want her out of my life but the next I feel as though I need her help.” Daniel’s therapist explains what a serious problem he has and suggests he tell Lily the truth about the arrest!

When Daniel meets Amber at the coffeehouse, he tells her about his session with the therapist then suggests they dig up the money! Although Amber needs the money, too, she explains not to do anything too rash and says, “I don’t want to do anything to upset my husband.”

Later, Lily shows up and tells Daniel that she wants to trust him then says, “I want to go back to your therapist.” Quickly, trying to get out of facing the therapist together, Daniel replies, “The doctor said I turned a major corner today.”

Adrian arrives at the coffeehouse to meet Maggie. However, he cannot persuade her to do anything about Kevin and Colleen faking the accident. “It’s your word against his,” Maggie says leaving Adrian feeling helpless. Later, Adrian sees Colleen and apologizes for talking to Maggie but says he can’t help being worried. Colleen admits that she’s scared too.

At the apartment, while Michael and Lauren are looking at Kevin’s accident photos online, Gloria thinks back to Kevin’s admission of faking the accident!

In Kevin’s room, he gets a call from Jana saying, “I miss you. I want to see you.” Kevin acts as though he feels the same way and replies, “I’d kill to see you.” However, Jana expresses how dangerous it would be for her to come back to Genoa City and apologizes for hurting him.

Suddenly, Gloria and Michael arrive and Kevin cuts Jana off. Once off the phone, after Michael briefly lays into Kevin for his bad judgment, he goes out into the hall to take a call. Alone, Kevin asks Gloria to get him his gun! When Gloria tries to reason with Kevin, he reminds her of all the favors he’s done for her. Unaware that Michael has come back into the room, he clears his throat and says, “Whatever you’re doing… You’re not being subtle. Sometimes you two scare the heck out of me.” At Michael’s suggestion, Gloria goes home to William. Once she’s gone, after Kevin assures Michael there was nothing going on between Gloria and him, Michael gets emotional and begs Kevin to quite making bad choices so he can have a good life!

Somewhere, Jana looks online at a map of Genoa City!

Later, when Maggie visits Kevin, in a roundabout way, she tries to get something out of him about the accident and warns that Jana may try to return to Genoa City. “That’s why we have the hospital under surveillance.” Before leaving Maggie warns Kevin that although they’re looking for Jana, they could very well come upon another crime then says, “Understand?”

When Cane arrives at Lauren’s, he explains how much he doesn’t know about Amber’s past. Although Lauren seems to tense up, she relaxes when Cane says he wants to surprise Amber with a video and needs her help in locating people from LA! Over tea, Cane manages to get Lauren to open up as she tells Cane a story about when Amber worked for Brooke Logan and how they argued about everything! After Lauren goes to check on Fen, Cane pulls out a notepad and jots down some information. Just as Cane leaves, Gloria arrives home in a very bad mood…

Back in his office, Cane calls Brooke Logan in LA and says, “My name is Cane Ashby. I’m Amber Moore’s husband.” Although Cane knows Brooke was Amber’s old boss, he appears shocked to hear she was also Brooke’s daughter-in-law. Cane acts as though he rushed into marriage and says he realizes he doesn’t know anything about her past. After Brooke expresses what a liar Amber is, she states she’s not comfortable talking about her then says, “Goodbye.”

When Cane meets Amber at The Club, Cane appears to make Amber nervous with excessive talk about Daniel’s dishonesty!

Alone, sitting with William, just as Gloria voices how worried she is about Kevin, Michael walks in. When Gloria goes to him, she says, “Kevin doesn’t want me to tell you… Kevin asked me to bring him his gun.”

Michael goes to the hospital, shows Kevin the gun in his waistband and scolds him for asking Gloria to bring it to him! When Kevin won’t reveal what he plans to do with the gun, Michael paces outside Kevin’s room. Just then, Jana calls and says, “I’m coming to Genoa City.” After Kevin tells Jana about the hospital surveillance, he says, “You can’t come here… I’m coming to you.” Michael briefly storms into the room again to check on Kevin then leaves... Later, after Michael returns to Kevin’s room, he finds him gone! When Colleen arrives, Michael expresses how stupid he was to leave the gun in Kevin’s room!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick lashes out at Phyllis for her blackmailing scheme!

Daniel & Colleen plead with Kevin to stay away from Jana!

William alerts Maggie to the note reading 'murderer.'

News comes in that the Newman jet crash may have been deliberate.

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