At the Club, Neil tells Gwen he wants to go check on Hilary. They are shocked at the way things played out. Gwen’s concerned that Hilary is still in love with Neil – he doesn’t seem to mind. Neil regrets involving her at all. He is sure Hilary’s feelings for Devon will come back to her.

At Fairview, Dylan tells Dr. Anderson he’s been leaving messages all morning. He demands to see Sharon – he has a lot of questions about what’s going on around there considering Patty escaped. Anderson says that has nothing to do with Sharon. Dylan looks in at Sharon, who is asleep and looks pregnant. Anderson notes how peaceful she looks and shows Dylan an ultrasound on her tablet. Dylan is pleased. He tells Dr. Anderson that Patty risked everything to warn him about someone he couldn’t trust. Anderson tells him Patty thought Sharon was the enemy. They agree not to tell Sharon about Patty’s death. Dylan still wants to see Sharon. “Make it happen, or I will.” He leaves. Later, Dr. Anderson removes a pregnancy pad from Sharon’s shirt. Sharon awakens and asks what she’s doing. Anderson says she was fixing her blanket and changes the subject by asking if she wants to know the sex of her baby. Sharon does. The doctor tells her it’s also time she visited with Dylan.

At the hospital, Hilary tells Devon she remembers kissing him before she married Neil, but it was a mistake. “I don’t feel anything for you, Devon.” She says she won’t go home with him, so he offers her a suite of her own. He says he believes in them and won’t give up. Outside the room, Devon cries. Elsewhere, Billy hugs Ashley, who is there to check on Abby and Stitch. He asks how she’s doing; she could have died. Ash says she’s alive because of Adam Newman; it doesn’t get much scarier than that. They discuss facing your mortality. Billy brings up Abby and Ben’s engagement and asks what happened between her and Stitch in that building. Ash snaps that she doesn’t want to rehash the experience. They discuss Paragon; they can’t afford to lose anything else. In his room, Stitch wakes up. Abby tells him she and her mom are both okay. Stitch has something to tell her. Abby says she already knows he poured his heart out about her to her mom when they were trapped. Down the hall, Victoria checks on Nick, who is watching Sage sleep. She offers to handle the arrangements for Christian. They agree on something small in the chapel there. Nick rejoins Sage, who realizes that Christian is gone all over again. Nick assures her they’ll get through this together. Sage gets angry when he mentions a memorial. Nick understands it’s too soon. In a waiting room, Victoria and Billy discuss the future of Newman. She doesn’t know how they’ll salvage things. Billy might have a solution. He offers for them to share Jabot’s office space. He realizes they’ll have to go through ‘Snidely’. He thinks one person could convince him – he’ll take care of it. By Stitch’s room, Abby tells Ash how happy she is about Stitch waking up. Ash goes to see Stitch. He asks why she lied to Abby. She thinks they said things they didn’t mean. Stitch says he meant every word. “I love you, Ashley. I want to be with you.” Ash says they both have to forget about that and exits. Billy finds her crying. Ash makes an excuse. Meanwhile, Neil visits Hilary. He offers to let her stay with him, but confirms he’s seeing Gwen. Hilary realizes she has no choice but to accept this reality. Neil says he’ll help her get settled at the Club and goes. Hilary thinks of making love to him, but then flashes to making love with Devon. In the chapel, Dylan tells Nick he’s sorry, and apologizes again after he mentions seeing the ultrasound. Nick returns to Sage’s room, where she yells at him because a minister is there to perform the memorial service for Christian today. She accuses Nick of being in a hurry to bury their son and get on with his life without her. Nick leaves. She calls, but he doesn’t come back. In Stitch’s room, Abby wants to start wedding planning. Stitch looks overwhelmed but tells her it will be great. In a waiting area, Dylan gets a video call from Sharon, who tells him they’re having a boy. Dylan asks if someone is there with her. She says she’s alone, but Dr. Anderson is in the corner of the room. He asks if everything is okay. She insists everything is fine. Dylan seems suspicious.

At the Club, Devon updates Gwen on Hilary still loving Neil. Gwen, who is drinking, blurts that Hilary can’t have him back, not after what they went through to make sure she got back to him. Devon asks what she meant. Gwen just says Neil was consumed with helping. She tells Devon to keep fighting for his wife.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says, “Adam needs his rest, it’s not a good time right now.” Christine says, “It’s time to go to prison.”

Luca says to Victor, “My family would like to offer their assistance with your recovery.”

As Jack looks on, Phyllis says to Billy, “You want to save the man who put me through intense humiliation. Why in the hell would you want to save Victor?”

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