At the hospital NICU, Sage demands to see her dead son. Nick can’t understand how this is possible; they were only gone a couple hours. Sage flips out and the nurse exits. Nick and Sage place their hands in the empty incubator. Sage runs into the hall and completely melts down over them leaving Christian – did he know they loved him? Nick holds her. Elsewhere, Nikki and Victoria are relieved to see Victor and Billy. Chelsea learns Adam stayed behind to help someone. Victoria asks about Abby. Nikki tells Victor she’s not there and neither are Ashley or Stitch. Dylan says Abby never came to the roof. Joe explains she wanted to search for Ashley. Victor hollers at Joe for taking her spot. Lily defends him. Nikki realizes Victor is upset about Adam. Billy tells Nikki and Chelsea that Victor is hoping Adam used the fire to escape.

In the Newman Towers employee kitchen, Abby gets Ashley to come around, but Stitch is unconscious. Ashley and Abby can’t wake Ben and can’t move him. Ashley convinces Abby to get them help and then cries. Ashley talks to Ben. She thanks him for telling her he loved her and says if they have to die, she’s glad she’s with him. In the lobby, Jack and Phyllis tell Paul that Patty was trapped under a vending machine and couldn’t have survived. Paul thinks she could have, and is determined to go up there. The fire chief tells Paul they are pulling out. In the ballroom, Adam hollers with Ian about endangering people. Ian says this all started because he killed Delia. “You lit the match.” Ian wants to toast to their success. Adam throws Ian’s glass. Ian goes on about bringing down Victor. Adam says Victor made it out. Ian grumbles that he should have known he’d turn coward. Adam bellows that Victor Newman is ten times the man Ian is. Ian rants about Adam thinking Victor’s a hero now – he left him there to be barbecued. Adam says he couldn’t stop Paragon, but he can stop Ian. He grabs him. Ian throws ashes in Adam’s eyes and then moves to strike him. They fight until Ian is buried under a metal structure that falls.

At the hospital, Victor and Billy are arguing when Jack, Phyllis, and Paul arrive. Dylan is glad to see his father. He tells Dylan that Patty didn’t make it. Dylan feels he failed. The others are worried about the rest who were left behind. Victor says it’s his building; he will go back. Dylan wants to do one more roof evacuation. Paul reluctantly agrees, and warns Dylan that he’d better follow his orders. Victor will go with Dylan. Paul tells Dylan only the ballroom, no lower floors. Jack and Phyllis talk about the decision to leave Patty. Lily wonders about Cane, and Joe reassures her. Billy tells Nikki that if anyone can rescue Ashley, Abby, and Stitch, it’s Victor. She warns he could also bring Adam back. Billy is counting on it, so he can face his punishment. By the NICU, a social worker speaks with Nick and Sage. Nick tells her they want to see their baby. She tells him it might be best if their final memory is of him alive. Sage and Nick demand to see Christian right now. Sage says she won’t believe he’s gone unless she sees him herself. She recalls the nightmare where he was taken from her and approaches the door. She sobs, “I can’t do it.”

At Newman Towers, Abby cries out for help in the smoke. Adam answers her call. In the lobby, Paul tells Victor to get out; the structure is going to collapse soon. He radios Dylan, who is in the ballroom. Dylan shouts out for Abby, Ashley and Stitch. Paul hollers through the radio that the wind has shifted and the pilot can’t keep the chopper there. Fire flares up and ceiling starts falling in on Dylan. In the lobby, Chelsea arrives. Victor tells her they’ve done all they can. They embrace. Upstairs, Abby brings Adam to help Ashley and Stitch.

At the hospital, Dylan steels himself before telling the waiting group that he couldn’t find any of the remaining people. Billy wonders if they could be making their way to the lobby. Dylan warns the building is unstable.

In the ballroom at Newman Towers, Ian awakens. Patty is there. She says they can help each other and calls him ‘hot stuff’. In the lobby, Chelsea, Victor, and Paul are stunned and relieved to see Ashley and Abby emerge with Adam, who is carrying Stitch.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At the hospital, Christine says, “Adam Newman you are now facing additional charges for your escape from custody.”

Jack tells Phyllis, “Patty seemed lucid when she told us she came to warn Dylan about something.”

Paul tells Dr. Anderson, “You find a good attorney because you’re going to need one.”

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