At the station, Devon rants to Paul and Dylan about Cane – he thinks he is playing with them. Dylan says he could be telling the truth. Devon says even Lily has stopped defending him. He hollers. What is it going to take for them to do their job? Dylan tells Paul he’ll talk to Cane. Devon breaks down to Paul – he’s afraid Hilary is dead.

At the Club, Cane is on the phone with his attorney, who doesn’t believe him about Hilary, when he spots Lily and the kids dressed up for Halloween. Cane wants to spend time with the kids, but Lily says he should stay away for now. They bicker about her not believing him. Lily only knows he seems desperate. She leaves with the kids. Dylan arrives. He tells Cane he doesn’t think he’s lying about Hilary. Cane describes his encounter with Hilary. He recalls blood on her arm. Dylan says that would be from the IV.

At the boathouse, Gwen tells Neil that Hilary seemed okay at the hospital and wanted to call her husband. Dr. Neville appears and says he found Hilary at the hospital. She’s still there, but he took care of their problem. Neil asks, “What have you done?” Neville says he sedated her – she’s in a private room. He wants to get out of town quickly in the meantime. Neil asks why he’s in such a hurry. Neville says it’s because Hilary came out of her coma too quickly – he couldn’t run tests. Neil worries he’s created permanent damage in Hilary with his protocol. Neville says they accomplished something revolutionary but it would be misinterpreted. He leaves. Neil tells Gwen he won’t run. Gwen worries about what could happen. Neil has to clear Cane’s name – he made a mess and it ends right now. Gwen will help him find Hilary and make sure she can tell the truth.

At the hospital, Gwen’s sister finds Hilary unconscious in a room. “The whole world is looking for you.” She gets Stitch, who tells Hilary, who groggily opens her eyes, that everything will be okay.

At the Club, Dylan gets a call and tells Cane they found Hilary.

Paul and Devon arrive at the hospital. Stitch tells them Hilary’s asleep and was receiving some sort of treatment – she can’t communicate. They need to bring her back slowly and carefully. Devon looks in at her. Cane arrives with Dylan. Devon asks Cane where he hid his wife. Cane says this is crap, and leaves. Neil and Gwen are nearby. He tells her he’ll find out what’s going on, and joins the others. Stitch says they can visit one at a time. Paul goes in. Hilary asks for her husband. Paul questions her about the cliff. She gets distressed. Devon enters. “I’m right here.” She jumps back. “Don’t touch me! Get away from me!” Dylan hustles Devon out. Hilary wants Neil. He appears. She embraces him in relief.

At the Halloween gala at Newman Enterprises, Jack, Victor, and Ashley talk about business and raising money for Delia. Victor is keen to show Newman is as strong as ever. Kevin appears – he’s working on Paragon. Phyllis joins Jack. In a lounge, Nick and Nikki are with the kids preparing for their parade. Nikki thinks Sage should get out of the hospital and come. Nikki goes, and Chelsea arrives with Connor. Faith points at a person in a red cloak and black mask looking into the room. “It’s the devil!” The person takes off. Nick calls Sage at the hospital and suggests she join him. Chelsea tells Nick she understands Sage wanting to stay with Christian – she wanted to stay with Adam. She worries how she will stand ten years without him. Nick hugs her. At the gala, Mariah volunteers her and Kevin to look after the kids. Nikki is grateful. Abby arrives and greets Victor. Ashley asks where her fiancé is. Victor’s nose is out of joint that Stitch didn’t ask his permission. Abby insists she’s happy. The person in the devil costume watches everyone. In the lounge, Mariah and Kevin take charge of the children, so Nick and Chelsea can join the party, where Nick learns of Abby’s engagement, and Sage arrives dressed in the same pink scrubs as Chelsea. Jack and Phyllis talk to Chelsea. Phyllis advises her to face Adam’s sentence head-on. Nick and Sage take a selfie. He promises they will get back to Christian before too long. Sage dances with Victor. Nikki tells Nick it will be a special night for the Newman family. Elsewhere, Lily drops her twins into the lounge with Kevin and Mariah. A caped man appears – it’s Joe. He and Lily discuss Cane and then he helps out with the twins and smiles at Lily. Kevin and Mariah ready the kids for the parade. In the electrical room, someone in a red hooded cape and red gloves cuts wires in the panel. Soon, the electrical room is in flames!

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

In Adam’s hospital room, Michael looks on as Christine says, “I just spoke with the warden at Walworth, and I told him to expect you tonight.”

On the phone with Lily, Cane asks, “Is Joe with you?” Lily says, “It’s not what you think, he’s just here.” Cane says he’ll be there soon.

The person in the red hooded cape and black mask watches the flames around the door of the electrical room.

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