At the boathouse, Gwen and Neil are in a panic over Hilary’s disappearance and not having heard from Dr. Neville. Gwen says none of them expected her to wake up and hop out of bed. Neville appears – he hasn’t found Hilary. They worry she has gone to the police. Neil says someone in the family would have called him. They are in agreement about the need to find her and make sure she realizes they helped her. Neville says he, for one, would not do well in prison. He warns she’s in a fragile state.

At the park, an exhausted and disheveled Hilary grasps the park bench. “Somebody help me,” she gasps. Soon, Cane appears. “Oh my God. Hilary?” She backs away from him. He says he’ll call for help.

At the Club, Devon and Lily discuss Cane moving out. Colin joins them. He thinks Devon should believe Cane is innocent. Lily says his behavior has been strange. Paul appears. He says Cane found Hilary in the park. Later, Neil arrives. Colin fills him in.

At the park, Cane tells Devon, Lily, and Paul that Hilary took off. He says she seemed confused. Devon thinks Cane is lying to get himself off the hook. A reporter appears and asks Devon about Hilary being found. He says it was a false alarm. Neil appears as Cane insists she was right there on the bench. Devon and Lily leave for the Club. Cane realizes Neil believes him.

At the hospital, Adam awakens. Chelsea gets out of her chair and asks if he can talk. Adam tells her she’s beautiful. He asks what the hell happened to him. Chelsea fills him in about Chloe. Adam doesn’t blame her for wanting revenge. They kiss. Talk turns to him going to the penitentiary. Chelsea says they’ll get him out. He says they have bigger problems – he can’t feel his legs. The doctor examines him and says the feeling in his legs will probably return soon. Chelsea decides to go find the Chief of Staff. Jack and Victor visit Adam, who is amused that they’re together. He wonders if Victor still expects him to run. Jack credits Victor with making sure Adam’s had the best care. Victor says Adam’s sentence will be appealed. Talk turns to the Paragon virus. Adam says it has the ability to take on a life of its own, according to Ian. Chelsea returns and stops the conversation. They leave. Adam tells Chelsea his paralysis is gone. She’s relieved. He wants her to do something for him…she leaves and returns wearing pink scrubs. Adam asks her to take Connor to Delia’s fundraiser tonight and let him be in the parade. Elsewhere, Gwen’s sister tells her about a patient that came in. Gwen spots Hilary, who recognizes her and wants to phone her husband. Gwen says they should talk first, but when she turns away, Hilary disappears again.

At Newman Enterprises, Jack and Victor bicker about the Paragon virus. Kevin says they’ll have to kill the virus from both companies, but he can’t do it unless they can work together. The lights flicker. Kevin is suspicious it’s tied to the virus and goes to check the panel. Jack tells him nothing can go wrong with the benefit tonight. Victor takes a call and tells Jack it was good news about his son.

In the Newman restaurant, Nikki and Phyllis sit by a huge framed photo of Delia. The lights flicker. Nikki asks a worker to find out what’s going on – they’re expecting a room full of people there later. Phyllis suggests that Newman is bankrolling the charity gala to counteract the negative press surrounding Paragon. Nikki says this night is about Delia’s foundation only. They agree on setting aside their differences for tonight. Nikki asks Phyllis to stop Jack from grandstanding and trying to steal Victor’s thunder tonight. Phyllis says Victor’s the one who needs to be reined in and Jack is on the board. They agree the night will be about Delia not about their husbands’ battle.

At the Newman electrical room, Nikki’s worker and Kevin are puzzled to find the door unlocked. They look around. After, Kevin joins Phyllis and Nikki. He says there’s no problem in the power room. Phyllis worries because the elevator was briefly out of service – she doesn’t like taking the stairs. In Victor’s office, someone sneaks in and uses Victor’s laptop to override security.

At the hospital, Victor and Jack take calls. Victor says Kevin told him there’s no problem with the electricity at Newman. Talk turns to the Halloween gala. Jack says maybe they’ll find out what scares Victor Newman. Victor smirks. “Shiver me timbers.” Elsewhere, Hilary approaches a doctor looking for help. It’s Dr. Neville. She screams. He grabs her and covers her mouth.

At the Club, Devon rants to Colin that Cane lied about finding Hilary. When Lily doesn’t defend Cane, Colin accuses her of wanting Joe Clark. Lily is outraged, but says she doesn’t believe Cane anymore.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At the Club, Dylan says to Cane, “What if I told you I don’t think you’re lying about Hilary?”

At the boathouse, Dr. Neville says to Neil, “I bid you adieu.” Neil stops him. “I need to know why you’re trying to get out of town so fast.”

At the Halloween gala, Nikki tells Nick, “Tonight is going to be a special night for the Newman family.”

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