In the hospital chapel, Abby accepts Ben marriage proposal. Ashley appears and congratulates them. Stitch goes to wrap up his shift. Abby wonders if her mother is truly happy for her. Ash asks if she’s positive Ben’s the one. Abby talks about all they’ve been through together – they want to be together forever. Ash says she’s thrilled and embraces Abby.

At Jabot, Billy flashes to Ashley saying they have to acquire as much as they can even if it means going against Jack. Victoria appears and assumes he’s scooping up more of Newman. Billy says it’s the opposite – he is undoing the damage. Victoria is speechless. Billy says he hated who he was becoming. Ashley arrives. Billy tells her he wants to reverse the acquisitions. Ashley agrees – it was wrong. Victoria is grateful and steps out. Ash tells Billy that Ben proposed to Abby. Billy notes she doesn’t look too happy. Ashley muses that Ben can be fickle. Victoria returns and hears the engagement news. Billy exits. Victoria says to Ashley, “I know you had a thing for Ben.” Ash is uncomfortable. Victoria wonders if she’s jealous – she has seen the way Ashley looks at Ben, and the way he looks at her. Ash doesn’t want to discuss it anymore. Billy reappears. “We’ve got a problem.” Jabot’s assets are now being sold off – Paragon is attacking Jabot.

At The Underground, Kevin tells Mariah that Chloe’s just scared, but Paul agrees with Mariah that she’s dangerous. He wants Kevin to help put an end to this. Kevin gets a text from Esther that Chloe’s at Crimson Lights. He slips out.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Chelsea that running Adam down was justice. Chelsea replies, “No. That’s insane.” They argue about Adam and the sentencing. Chelsea says Adam didn’t mean to hit Delia. Chloe knows that, but cries that she is serving a life sentence. Chelsea reminds her about their enduring friendship. Chloe feels the only person Chelsea cares about is Adam. Chelsea is sorry she’s hurting, but what she’s done won’t make things better. She stops Chloe from leaving, who says she needs to go and be with her daughter. Kevin and Esther hear her. Kevin asks, “Your daughter?” Chloe says, “Ours. Delia.” Kevin says Delia’s not home right now. Chloe asks, “Where is she?” Paul and Mariah arrive. Kevin tells Chloe that Paul will take her home to Delia. Paul leads Chloe away and Mariah hugs Kevin, who is disturbed and feels guilty. Esther heads to the station. Kevin worries Chloe will never get over her loss.

At the boathouse, Gwen tells Neil there is no change with Hilary. Suddenly they see her fingers move. Neil thinks the treatment is working. Gwen goes to call Dr. Neville, who arrives and is pleased with Hilary’s progress. He predicts she’ll wake up soon, but can’t say when. Neil presses for more answers, but then apologizes. Gwen takes Neil out to leave the doctor to his work. Later, Hilary wakes up and sees Dr. Neville asleep nearby. When he eventually awakens, Hilary is gone.

At the Club, Lily questions why Cane has a bag. He assures her there’s no ransom money in it – he has clothes in there because he’s moving out. Lily says he’s only hurting the kids. Cane argues it’s her fault for going to Dylan. Joe intervenes. Cane hollers at him, but Joe tells Lily to cut the guy a break. Lily says she was willing to stand by her husband despite the evidence. Cane says that’s very different than believing in him. She says he makes it difficult and walks away. Joe advises Cane to give Lily space; she’ll come around. Cane tells him to stick his advice. Joe tells Cane he doesn’t deserve Lily’s devotion. Cane punches Joe, who punches him back. After, Gwen enters as Lily is cleaning up from the fight. Lily laments that Hilary’s disappearance has ruined their lives. Gwen says she was supposed to meet Neil. Lily says he was there but left with Cane. Lily spots Joe at the bar and confronts him about fighting. He feels bad about damaging their marriage. Lily says infidelity is a sign something is seriously wrong in a marriage. Joe admits he doesn’t regret their night together. Upstairs in their suite, Stitch and Abby make love. After, Abby tells Ben that Ashley questioned her about whether she really wanted marriage. She thinks she was just being protective. Ben reassures her this is the real thing.

At the hospital, Neil lectures Cane about fighting – he could get his bail revoked. Cane tells him he moved out because Lily actually thinks he had something to do with kidnapping Hilary and keeping her stashed away. “What sort of monster would do that Neil?” Cane says he and Lily can’t reconcile until Hilary turns up and exonerates him. Neil reassures him that Lily will forgive him, and leaves. Cane tells himself he doesn’t know if he can forgive her.

In the park, Neil tells Gwen he believes this will be over soon.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin tells Jack and Victor, “We’re going to have to kill the virus from both companies.” Victor tells him to go ahead and do it. Kevin says, “I can’t unless the two of you can manage to work together. Do you think you can do that?”

Nikki stands beside a huge framed photo of Delia and asks a man, “Could you please find out why the lights were flickering?”

Adam says, “Chelsea, I can’t feel my legs.”

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